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Note to Actors:

"Pleasure to meet you! Excited to read for you (I love doing this, ask anybody that knows me). :D


First of all, for those who are new to acting, WELCOME! You will have an amazing journey in this industry. Embrace each audition, class, and even practice as an opportunity to perform. Be relaxed, and have a blast with your side! If you feel nervous, or unfamiliar, just Breathe. Do a one to five-minute breathing exercise (just breathing in and out,  focus on breath) to calm the nerves. I recommend reading your side at least twenty times out loud (not in your head). I recommend reading your partner's lines out loud and then going back to your lines out loud. This will enable you to get off-book faster and get familiar with your material. Don't worry about trying to memorize words so much, focus on getting to know your character, and allow yourself at the moment to listen to who you are talking to.

It will be a pleasure to continue learning from you!

This is advised so you don't lose time setting these things during your reading, especially if you have a deadline:

Test your audio and visuals on your device. Make sure it works well and is up to speed. Put volume to the max (even if filming on your own camera, make sure it's high).  If you are using your own camera, raise the volume. Down the line, LAV mics are recommended.

Make sure you have enough storage on your equipment (via phone or camera) and enough memory so you are ready to go. If your storage is full, it won't allow you to record anything, so clear up space on your device as you might do several takes.  Also, make sure that your computer/tablet (or whatever you see me in), is slightly behind your camera and have it set to the level of your eye line.

1. Make sure you have your side ready to go on the desktop and upload it to the side tab section once you enter the meeting.

2. I recommend doing a minimum of five takes. Playback your self-tapes on your camera. Make sure you are happy with what you have with your choices. Check your own audio and visuals (and your reader's sound), make sure it's clean and ready to go for CDs, workshops, or classes you are submitting to.

3. Remember this is YOUR time. I'm here for you. Take your time. We'll do as many as you need and want. I rather we do it right a good amount of times with no rush than for us to rush and you leaving our session with a bad self-tape. Allow yourself to have self-tapes you are happy with. This is your time to shine! :D

That's everything!


Let's Go!!!!!!! :D

Xiomara Bernard is an actress and producer, known for "Poison", "Night", and "Rotting Beauty". The feature film she was in, "Firstness", won the Grand Jury Prize Award at the Outfest Film Festival. It's currently circulating festivals. She is currently in pre-production for the short film "Blackout" under Theophilus Films.


AGENTS Virginia Arlene, Lacy Washburn & Diane Ambrose @ Quartz Talent Agency . . . MANAGER: Jennifer Milner @ Panache Management

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" Xio is amazing at keeping on track, giving great feedback and giving life to any seen as a reader. A true professional! I'll def be back! "
" Such a pleasant person to work with. Full of energy and support :) "
" Xiomara was the best experience at weaudition! She helped me find a character and I literally had so much fun doing the scene with her. Thank you!!! "
" Thanks for your help and patience! "
" Very friendly and fun to work with! "
" So helpful and incredibly patient. Xiomara wanted to make sure I got what I needed so I can book! Definitely recommend "
" Xiomara was super helpful and supportive! "
" What a doll! Such a giving and loving reader. "
" Always enjoy reading with Xio for her energy, expertise and knowledge! "
" Xiomara was awesome! Very very patient and did a great job reading. "
" Xiomara was such a friendly professional during our session. She was patient and generous with ensuring that I got the best tape for my audition. She really knows how to connect while reading which helped with my relationship building and the pacing of sides. Thank you for the golden nuggets of knowledge and your energy as a reader. Totally recommend! "
" Amazing reader! I really had fun with this scene. Thanks, Xio! "
" Delightful!!! Will work with Xiomara anytime! "
" Xio is a very supportive and generous actor and reader! Loved rehearsing with her. I feel more confident to get on set. "
" Great reader. "

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