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TECHNICAL NOTE: I usually run our sessions from my pod studio so the audio is exponentially better than what you’re probably accustomed to. That alone will make your audition standout & you'll feel better about the finely-tuned finished product.

More importantly, WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!

If I'm not on this platform during your time of need-- do not hesitate to contact me at for some lean keen comedy scene coaching or dramaturgy.

COACHING is also available— see @RageAdvice or for rates & booking outside of this platform.

HEADSHOT or CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY? I have Sony Alpha A6400 with a Sigma Prime that I get busy with and for my WeAudition family I could get ya some dope shots for the low. Email or DM me for rates and specifics.


APPOINTMENTS: If you reach out to me & for some reason I'm away at that moment-- do not hesitate to either book a session with me in advance (30-minute minimum) or make an appointment with me in general.

-You can do so by either messaging me at @RageAdvice on IG or I'll get the note-- and we will schedule your best possible time to punch your scene in the face.

That aside...

Travanti's the name! An actor that took up coaching as well by popular demand! I've an extensive comedy background so I have an understanding of rhythm, and a love for breaking down scenes of all kinds... unraveling their mysteries and formulas. I have a highly-vaunted COLD-READ game so that we can get right to work with the quickness.

I've been a part of comedies that have finished in the final Top 5 of HBO's Project Greenlight (although Peter Farrelly's vote was not enough for the Beanie Bros lol), I've been in a TBS Digital Comedy Series, I am Anthony Padilla's long-lost TV Brother, and drama-wise I've been the lead in a Sundance Lab drama that was selected to be featured at Diversity at Cannes Film Festival in Cannes France that also garnered the top Juror's award for the Mental Health Channel's film festival-- I played a mental dude. I say all of that to say that ya boy has GEARS. I'm a great reader overall because I'm a great and giving LISTENER. I'm here to help, y'all. Let's play.

We can apply script analysis to really breakdown the scene so that the audition itself is a breeze because we've already done the prep, run lines, the list goes on. I like to maintain a fun and relaxed yet focused experience that brings out the very best in you.

Again: I am @RageAdvice on IG & what-not as well-- you can DM for appointments & we'll set the stage for your success.

Travanti Quinn Waller was born in Cincinnati Ohio, and his parents crossed the Brent Spence Bridge into Northern Kentucky where he'd continue his development. He began as a very quiet and incredibly observant boy who always valued listening over speaking. Its probably the best way to learn but most get that backwards & discernment comes last.

The aforementioned probably allowed him to develop his intuition & an intense empathy that comes to the forefront of his natural & cerebral performance-style. He is all about performance no matter the domain or arena and he understands that all of his skills, Wing Chun Kung Fu included, are transferable-- there isn't a skill that he has ever gained that he doesn't utilize in some way. Although the sports & the martial arts seem like serious endeavors, he comes from a family of hilarious individuals so comedy was a constant & major influence in the way that he cultivated his sense of humor & comedic aesthetic. That also explains the amount of comedy in his filmography-- soon to be populated with even more. He co-starred in a comedy featured in the return of HBO's Project Greenlight of which the cult-hit comedy Beanie Bros was a favorite of Peter Farelly's and it finished in the Top 5 out of thousands of submissions. He's co-starred in a comedy featured on TBS Digital. He's even starred in a Sundance Lab Film that won the Juror's Award on the Mental Health Channel & was featured at Diversity at Cannes Film Festival.

Travanti is also a podcaster who is cultivating quite the following across multiple platforms and has had the likes of the legendary Ernest Lee Thomas (of What's Happenin' and Everybody Hates Chris) as well as the legendary comic's comic & actor George Wallace on his show-- and as friends, they will recur. There is something about the way that Travanti sees the world & the way that he moves that people seem to want to be a part of. Don't you?

And for the people who remember Hill Street Blues, the answer is, yes, he was named after Daniel J. Travanti. That is as serendipitous as things get. Facts can be fun, can't they?

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