Stuart Packer

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Actor for 30+ years • Voice Actor for 20+ years • Storyteller for 10+ years • International Storytelling Coach too!

So, I have cultivated the grey hair & an air of wisdom to read in as your Dad, your Boss, your Boss' Dad. You get the idea.
I can speak & play the other part/s for you &, if you wish, give you my honest feedback & positive encouragement.

Focus ∙ Instinct ∙ Truth
…in serious fun & play
British (English + Scottish) & General American accents here

Thanks to all who have given me feedback from the Casting Directors & Directors etc, who view your self-tapes.

Headshots by Brandon Bishop

Stuart Packer was born on January 29, in Aldershot, Hampshire, England. He is an actor, known for Dracula: The Original Living Vampire (2022), Hurricane (2018) and It Came From Below (2021)
Usually, he plays late 40s and early 50s

141 Reader Reviews

" Absolutely WONDERFUL reader! So much energy and amazing to play off of! Super helpful feedback too! Will definitely use him again for future auditions! Thank you so much Stewart!!! :) "
" It's always a pleasure to read with Stuart! A lovely reassuring presence, gives great direction and makes it easy to play and find new things in the scene. Thanks again! "
" Love love love working with Stu!!! Highly recommended "
" Stuart was awesome! Really calm and helpful energy, great suggestions, professional and really fun to work with. Highly recommend! "
" As always- Stuart is fantastic! Book him :) "
" Stuart. a true professional who knows the craft. Once again, brilliant!! Thank you :-) "
" Wonderful reader! So helpful and a pleasure to self tape with! "
" Such a pleasure to work with and great help! "
" Supportive and patient to say the least! "
" Really nice! good suggestions "
" Awesome "
" Increadible Feedback! Will 100% work with Stuart again :) "
" Stu is great to work with! Loved it! "
" Great energy, patient and quality feedback! "
" I have worked with Stuart twice so far and plan to book him again and again. Great experience! "
" Stuart was up for anything, gave me great ideas and was a fantastic scene partner, added some laughs that really made the scene come to life, a true actor. Thank you Stuart! "
" Stuart is fantastic, always so great to work with him. Learn something different each time. Thank you again! "
" Wonderful reader and incredibly flexible and jumps right into the tone of the tape! "
" Thank you again for your versatility! "
" Patient, Professional and gives great notes. "
" Absolutely Amazing reader. Stuart rehearse with me gave me direction was encouraging and supportive honesty worth every penny. Spent time with me that he didn’t have to, to help me learn my lines. Just incredible I would really recommend him to anybody. "
" Stuart is EXCELLENT! My self tapes are always taking to another level with Stuart. He is patient, generous and supportive. I have a special request - Please upgrade him to MVP! "
" Words would not convey what Stu did with and for me. recommend him like there was no tomorrow! "
" So wonderful!! Highly recommend Stuart! So much warmth, passion, and patience. "
" Fantastic!! I had so much fun playing and improvising with Stuart! Excellent, engaging and present reader. Will definitely look out for him again! "
" Great reader ! Versatile, relax and fun. Thank you STUART !😉 "
" Wonderful, calm, enthusiastic and helpful. I would thoroughly recommend Stuart "
" Wonderful, kind, and very helpful. Full of great ideas "
" So lovely and helpful! "
" Double dose of the stu genius today! Can't rate him highly enough! "
" A legend of a reader - so helpful and quick - one of the best site readers on this site! "
" Stuart was amazing! Patient and insightful. "
" Stuart is just excellent. You really brought out the best in me. Thank you so much! Can't wait to read with you again :) "
" Stuart is a lovely guy and a fantastic reader. "
" Lovely Read!! "
" Amazing reader! Patient and specific, helpful notes. "
" Im a regular customer! Always elevates my scenes and sees things I may have missed! Love his notes. "
" Great read tnx stuart "
" Helpful....amazing...understanding...thanks Stu!! "
" So nice! tnx Stuart! "
" AMAZING!!!! "
" Fun to play with and very supportive! Thank you Stuart! "
" A repeat customer... Always amazing "
" An awesome reader and a great actor. He really enriches the scenes! "
" So generous and helpful! "
" I don’t think it gets better than Stuart! Great notes and awesome energy. Thank you! "
" Excellent! Excellent reader/coach! "
" Top reader! Very supportive and insightful with his take on the work. "
" Great help again, thank you! "
" Stuart is very kind, patient and generous in his approach. He has a sharp eye for detail. He is firm and encourages you throughout, to get the best take. I look forward to working with him again. Book him! "
" Stuart is brilliant! Very generous, warm, professional and calm. His attention to detail is first class and observations and timely suggestions on point! Looking forward to working with you again Stuart. "
" Seriously great reader. Good vibes. Good notes "
" Ready to play "
" Wonderful "
" Amazing Reader!!! "
" Pretty epic human and put me at ease. You can tell his experience and expertise and I will defo use again. New fave! "
" A very nice, positive and patient reader. Thank you. "
" Stuart was outstanding. A big role, I was quite nervous. He calmed me down and was a superb coach! "
" Thanks Stuart!! Lovely rehearsing with you. :) "
" Absolutely amazing! I couldn’t have requested a better reader. Stuart helped me dive deeper into the character, storyline and my emotions involved in the scene. He gave me new insights and perspectives on the entire storyline. So grateful to have had the pleasure to work with him! "
" What a lovely man, great to work with, good feedback and a general joy to read with. Highly recommend! "
" Lovely chat! Thank you Stuart - fab reader. "
" A real joy to work with and great helpful directions. Thank you so much Stuart :) "
