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Hey Y'all! I'm not from the south but I've always said y'all lol, I was actually born in Russia but came to America when I was 4 years old. I speak fluent Russian but I have no accent in English. I would love to help you with your auditions, scene for class. I'm friendly, focused, easy to work with and love the craft of acting with all my heart. Here to support you and make you feel super comfortable while you work, and enjoy the process. Feel free to bounce ideas off of me and try different ways of approaching the role. I am perceptive in understanding the emotions and the life of the roles I play so I would be helpful in the tennis game of acting.

I'm a trained actor recently moved to Hollywood, CA woop woop! I lived in NYC for 10 years, moved to Honolulu, Hawaii during the pandemic. Yes I know you're jealous but if you need advice on where to go when you visit I got you ;). One of the reasons I love acting is the fact that we can inspire people and change lives with stories. I think the job of actors is so important because it helps people, those days when you just feel off, down, emotional, depressed, shitty films and tv shows help us recognize we are human can relate to other peoples stories. I'm a former professional dancer and also teach fitness so I'm very in tune with my body.

I keep up my acting chops with regular scene study with The Real Life Actor coach, Jeff Seymour. Work on scenes I love from shows for my own practice and I also play some guitar and sing in my living room for fun.

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Yulia is an actor, at the moment based in Honolulu, Hawaii, relocated from NYC where I lived for 10 years and trained at the T Schrieber studio. I'm also a former professional dancer, former competitive rhythmic gymnast and current fitness and pilates instructor. I performed in a show called Riptide at Seaworld San Diego for two summers and went to the Junior Olympics for Rhythmic gymnastics.

I keep up my acting chops by doing virtual weekly scene class with many different actors around the world with our The Real Life Actor coach, Jeff Seymour.

Some fun facts about me: Im originally from Russia, but have no accent (but can do a very good one), I sing and play guitar, and can do Southern, Brooklyn and British accents.

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