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Hello everybody!

My name is TJ Hoban and I am a NYC based actor. In addition to acting, I have an extensive background in the Media Industry earning my degree in Marketing at Providence College. On campus I was known as the radio personality "TJ yo DJ Live from Friartown" on WDOM 91.3 FM, our campus radio station. After leaving the corporate world, I have been working as an acting professional in New York for the last 3 years throughout various Films, TV Shows, and Commercials. It has been an interesting and rewarding journey.

What I love about WeAudition is that we all are a work in progress and continue to hone our craft in order to evolve as an actor. As a community, we are here to learn, support, and celebrate each other. I love to act and am excited to get more film, television and commercial experience! I love to help others and celebrate their wins, no matter how big or small.

Let's connect, collaborate, and rehearse sometime! Break a leg!


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TJ Hoban is an actor, known for Spirits (2020), Mon Heroine, (2022), and Dua Lipa's Music Video "We're Good".


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" Very kind and generous person. he helped me rehearse when i was in a pinch! "
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" Helpful and patient reader "
" TJ is the man! Had a quick one page scene to do before a workshop. He gave me everything I needed! Thanks, mate! "
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