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Bonjour! (I'm not French.)

I love getting coaching as much as the next actor, however, sometimes all you need is a good reader who lets you do YOU.

I can do just that with a calm, reassuring and attentive approach. Just let me know what you need from your reader (adjusting pace, holding for beats, specific intentions, off-screen sounds, etc) and I'm happy to execute it to the best of my ability. In whatever way I am able, I'm happy to support your vision for the scene!

However, if you would like my advice, just ask and I'll be happy to give suggestions.

My approach is to enhance clarity and cultivate your uniqueness by looking at your intentions, story structure, and/or relationships. I believe this way you will not be overwhelmed by hitting beats, but rather focused on being present, confident and really enjoying the process of telling a story the way you uniquely want to tell it.

Let's. Book. It! :)

I am trained in Comedy Improv, Meisner, Chekov, Shakespeare, Uta Hagen and my "top secret" favorite technique.

I have trained in the US, UK and West Africa (I know!)

I can do Nigerian, British, Southern accents. (and a rough Scottish accent with a wee bi' a time to brush up.)

My most valuable traits are that I'm patient, take direction well, and have been known to have a calming and reassuring effect on people.

Most Recent Project: A national commercial! (Yay!!)

(Venmo: @carolinesorunke)

Bonjour! (I'm not French.)

I AM trained in Comedy Improv, Meisner, Chekov, Shakespeare, Uta Hagen and my "top secret" favorite technique.

I have trained in the US, UK and West Africa (I know!)

I can do Nigerian, British, Southern accents. (and a rough Scottish accent with a wee bi' a time to brush up.)

Most Recent Project: A national commercial (2021)! (Yay!!)


80 Reader Reviews

" Lovely!! Wonderful! Thanks Caroline!! "
" Caroline was so patient and offered helpful feedback! "
" Thank you "
" Thank u "
" Caroline was a lovely scene partner whom I definitely would use again! "
" Great! Very sweet and professional. "
" So incredibly engaged! Caroline's not a reader, Caroline's an acting coach! So Amazing, loving, and wonderful! Work with Caroline while you still can. "
" Thank you! If you have a chance book w/ Caroline! "
" I love working with Caroline! I asked for feedback and she gave me great advice! "
" Wonderful experience reading with Caroline, so patient and fun! "
" Such a great reader with great suggestions - thank you so much!!!! "
" Very warm and patient reader. Much appreciated! Will call upon her again soon. "
" So kind and helpful! "
" Brilliant supportive reader "
" Caroline was an awesome to work with! She was very kind and a huge help! "
" Very easy to work with 👍🏾 "
" I Have NEVER HAD an amazing experience with a reader like I have with Caroline! She is so great, wise, and intelligent. Amazing Actress!!! "
" Awesome!! She really helps you do your thing. Worth whatever she charges. "
" Caroline was awesome! Super friendly, helpful, sweet, and funny! Absolutely recommend :) "
" Wonderful reader!! "
" She is a great reader! Gives great tips too! Thank you so much! "
" Thanks for your help! Caroline helped with improv to help me get into character! "
" Appreciate the feedback. Awesome person Thanks "
" Very supportive and friendly reader. Always a pleasure to work with Caroline. "
" Amazing reader! Highly recommend! "
" Really lovely reader, so patient and kind! "
" Caroline was super sweet and giving! Very patient and understanding, and made it easy to work on a last minute audition such as the one I had! "
" Very helpful with a short self tape piece. "
" Awesome, thank you! "
" Excellent reader! So kind and receptive. Gives great notes and really helps you dig into a scene. "
" Great energy and super helpful. Easy to work with "
" SO! Patient, and has amazing energy! Really solid cold reader! "
" Caroline is a great reader and super patient! "
" Great cold reader! Very expressive, and listens! "
" So helpful, great notes on the scene and character. Fun and easy going. Highly recommending working with her! "
" Caroline is a great reader! Patient and helpful "
" Really great! "
" So sweet and kind, and made me feel relaxed. Had some great advice and notes "
" Incredible, gave exactly what the scene needed! "
" Caroline was the perfect partner for these scenes! A quick read, super supportive, and great energy!! Thanks Caroline! "
" Very Helpful!! "
" Lovely reader. Will definitely use her help again! "
" Thanks so much!! "
" Caroline is amazing and very patient! "
" Caroline is one the greatest Cold reader I have ever read with. Such a pro! Thank you again! "
" Great reader. Dives right in! "
" Always a pleasure to work with Caroline "
" 2nd time with Caroline! and loved our session. thanks for ur help and patience:) "
" Lovely lovely lovely - took direction well too! "
" Super easy to work with! "
" Lovely, calm reader "
" Caroline is a awesome reader guys! Such a great cold reader. Thank you again! "
" So much help on short notice, thank you so much!! "
" Caroline is one of the nicest person to work with. She is patient and will work with you until you get something you are truly satisfied with. THANK YOU! "
" Really sweet and open to play. Gave me some good tips that I will include in my self tape. Thanks! "
" Lovely, warm, great reader! Would read with her again. "
" Amazing scene partner, jumped right in to get my last minute tape done! THANK YOU! "
" So so nice and warm and easy to work with! "
" Caroline is a fantastic scene partner and a brilliant cold reader. I loved working with her! "
" Caroline is perfect!! so much fun running lines with her!! "
" Sooooo Good! Go Caroline! "
" Great reader with great energy! "
" Great working with Caroline, thank you for your time & energy. "
" Only had a one line scene and Caroline delivered for me! I'll be back! "
" So funny and helpful and down to help however I wanted--we even had some wonderful improv moments! "
" Lovely to read with! "
" Caroline is a great actress and reader. "
" So helpful, patient and gave great advice! Will definitely work with Caroline again :) "
" Gave great notes and so patient! Thanks Caroline! "
" Caroline was a great reader! She offered lots of feedback and layers to the short scene I had "
" Great reader! Very patient! "
" Hey helpful ready. Would love to work with her again "
" Great reader "
" Great collaborative environment! Highly recommend :) "
" GREAT reader - she worked wonderfully well with me! "
" Caroline was incredibly patient, kind, and receptive to notes! Thank you!! "
" Thanks Caroline for the positive energy. "
" Caroline was very sweet and down to try things out! Thank you! "

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