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TECHNICAL NOTE: I usually run our sessions from my pod studio so the audio is exponentially better than what you’re probably accustomed to. That alone will make your audition standout & you'll feel better about the finely-tuned finished product.

More importantly, WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!

If I'm not on this platform during your time of need-- do not hesitate to contact me at for some lean keen comedy scene coaching or dramaturgy.

COACHING is also available— see @RageAdvice or for rates & booking outside of this platform.

HEADSHOT or CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY? I have Sony Alpha A6400 with a Sigma Prime that I get busy with and for my WeAudition family I could get ya some dope shots for the low. Email or DM me for rates and specifics.


APPOINTMENTS: If you reach out to me & for some reason I'm away at that moment-- do not hesitate to either book a session with me in advance (30-minute minimum) or make an appointment with me in general.

-You can do so by either messaging me at @RageAdvice on IG or I'll get the note-- and we will schedule your best possible time to punch your scene in the face.

That aside...

Travanti's the name! An actor that took up coaching as well by popular demand! I've an extensive comedy background so I have an understanding of rhythm, and a love for breaking down scenes of all kinds... unraveling their mysteries and formulas. I have a highly-vaunted COLD-READ game so that we can get right to work with the quickness.

I've been a part of comedies that have finished in the final Top 5 of HBO's Project Greenlight (although Peter Farrelly's vote was not enough for the Beanie Bros lol), I've been in a TBS Digital Comedy Series, I am Anthony Padilla's long-lost TV Brother, and drama-wise I've been the lead in a Sundance Lab drama that was selected to be featured at Diversity at Cannes Film Festival in Cannes France that also garnered the top Juror's award for the Mental Health Channel's film festival-- I played a mental dude. I say all of that to say that ya boy has GEARS. I'm a great reader overall because I'm a great and giving LISTENER. I'm here to help, y'all. Let's play.

We can apply script analysis to really breakdown the scene so that the audition itself is a breeze because we've already done the prep, run lines, the list goes on. I like to maintain a fun and relaxed yet focused experience that brings out the very best in you.

Again: I am @RageAdvice on IG & what-not as well-- you can DM for appointments & we'll set the stage for your success.

Travanti Quinn Waller was born in Cincinnati Ohio, and his parents crossed the Brent Spence Bridge into Northern Kentucky where he'd continue his development. He began as a very quiet and incredibly observant boy who always valued listening over speaking. Its probably the best way to learn but most get that backwards & discernment comes last.

The aforementioned probably allowed him to develop his intuition & an intense empathy that comes to the forefront of his natural & cerebral performance-style. He is all about performance no matter the domain or arena and he understands that all of his skills, Wing Chun Kung Fu included, are transferable-- there isn't a skill that he has ever gained that he doesn't utilize in some way. Although the sports & the martial arts seem like serious endeavors, he comes from a family of hilarious individuals so comedy was a constant & major influence in the way that he cultivated his sense of humor & comedic aesthetic. That also explains the amount of comedy in his filmography-- soon to be populated with even more. He co-starred in a comedy featured in the return of HBO's Project Greenlight of which the cult-hit comedy Beanie Bros was a favorite of Peter Farelly's and it finished in the Top 5 out of thousands of submissions. He's co-starred in a comedy featured on TBS Digital. He's even starred in a Sundance Lab Film that won the Juror's Award on the Mental Health Channel & was featured at Diversity at Cannes Film Festival.

Travanti is also a podcaster who is cultivating quite the following across multiple platforms and has had the likes of the legendary Ernest Lee Thomas (of What's Happenin' and Everybody Hates Chris) as well as the legendary comic's comic & actor George Wallace on his show-- and as friends, they will recur. There is something about the way that Travanti sees the world & the way that he moves that people seem to want to be a part of. Don't you?

And for the people who remember Hill Street Blues, the answer is, yes, he was named after Daniel J. Travanti. That is as serendipitous as things get. Facts can be fun, can't they?

