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Hello! I am from Houston Texas. My vocal range is vast if you need differing ages or characters. I am also capable of doing multiple dialects.

I trained at the University of Houston in the areas of acting, voice/dialects, stage movement, and combat. I have more credits than listed. I am in the process of shifting to film/commercial production.

I have an after school program, teaching certificate, and experience directing if you need my opinion/advice.

I prefer to be paid through Venmo versus PayPal. My Venmo handle: @Catherine-deBlieux

I look forward to assisting you in perfecting your audition or memorizing your lines!

Growing up I always aspired to be like Cathy Bates. With age comes life experience and those thoughts of “one day”. Well, today is my day. I am excited to have joined back into the performance community.

I aspire to tell stories of life through performing. Most of my experience is on the stage. However, I am not camera shy. I am ready to work and have fun on set or onstage! I am not afraid to show a rainbow of emotion. I am also ready to be directed to grow my craft.

Consider me for your project. Here are some of my former credits; Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", Grace Sherwood "Suffer a Witch", Witch 2/Doctor/Lady MacDuff "Macbeth", Mrs. Boyle "Prelude to a Kiss", Holly "Santa's Magic Timepiece", Mrs. Blair "Inherit the Wind". These are few of my acting credits.

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Credits Include

2020 [added]
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Lead Martha
2019 [added]
Suffer a Witch
Lead Grace Sherwood