Alex Peracaula

At an early age Alex started performing with the theatre company 'La Teatral', in Barcelona. While living in Lisbon, Alex joined "The Lisbon Players", where he lead two of their productions, an original play by Elettra Sachi, 'The Stone Flower', and William Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Back in Barcelona, after finishing Drama studies at Nancy Tuñón-Jordi Oliver Drama School and starting in Laura Jou Estudi, Alex was lucky to participate in Luis Dickinson's "Arriving Somewhere", a low budget short film that has circulated through festivals, as well as "The Weekend Thief' and "Washed Away" of emergent Iraq director Omar Bradosti.

My name is Alex Peracaula Ruiz and I was born in Barcelona on October the 7th 1993. My passion for theatre began at an early age. Mainly due to the influence of my grandfather I started performing at school and in the theatre group 'La Teatral', owned by 'La Caixa' where I kept gathering experience with roles every time more challenging.

Keeping theatre as my necessary hobbie, I studied Mechanical Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and I finished my Bachelor in University of California, Irvine, in California, where my passion for surfing could coexist with my studies on a daily basis. After returning to Europe I completed a Master Degree in Renewable Energies in Lisbon, where I lived the most thrilling year. There I joined "The Lisbon Players"which is the English theatre group with largest trajectory in Portugal. By leading two of their productions (an original play by Elettra Sachi, 'The Stone Flower', and William Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing') I could work my English in different ways and improve my domain on the lenguage. This experience encouraged me to pursue my always present dream of becoming an actor.

For this i came back to Barcelona in 2017 where I started the Professional Drama studies at Nancy Tuñón-Jordi Oliver Drama School, where I complemented my practical formation with a deeper understanding of my emotional mechanisms and acting techniques. My will to act and my ambition have brought me to complement this formation with a rather personal one, by consuming tons of series, cinema, reading plays, writing, enrolling in short films, collective creation theatre plays, complementary courses and trying to grow as an artist every day.

In parallel, sports have allways been present in my live and surfing has come to be my other passion. I have also practiced tennis since an early age. I also write poetry, which you can check in the proper section and I am currently working as a web developer in order to learn about this field that interests me and be able to pursue my acting dream.

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2021 [IMDB]
The Weekend Thief
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Arriving somewhere