Courtney P of AQUA

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" He has the patience, the industry knowledge and the words of wisdom to have me calling him for sides again and again. Much more valuable than the rate lets on! Will book again in a heartbeat! "
" Wonderful reader, great energy!! "
" Wonderful as always!!!!!!!! "
" Excellent actor and reader! Help me bring more life into the scene with some helpful thoughts! "
" SO amazing!!!! "
" Great reader. Provides excellent feedback for auditions! "
" Super helpful and great coaching! "
" Great reader! thank you! "
" Lovely human. Lovely actor. "
" Fantastic reader. Great feedback, as well. Thank you for helping to make me great. :-) "
" Thank you very much for your time, patience, and notes. It was great working with you. "
" Gave great notes. improved my read right away. "
" Great PATIENT reader! Great energy! Will book again "
" Super helpful, patient and present! "
" Travanti was very easy to work with and very honest and transparent with understanding the script. That's what I love is someone to be 100 with me an he definitely was. "
" So encouraging, great audio, great reader. "
" Super patient and very willing to play! "
" Amazing "
" Great reader thank you! "
" Always a phenomenal scene partner! "
" Truly the best - I requested to work with Travanti again, because I booked my last comedy audition with him, with the help of his coaching and reading. He is such a good comedy host - will keep coming back!! "
" Great notes! Awesome reader and really helpful! "
" 10/10 "
" Thank you for being willing to PLAY mon!🙏🏾😊 "
" Great reader "
" Travanti's terrific! Really helped clarify a scene I had no clue what to do with "
" Travanti gave me excellent tips on my performance! "
" MY GUY !!! GREAT AS ALWAYS !! Thank youu "
" Fantastic to work with!! Thank you so much! "
" He's a great reader!! Provides specificity, his notes are insightful, and helps liven the scene!! "
" Love the specificity! "
" :) !! "
" Fantastic and professional. Has a great voice and audio equipment making for a fantastic quality audition. "
" Amazing as always "
" We had some technical difficulties, but Travanti was great to work with - thanks so much! "
" Spicy notes! Seriously some great insight and notes! "
" Awesome work! Thank you, Travanti! "
" Travanti truly enjoyable as an improv partner. Thanks a bunch for your help. "
" Travanti was great! I would book him again. "
" Great feedback and character breakdown. Extremely helpful! "
" Thank you!!! "
" What a pleasure! Great ideas, great reader! "
" So much fun just reading through the scene! "
" Super helpful! Thank you so much "
" It was lovely working with Travanti! "
" Excellent, excellent reader. "
" Excellent reader!!! Book with Travanti!! "
" Mannnnn he stood in the trenches with me!! and didn't give up! thank you!!! God bless you!! "
" Excellent reader! Fantastic sound set-up! Just an excellent vibe overall. Will definitely book again! "
" Great at direction. "
" So great! Is just as passionate about your piece as you while still encouraging you to let loose and have fun! "
" Travanti was fabulous, would love to work with him again. Great audio, attentive listener, wonderful scene partner. "
" Lovely reader! Great at improv, was fun riffing off each other! "
" SUCH a great reader and fantastic person! So fun to read with and helped create a comfortable atmosphere to explore! "
" Fun times! Thanks for your help:) "
" Travanti was incredible and gave me strong notes to improve my performance. His advice for subtle changes had a huge impact on the delivery. So appreciative. "
" Total pro! Super helpful, super chill. Amazing voice and sense of character. 6/5 stars "
" Great reader "
" Thank you so much Travanti! Great reader, provided constructive notes that were exciting for my scene. "
" Very easygoing and had helpful feedback! thank you! "
" TRAVANTI !! Great reader super patient and helpful! Thanks for dealing with my craziness !! "
" Amazing, we got the job done! "
" The Man "
" So great! Really patient and a wonderful reader. Gave great feedback. "
" Excellent reader - had great ideas that helped me sharpen up my audition. Highly recommended! "
" Really helpful! Great to work with! "
" Very helpful and patient! "
" Travanti was smooth as silk!! Awesome! "
" He's a master at bringing extraordinary life into every read! "
" Super thankful for the opportunity to work with Travanti! He was patient and helped me give an authentic performance. "
" Very helpful! "
" Excelente Reader!!! "
" So helpful and kind :)) "
" Travanti was super helpful in helping me break down lots of scripts! Thanks dude! "
" Great reader who offered awesome suggestions and ideas. "
" Great reader! "
" Travanti was amazing! Took great direction and brought a warmth to the session. Much appreciated! :) "
" Always such a pleasure. So fun to read with! "
" Thank you so much!! Travanti was so helpful and gave me wonderful notes for my commercial audition. Would love to work with him again. "
" Thank you Travanti! So much wisdom and very willing to help me improve my delivery! I appreciate it so much! "
" Travanti was awesome! He gave great feedback and helped elevate my tape. The last time I used himI BOOKED IT! Thanks for all your help. "
" Prepared, personable, and great sound! "
" Fantastic reader!!! Professional, patient and really helped to get me into the character I needed for the reading. Highly recommended and will book again "
" Great job. Great reader. Very helpful and very patient. "
" The REAL DEAL. His script analysis support was on another level and I had a great self-tape because of his notes and support. He's also chill and makes the process extremely fun. "
" Great, chill, allowed me to be all over the place and kept it calm. "
" Amazing reader and phenomenal Coach. Great adjustments giving. I can’t recommend him enough! "
" The best "
" Helps take u to the next level in your scene. canat wait to work w u again!! "
