Teresa Britton


My name is Teresa and I am a SAG-Eligible actor, life coach, performing arts coach, screenwriter and former modern dancer bringing a peaceful presence to your audition process.

I am looking forward to working with you and getting you to book! :) YOUR WIN makes me happy and I want to see you succeed! I will provide empathy and a listening ear to keep you feeling positive and confident naturally.

I am here to help you in whatever capacity you need during our sessions. If you want someone to be a great reader to work off of or if you want some feedback on your audition, I can offer some suggestions for you.

Praising in advance for you!!

Award Winning Screenwriter
Award Winning Teacher
SAG Eligible

Teresa Britton is a creative from New Jersey who has always been in pursuit of the performing arts. She earned her B.F.A. in Dance from Rutgers University and has trained in acting at William Esper Acting Studio in NYC and with Gregory Korostishevsky, GregAlan Williams and Dwayne Boyd. In addition to being a SAG-Eligible actor and working as a former professional modern dancer, she also uses her gifts to train and help others through her after school program and private adult online acting lessons. In 2012 she completed her first short film “Nadia” which sparked her interest further to work on more projects as a writer.

She is currently in pre production for her next feature film.

Carol Shaginaw Talent Agency Screenwriter Manager: Shauna D. Balfour

89 Reader Reviews

" Phenomenal reader! "
" Teresa is so great to work with. So patient and helpful, even in the midst of technical difficulties!! "
" Teresa you saved the day! Love your energy!!! "
" Great reader! very helpful! "
" Teresa was very helpful! She helped me come up with choices to use in my audition. I enjoyed working with her. "
" Great reader! "
" Wonderful. Provided me with a great notes for different options to send. Thank you! "
" Attentive, supportive reader - highly recommend! "
" Teresa is a joy to work with!! Been working with her multiple times now, great reader with great observations and notes!! Recommend! "
" She is lovely! Very sweet and patient "
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" Always great working with Teresa!! Great reader with really helpful notes! Book her!! "
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" Teresa really made me feel so comfortable and excited about my sides. I really appreciate that and the quickness we got it done in. "
" Lovely reader! "
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" Great and patient reader. Thank you! "
" She was GREAT! So easygoing, sweet, excellet acting with little text! Many thanks! "
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" WOW!! Teresa was phenomenal!! One of my fave parts of acting and breaking down scripts is getting into the psyche of the character and exploring their world/environment and Teresa knew all the right questions and notes to help me explore my characters. Such great conversation and prompts and such a great reader!! Super helpful with improv in character as well. Thank you for your help Teresa!! "
" Fun & friendly - specific notes, great input - "
" Love Teresa. She the bomb diggity.com! "
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" Super helpful and gave a lot of great notes. Is also very observant about facial expressions and other gestures that can help a performance. "
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" Excellent. Loved working with her. Great energy, excellent direction. "
" Wow!!! Teresa is such a gem! She gave me so many great notes to consider and I definitely feel like I got a stronger performance because of her feedback!! "
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" Very Helpful "
" Awesome reader!!! "
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" Great reader! "

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Welcome to Harlem, Georgia
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