Carmina Cordelia

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Hi my name is Carmina I'm an actress from London. I am trained in Meisner and screen acting. My other experiences include motion capture, commercials, martial arts and dance.

I would love to help you if you need a reader for your self tapes, run lines and I am also happy to give feedback if you'd like.

If I'm not online, feel free to contact me on Instagram to schedule a time: @carminacordelia


I am an actress based in London, my credits include: ClownDoll (2019), Cyber Bride (2019) and Reign of Chaos. I am trained in Meisner and my other experiences include motion capture, commercials, combat and dance.


Represented by Guy Howe at WGM Atlantic Talent

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" Lovely, thank you! "
" So kind and caring. Carmina was an excellent reader. I felt like she really cared about my audition and was supper helpful im helping me with a british accent! Thank you! "
" She such a vibe! Great personality great work with ! "
" LOVELY!!! "
" Amazing!! "
" A really dope reader from West London "
" Carmina thank you so so much! awesome "
" Carmina was so patient and kind. Gave great notes and is a fabulous actor. 10/10 "
" Freaking talented!!! "
" Awesome reader with a very easy-going personality! Would recommend! "
" Carmina was EXCELLENT! Her energy was high and she really supported me through some tough sides! Thanks So Much "
" So helpful! Great reader! And super patient, even though WeAudition was having some technical difficulties. She’s amazing! "
" Carmina is a joy, even for short scenes!! Can't wait to work with her again. BOOK HER! "
" Carmina is gracious, professional, and kind. A+++ "
" She was great. Help me tremendously with my two scenes. "
" Carmina is fabulous. So glad I had the opportunity to work with her. "
" Great reader! :) "
" Carmina is an AMAZING reader! I loved her welcomed advice that truly took my audition to the next level! I highly recommend!!! "
" Thanks so much!! "
" Very sweet lady. Easy to work with. I felt very comfortable reading my lines with her. She’s awesome!! "
" Carmina is super sweet and helped me out with a quick scene :) Thank you girl, lovely meeting you!! "
" Very sweet, great energy, and incredibly helpful and encouraging. Would totally work with Carmina again! "
" My tape would not have been as good without her-- best session yet "
" Really friendly, and gives a good read x "
" Carmina is supportive and fun to work with! A+ "
" Such great energy! Really helped support me through the scene. Love working with her! "
" Sooo great! Will look for her every time now! "
" Such a generous and awesome reader! Thank you for your help "

Credits Include

2019 [IMDB]
Cyber Bride
2019 [IMDB]
Reign of Chaos