" Sooooooo gooooood A++++ "
" Just wrapped a session with Travanti and he is the TRUTH! Really helped me find the "spice" in the scene we worked on. I highly recommend him for your reader needs & I'll be booking with again for sure. Thanks, Travanti! "
" Such a good actor, gives you so much to work with "
" Travanti was fantastic! His sound really does sound amazing - felt like he was in the room with me rather than online. The sound came across the tape great as well. Will definitely use him again! "
" He is the best!!!!!!!!!!! book him!!! amazing work with the script "
" Took the tape up a notch! Great reader! "
" Travanti is great and really experienced. You can tell he's done this a while. Great person to have on your side! "
" Awesome reader !! so much fun ! great great energy !! "
" Great notes & ideas & encouragement. "
" Definitely going to work with him again "
" Extraordinary! Do not NOT work with Travanti! "
" So fun to read with! Brought great energy and feedback. "
" Travanti's awesome!! Excellent reader with a deep love and passion for the work "
" Love his vibe!! "
" Fantastic, a pro! "
" One of my very favorite readers/coaches. "
" Great energy and attitude :) "
" SO! PROFESSIONAL! He helped me feel at ease, and gave me excellent tips! "
" I was so glad to see Travanti online today. Always a pleasure. "
" Phenomenal I definitely will be back "
" Stellar "
" Great sound like he promises! Helpful suggestions without being overbearing and just all around fun to work with! "
" Great reader. Friendly with a cool vibe . Great sound too! Thank you! "
" Amazing!!! "
" Great "
" Great reader! "
" Always great working with Travanti, highly recommended. "
" Gave good audition technical feedback and patient. Damn good reader! Thank you! "
" Excellent excellent excellent coaching!!! Awesome reader! "
" Travanti was super cool and gave great notes "
" He's amazing! You're in the best hands he's a pro. I got 8 pages with a one day turnaround and he was a lifesaver. Knows the biz, knows script analysis, great voice! I actually had a good time! "
" Travanti's super relaxed, grounded, and professional. I'd be very happy to read with him again sometime soon "
" It was very cool to improv with Travanti to help me with my scene! "
" Travanti was very helpful, patient and present with me. Helped me get different takes on my scene. So appreciated his support. Highly recommend. "
" Such a great reader! "
" Travanti was a cool reader. his setup has excellent sound quality. "
" So helpful thank you Travanti!! "
" Amazing reader, very helpful & encouraging! :) "
" Travanti is GREAT. Amazing direction and great notes. He also uses a microphone which gets rid of the super obvious *using someone on zoom audio quality* you can't even tell on playback! Will be back! "
" Such good help !! Thanks again !!! "
" Love travanti! gave me such a safe space to rehearse! thanks Friend! "
" Wonderful Support! Great reading and energy! I'm so glad I found this artist! "
" Had another excellent session with Travanti. We rehearsed. He offered valuable suggestions and bam, I got the takes I needed. Thanks again. "
" Fantastic reader. Offers great tips. Helped shaped my scene that required some comedy. "
" Such a skilled actor, just a fantastic read, and excellent notes. Highly highly recommend. "
" Absolutely wonderful "
" FAbulous as always!!! "
" Fun to work with, great reader and always has good analytic skills!! "
" Travanti gave awesome advice and helped with my self tape! Thank you tons! "
" Wonderfully encouraging coach with great timing as a reader. Really helps you get your audition to 110% "
" Had a great session with Travanti. Great coach and solid notes and feedback. "
" Great reader! always a good time and tremendous help. :) "
" Great notes, thx! "
" Great reader! also super helpful with notes and ideas if you like. :) "
" Always a treat! "
" Excellent ideas and very patient!! Supportive and fun!! "
" Great reader! Helped me find new layers to the scene. Thank you so much! "
" Fantastic, wonderful, extremely great vibes and helpful notes "
" Such a kind artistic soul- really gets you out of your head and makes you have fun with the scene! "
" Very grounded and clear. Great reader! Fun to work with!! Can't wait to work with Travanti again! "
" Brilliant as always! "
" Thank you! Sorry I had technical trouble! "
" Travanti is magic and his comedic timing is on point af "
" A gentleman and a great scene partner..Fantastic read! "
" Perfect reader and rehearsal partner! "
" Amazing! really great notes for a comedic part! "
" Great reader. Supportive. Wonderful comic timing. "
" Amazing as always! "
" Awesome reader. Great comic energy. "
" Super chill and relaxed! Kept me grounded "
" So patient and awesome! "
" Great read, so much confidence and ease. "
" Very helpful, gave great pieces of advice and alot of outside perspective on a scene I had done a million times the same way. "
" He's great!!! "
" Always great to read with Travanti! Thanks so much for your help! "
" Immediately available! Great reader! "
" Excellent as always! "
" Very helpful! "
" Great read! super engaged and excellent actor. :) "
" Thank you@ "
" Great reader and great suggestions!!!! "
" Amazing! So supportive of the process and had great ideas to help my read through. Thank you! "
" Amazing reader! So helpful! "
" Wonderful! great acting help! "
" Travanti was excellent! This was my first time using the service and he helped me knock this one out the park! "
" Thank you Brother! "
" Travanti was such an excellent, supportive reader. Was very grateful to have him as a partner! "
" Congenial, friendly, great voice characterization "
" Travanti is great! Such a great reader, picked the scene really quick and had an amazing energy that really helped me with the role. Thank you! "
" Fantasic coach. Fantastic notes. "
" Great reader! Very personable and nice to talk to someone "in the biz' :) "

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