" Stuart is the perfect reader. Thank you for being professional, talented and a wonderful person. Book him, you won’t regret it "
" Stuart was lovely to work with! "
" BRILLIANTTTT!!!! Couldn't be happier with my tapes!!! A new favorite of mine on WeAudition!!! Please book with Stuart, thanks so much for all your help! "
" I absolutely adore Stuart! He is by far the most patient and talented reader on weaudition. Thank you. "
" A+++ "
" Stuart was an amazing reader! Do yourself a favor and book him. "
" Ok, so not only is Stu a lovely guy, but he’s the real deal! Thanks so much for the feedback and laughs! See you soon! "
" So patient and smart "
" Excellent as always, I've worked with Stuart on a number of auditions now he's always brilliant. "
" Fabtastic! "
" Cool "
" I could not have asked or more. Stuart is the perfect reader. Encouraging and so positive - and still able to give some feedback. What a delight. Thank you Stuart! "
" Stuart is extremely helpful, positive, he sees what you need for the scene. I’m really grateful for him to our practise! "
" Fantastic. A great reader and also very fun to work with. "
" What a fantastic reader!! Stuart was s encouraging, gave great notes and was just an all around fun reader. Will definitely call him again. "
" Well spoken review and passion "
" Stuart is an incredibly good reader, very versatile with lots of energy for the read and have great tips and help, I would highly recommend him he's a great actor and a gent! "
" Great job! "
" Stuart is a five star gem. "
" Book Stu if you want your reader to really bring life to the page! I enjoy reading with and I love how he can get into a character so that you can really sink into a scene. Valuable feedback f direction too!!! . Thanks sooo much Stu! "
" He's awesome! Lovely actor and person. "
" Stuart is unparalleled!! "
" I’m very grateful for Stewart! Such an engaging and connected reader, he is definitely a valuable resource! As a scene partner he completely brought it to life and acted with me and help me get out of my head & into the scene. "
" Stuart is AMAZING. Once again, thank you :D "
" So awesome! Great coach. "
" Had a ball with Stuart. Such a great reader with wonderful tips! "
" Stuart was AMAZINGGGG! One of my favourite readers ever! Extremely fun to work with and is notes were spot on. Thank you so much!! "
" Stuart is incredible. I cannot thank you enough! Gave great notes, helped with scene connection and finding new, magical ideas within the script. So so grateful for Stuart. Thank you so much :-D "
" Stuart is amazing! such a great and versatile reader with really helpful notes! Recommend!!! "
" Thank you for your wholly positive energy, Stuart! Very helpful. "
" Really wonderful! "
" Great help again. "
" Stuart was lovely and very helpful! "
" Really great! Helped me so much. "
" What a legend! Stuart is so thoughtful with his notes and generous with his time and patience - I got to do endless takes all with his support. Perfect at reading in and site reading! Star! "
" Stuart was amazing! Great insight, gave wonderful notes when asked for, and overall helped me feel comfortable and relaxed to just have fun with the audition! "
" Thank you!!! "
" Thank you so so much, so playful, so fun! Great reader! "
" Super sweet and helpful with fine-tuning a British dialect! "
" Splendid partner! Stu was highly intuitive and supportive and offered wonderful insights and notes that elevated my audition tape. Would highly recommend!!! "
" Really, really wonderful. Thank you so much for the great fun and great ideas! "
" Thank you! "
" What a fun reader. Thank you! "
" Really lovely and friendly!!! Thank you so much! "
" Amazing as always "
" An incredible reader, and fellow actor! "
" So amazing you really help me Break down the script. "
" Excellent reader! "
" Great Reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Stuart is one of the best readers on this site! very grateful for him and his feedback and help "
" Great fun and great work thank you "
" Brilliant guy, cannot recommend enough. Very easy to work with, great suggestions and positive VIBES "
" Such a great dude and reader! Extremely helpful and knowledgeable and super easy going. Love it! "
" FANTASTIC READER He had a lot of great suggestions and we a very supportive scene partner. "
" Extremely kind, generous with his time, and gave excellent feedback!! Highly recommend as a reader! "
" Stuart was amazing!!!!!!!! Above and beyond brilliant, so fun, personable, helpful!!! We did a puppetry audition and he was multi-tasking as my director, cinematographer, and reader. Could not be more grateful for his patience and encouragement. Excited to work together again. CHEERS! "
" SO HELPFUL! Stuart is great "
" Great! "
" Great job and feedback. "
" Stuart was an excellent reader. Jumped right in and gave great notes. And was patient and kind to my 6yr old daughter who woke up and came in at the end of a take. "
" Wow thank you so much Stu !!! Couldnt have asked for a better reader. "
" A truly wonderful reader and scene partner! Will Book again! "
" AMAZING READER! Really Knows what he's doing! "
" Awesome - so fun and pleasant and lots of good insight. "
" Thanks so much Stuart for being a fun and supportive reader! Really appreciate you helping me run lines before set! "
" Stuart was amazing!! Really supportive and a great reader. Definitely worth the time. "
" Man was amazing "
" Great Reader "
" So great! "
" What a pleasure! "
" Exactly who I needed. I definitely suggest Stuart as your next reader. "
" Absolutely FANTASTIC! Excellent reader, picking up the tone and cues perfectly. You can tell Stuart absolutely loves playing and being with actors, so encouraging and genuine. Truly a gem. Thank you so very much Stuart! xx "
" A great reader. Great direction. Aces "
" LOOOVE STUART! He wasn't just the best at reading, but he gave great feedback, encouragement and made sure all my technical things were in order in case I forgot things. Wonderful experience. "

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