Thu Trang Dong

Hello aspiring actor community out there,

I'm so glad that I found this amazing platform!

My name is Trang and I'm a Berlin based actress. Currently I'm enrolled at the University of the Arts in Berlin and will graduate next year. I'm here because this platform is an amazing opportunity on many levels: I get to know the American side of the acting industry and I can practise myself.

So, here I am, looking forward to rehearsing with you ;)

Thu Trang Dong is a Berlin based actress. She currently lives in Berlin and is enrolled at the Acting program at the University of the Arts Berlin. During her first year she was invited to the Munich Biennale and since 2019 she's a scholarship holder of the Paul-Hindemith-Gesellschaft. She loves working out and she finds Freddie Mercury and Bruce Lee to be inspiring people.


" Awesome Reader, Thank You very much! "
" Thu is really awesome to work with! "
" Thanks so much! She’s amazing! "
" Thank you so much! Wonderful suggestions and ideas. "
" Great reader . great actor . really patient and friendly! "