Taylor Joree Scorse

Hi! A little bit about me -
I am a SAG-AFTRA Eligible, EMC American Film, Television and Theatre actress and proud Texan based in Los Angeles. I have experience in comedy, drama, clowning, improv, commercials, and musical theatre (along with so much more)!

In addition to being in the entertainment industry, I am a self-proclaimed murder-mystery book nerd and outdoor adventure junkie. I am currently represented by Carrie Macy Talent Agency (Los Angeles) and Broad Talent (Southeast).

Being an actress myself, I know how important self-tapes are especially in this day and age. I absolutely love doing self-tapes and will spend as long as you need to feel confident.

Here's what I offer -
- Script analysis/character breakdown
- Line memorization
- Help you tap into your emotional depth and become grounded in the world of the sides.
- Branding! Need help solidifying your look/brand and need sides to support it? I got you.
- General TV/Film/Commercial guidance and coaching


Feel free to email or DM me to schedule a session: taylorscorse@gmail.net | @taylorscorse

Taylor Joree Scorse is an American Film, Television, and Theatre actress-producer. In addition to being in the entertainment industry, she is a self-proclaimed murder-mystery book nerd and outdoor adventure junkie. She grew up in Dallas, Texas to Jay and Dawn Scorse as an only child. After receiving her BFA from Texas State University, she moved to New York City where she was a part of the world premiere of "The Basic Bitch of the Resistance" at The PIT Loft Theatre. She now resides in Los Angeles, California. She just wrapped 'This Land', an indie horror film, that's set to premiere at ScreamFest in October as well as a Lifetime movie that's set to release in the Fall. She can be found on Instagram at @taylorscorse.

Manager: Irvin Gelb Management

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" Taylor was fantastic! Such a pleasure on all fronts. Easy to work with, kind, and talented. She shows up, ya'll. Thanks so much~ "
" Taylor was great! Really appreciated her insight into the material I was working on. "
" Thank You Taylor! Great reader :) "
" Taylor is so patient and fun to read with. Definitely recommend! "
" Great reader "
" A wonderful reader and super smart partner! "
" Super great reader! and patient! thank you "
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" Taylor rocks! So helpful and talented. Never got in the way and added a lot to my tape. Thank you, Taylor. "
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" Taylor is great! She really helps take a scene to the next level. I was super happy with the takes I ended up submitting! "
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" Amazing reader with really great instincts "
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" Amazing!! "
" AMAZING reader. Great insight and advice. She's so patient and made auditioning so fun. Thank YOU! "
" Awesome working with Taylor! Was able to get my self tape done quickly and with great quality. Great cold reader, especially getting the arc going! "
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" Awesome reader and person - warm and professional. Thank you! "
" Gave great feedback for character insight!!! Highly recommend "
" Great Reader. She's Amazing! "
" Taylor was awesome! thanks girl!!!! "
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" Taylor was quick, helpful, and encouraging! She gave me -the- warmest welcome to WeAudition (which calmed my nervous, first-time jitters). Her professionalism and patience is making me -so- excited to work with her for my next self-tape. "
" Incredible feedback and great ideas for the scene. Really phenomenal reader. Thank you, Taylor! "
" Thanks again for your help! Taylor is kind, patient, has great energy, and most importantly, is a great reader. Book some time with her. You’ll be happy you did. "
" Taylor was FABULOUS! We worked through the scene together and she had some great insight and AH HA moments which added even more clarity to the scene. Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Such a patient and kind reader! So positive and upbeat :) "
" Super friendly, patient, and helpful!! Highly recommend :) "
" Wonderful reader!!! "
" Taylor was awesome and did exactly what I needed for a last minute self-tape. She owned being in the throes of labor with emotional availability and great support for what I needed to react to. Fantastic actress and just lovely to work with. Thank you so much- "
" Great patient reader with lots of useful notes and fun to work with! "
" Gorgeous, talented, and kind! Like chatting with a lifelong pal! Highly reccomend! "
" She is such an amazing reader. Very giving and very patient I loved her!!! "
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" Did a great job reading for me and was very generous with her time and gave great feedback! Will definitely use her again! "
" Taylor is one of the best readers I have ever had!! She gave amazing feedback and was super patient with me. I felt supported and like she truly cared about the success of my audition. thanks girl! "
" So good! So helpful and gave great insight! "
" Fantastic! "
" Taylor was a great rehearsal partner. She even gave me some good tips on ways to mesaure my self tape eye lines. She was great! "
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" Great reader! Gives great suggestions and is willing to go as many times as needed to get the perfect take. Super sweet & has awesome energy! "
" Thank you so much Taylor! Great reader! "
" Had a blast reading and discussing my sides. Really helped me see the scene. Thanks, Taylor! "
" Awesome reader, helped me discovered some real cool things in the script I didn't see before! :) "
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" A dream lady!!! Ran through 11 pages of sides and dissected everything with me. So helpful, so fun to work with & will absolutely work with her again. Thank you over and over, Taylor!!!! "
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" Super helpful! Thanks so much! "
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" AMAZING READER! So nice, lots of energy, incredibly helpful! "
" Taylor was so great! She really knows how to breakdown a scene. "
" Taylor revitalized me!! After a long day filming to channel my waning energy to film a self-tape. Taylor enabled me to find the joy and nuances in the script. Very glad we worked together. Thanks. "
" Taylor was phenomenal! She knew the material and captured the essence of the scene extremely well. An excellent reader! I will definitely book her again! :D "
" Taylor was awsome and patient! "
" Taylor is awesome! Great reader, Nailed the comedic timing in every scene! Thank you! "
" Another great read with Taylor. Thank you! "
" Taylor did an excellent job as always and again really helped me the emotional component of the scene. "
" Taylor captured the tone and tempo of the scene immediately. A great help!!! Thank you. "
" Taylor is a great reader and and experienced actress who gave me great advice on how to make a role my own and pointed out how to bring emotion to the scene and still be natural and authentic. I look forward to working with her again in the future! "
" Really great! Would highly recommend! Thanks Taylor! "
" Great rehearsal!Very nice, offers great suggestions. "
" Super friendly and professional! Got my self tape done very quickly. "

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