Will Dinsmoor

Will loves to help other actors go through their scenes line by line, thought by thought. He helps break down the scene and character as much as possible, in order to help his partner connect to the material.

He is currently studying with the Storyteller's Conservatory as well as with Sharon Chatten Studios.

In addition to having been a strike captain for SAG-AFTRA, he was also elected Convention Delegate and was seated on the Film Society committee and Table Read subcommittee.

IG: @willdinsmoor
E-mail: dinsmoorwill@gmail.com

SAG-AFTRA member Will Dinsmoor moved to L.A. back in 2020. He has been consistently training at the Storyteller's Conservatory in Drama; Single Cam; and Multi-Cam. He trains in kickboxing, archery and sword mastery, as well as studying tai chi, at World PA KUA in Burbank. Will also works on his European accent work, mainly N. Ireland, Scotland and British RP.

Commercial Rep: Jean-Marc Carre, Central Artists. Theatrical Rep: Shar'Ron Banks, Sweetheart Elite

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2015 [IMDB]
Evil Kin
TV Series documentary
2014 [IMDB]
Restaurant Redemption
TV Series
2001 [IMDB]
Operation Dalmatian: Paws & Claws Rescuers