Wes Martinez

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Hey there! I'm a bilingual (Spanish) actor/writer/comedian. I'm always excited to work with other creatives (that's you!).

Los Angeles based!

TV credits: Outer Range (Amazon), Modern Family (ABC), Superstore (NBC), Sneaky Pete (Amazon), PEN15 (Hulu), Yellowjackets (Showtime), United States of Al (CBS), I'm Sorry (TruTV), Coop & Cami (Disney), and more. Over 18 national SAG commercials including Geico, Wells Fargo, Home Depot, Ford, Verizon, McDonalds, and more.

Former performer at Upright Citizens Brigade, The Second City Hollywood, comedy festivals around the US, and have trained at Lesly Kahn, Ivana Chubbuck, among other LA studios!

I'm very laid back, great listener, and happy to just read or give you feedback if you want it.

Tips and reviews greatly appreciated!

Wes Martinez is a Mexican (of indigenous people) actor, writer, and comedian based in Los Angeles. He's a regular performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), and a founding member of Gringos, an all Latinx comedy group that performs regularly at the UCB and comedy festivals throughout the country! Wes has also appeared on prime time TV shows such as Modern Family (ABC), Superstore (NBC), Sneaky Pete (Amazon), and I’m Sorry (TruTV) to name a few.

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" Wes is very supportive "
" Excellent reader and great guy! Book him! "
" Wes is great as always! always my go to "
" So lovely to work with Wes! Had to improvise for my audition and Wes was awesome and kept creating with me! Thank YOU so much! "
" Super swell guy and helpful reader. Wes brought notes, consistency, patience... It was a real easy session. Thanks for everything, Wes!! "
" Great reader, really friendly, will definitely look for Wes again! "
" Wes was great! Thank you! "
" Great reader, and super fun to work with "
" Great fluid reader, and very patient "
" Awesome reader. Fun to work with! "
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" Wes was awesome! great reading, great notes. helped me kill the scene "
" Wes is such an amazing reader! Thank You for being Patient. "
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" Great reader. Great commitment. "
" Good commercial coaching "
" Brilliant! Thank you, Wes! A good human and a very talented individual. "
" Great reader!! Great notes :) "
" Really Chilled out reader. Definitely worth giving a try. "
" Great energy. Comical. Great feedback. "
" Great reader! Appreciate you! "
" He was so kind and generous with his time! Will book again! I had a quick turnaround tape to turn in, and he made the process stress-free :) "
" The best Mexican reader on weauditon, hand up. "
" Really professional reader. Super game to rehearse and review. Really knows how to give great reads and a super friendly and fun person to work with. "
" Wes was an awesome reader and gave MARVELOUS suggestions for commercial tape. Such grounded and present energy. Super recommend. "
" Wes is such a great and talented actor/reader! "
" Wes was very friendly, present and supportive. So appreciated his help. "
" Thanks Wes!! "
" Outstanding reader! Great laid back attitude, very helpful notes, and gave me exactly what I needed in the scene. Thanks Wes!! "
" Great guy, wish you the best! "
" Great to work with! "
" Great guy, and fun to read with! "
" Amazing! Awesome person to work with and invaluable advice! A+! "
" Helped so much! Thank you!! Awesomeee reader! "
" Wes is so professional, kind, and such a skilled reader with great notes! Read with him!! "
" Wes is a wonderful reader!! I am so glad I worked with him for my audition in Spanish :) "
" Huuuuge thank you to Wes for being a supportive partner in what was a bilingual Vietnamese script, I so appreciate that. Highly recommend for other bilingual actors who have to work through scripts in other languages. "
" Amazing reader and a great help when I was in a rush!! "
" Stellar. helpful indeed. "
" Wes was wonderful and really helped with keeping me in line with what was expected from the character and the scene. Great collaboration which is what I love :) "
" Great reader, pleasure to work with! "
" Thanks Man! "
" Wes was lovely to work with! I really enjoyed him! His feedback was spot on! THANK YOU! "
" Great help! We got straight to it. He rocks! "
" Great time reading with Wes! "
" Great reader! "
" Wes was wonderful! He was so easy to read with and had some great insight to the scene. "
" Thank you so much for the feedback and for helping me get my scene where it needed to go! "
" Thank you so much!! Super helpful!! "
" Best out there ...professional great reader... SUPER COOPERATIVE. MVP in my book experienced and trained! "
" Wes was great to work with on my Italian dialogue commercial self-tape! "
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" Lovely, creative, generous reader whose two cents I received gladly! "
" Great reader! Awesome energy and feedback. Very willing to work with you to get those specific moments down to nail the audition. Thanks again Wes! "
" Great reader! "
" So awesome! was very casual and on point with redirects that helped me to get the take I wanted. Looking forward to working with him again! "
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" Super nice and easy going, great reader! "
" Wonderful! Amazing! Spectacular! "
" Awesome generous reader!!!! "
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" Awesome reader! "
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" Patient. Great cold reader. Great suggestions. "
" Really nice and a very natural reader! "
" Amazing help, Thanks a Lot Wes!! Love his directions! "
" Best reader ever! Wes is hilarious, kind, and a wonderful actor. "
" Thank you! Really enjoyed working w/ Wes. He offered great notes for my scene "
" Great reader! "
" Wes is so smart and his script analysis is A+++. So easygoing too which I like. "
" Thank you Wes!! "
" An absolute pro- book him! "
" Wes is a NATURAL! So happy I got him as a reader, thanks so much for helping me run lines! "
" Great reader gives great tips thank you! "
" Great reader, thank you! "
" Awesome, cool reader! "
" Wes was an AMAZING reader and coach. He has a great knowledge of script analysis, e.g. searching for context clues like reading the crossed out material and looking at the page numbers to understand where the scene falls within the arc of the script. We discovered that my sides fell relatively early within the script, meaning this is not yet a climactic scene but part of the early exposition, which meant my character was discovering things about herself that she probably wouldn't come to understand until a reveal in later scenes. Wes had great insights on beats and objectives and also recommended that I do some further image work to help enliven a moment of emotional recall for my character within the sides. Wes' instincts for the material are so spot on - he noted beat changes where there should be unspoken changes in the thought for my character that I would have otherwise completely overlooked. I highly recommend working with Wes! "

Credits Include

2021 [IMDB]
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
Coop and Cami Ask the World
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2020 [IMDB]
Drive Time
2019 [IMDB]
Kingpin Katie
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Sneaky Pete
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Million Dollar Policy
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Modern Family
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Shooting to Stardom with Chaze Lopez
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The Conduit
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International A
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2010 [IMDB]
Necro Wars
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Fallen Hero
2009 [IMDB]
The Line
2007 [IMDB]
Laberinto infernal
2007 [IMDB]
Una deuda oculta
2004 [IMDB]
2000 [IMDB]
Todo el poder
1999 [IMDB]
Sexo, pudor y lágrimas
1999 [IMDB]
Sendero mortal II
1999 [IMDB]
Maldito amor: Demasiado tarde
1999 [IMDB]
El señor de los cerros
1998 [IMDB]
Azul tequila
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El comandante
1996 [IMDB]
Madame le consul
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1995 [IMDB]
El premio mayor
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