Tess Higgins

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Hey actors!

I'm based in Los Angeles and love to help with auditions! My background is mostly in musical theatre and improv comedy, and I have film experience as well.

I'm also a writer and am self producing my first feature early next year.

If you've got a goofy commercial or fast paced comedic scene to film, I'm your gal. Let's chat!

IG/tiktok: tessdhiggins
Last theatre project: The Toxic Avenger
Last film project: Kringle Time
Venmo @ Theresa-Higgins-1
Email if you want to set up a time to rehearse: tessdhiggins@gmail.com

I worked in the DC area for 5 years before moving to Los Angeles. My most recent film credit is a supporting role in the indie feature Kringle Time, which won best narrative feature at the Brooklyn Film Festival. My background is mostly in musical theatre, with credits such as The Toxic Avenger, Beauty and the Beast, Wonderland, and Godspell. I also performed regularly with Washington Improv Theatre on three different house teams, and now play at We Improv here in Los Angeles. I am also an advanced pianist and consider myself a scholar of The Bachelor franchise.

tessdhiggins@gmail.com Commercial: Mavrick Artists Agency

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