Joanne Wilson

I know not only what goes into the readers side but the technical side as well and we are only as good as our counterparts. I'm happy to do work with the actor and give any notes I think may help or if the actor is confident in their approach I am more than happy to just read and hopefully just enhance their talent.

I have been in New York as a working actor for over a decade. I started in classical theatre, moved into drama then found a love for comedy after stumbling into UCB and The PIT for the first time. I've worked on stage, tv and movies both as an actor, writer, producer and director. I've worked on HBO, Comedy Central, have multiple commercials running currently and am in the midst of writing a new show.

Ingrid French Management

Credits Include

2021 [IMDB]
The Food That Built America
TV Series docu
2021 [added]
Drag His Ass
Comedy Central
2020 [added]
Mini Mocks
Comedy Central Wife
2019 [added]
Mini Mocks
Comedy Central BDSM Food Porn Assistant
2018 [added]
Mini Mocks
Comedy Central Porn Star
2015 [added]
The Princess Cuts
2014 [added]
Feature Film