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Hello! I'm a 60+ American actor who moved to the UK this past year. I'm currently working in commercials, tv and film (just got my first role in an indy feature film and lead guest star role on a murder mystery tv series). I play anything from Nans and neighbors, to execs & detectives.
Have 30 years experience in the biz, tons of reader experience, but new to this format. Happy to read with you & give feedback/suggestions whenever you need - or not! Just love to help out!
My vocal tone is warm. Character-wise I tend to see the humor in the most serious of text.
In my former life in the US, I was department head for a theatre department, so if you need any help with approaches to your work, perhaps I can help!

I'm a fairly fit, 60+ American actor. My beginnings were in theatre, A LOT of Shakespeare, and have since moved continents and switched to commercials, tv and film. I tend to play a range of characters from sweet & kind, trusted, to righteous & fearless, to downright creepy lady next door...you know, the one you would NEVER suspect of murder, etc. I see the humor in the darkest of text and make no apologies for it! I've been told my vocal quality is warm in tone.
My dream role (manifesting here!) is to play a sci-fi fantasy character who uses swords and kicks alien/dragon/AI butt! I've done stage combat and find joy in slinging blades!
Terry B.

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