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Tauren Hagans is known for In the Heights (2021), Blue Bloods (2022) and The Queens Project (2015). She is a musical theater actress with 25 years of experience. I'm happy to practice/run lines with you, be a reader for your self tapes and/or coach your auditions. I love helping people with their auditions. I can work with you on comedy, drama, commercial copy and musical theater which is it's own brand of acting.

I believe that everyone should have access to a good reader regardless of their financial situation. I am happy to read for you for up to 30 minutes for free and will gratefully accept whatever you can tip if you have the means. I won't accept a 1 hour session request to ensure that my time is being respected, but if you need more than 30 minutes due to the amount of material you have I will be happy to extend if I'm able to.

Tauren Hagans is known for In the Heights (2021), Blue Bloods (2022) and The Queens Project (2015). She is a musical theater actress with 25 years of experience. Tauren is happy to practice with you, be a reader for your self tapes and/or coach your auditions. I love helping people with their auditions.


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" Excellent reader! "
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" Such a dear! Great reader who's ready to go there and go in depth with you! "
" Great feedback "
" Awesome! "
" Another great session with Tauren. I really appreciated her patience and kandid thoughts about the way I was working. This really helped me to explore and work through problem areas. Thank you very much. "
" Wonderful as always "
" Great reader. Supportive and will def work with her again. "
" LOVE working with Tauren! Great energy and good script interpretation. "
" Two words…, SIMPLY AMAZING! Tauren was so generous and gave great feedback. Thank you!! "
" Awesome experience working with Tauren and recommend her as a reader and someone to bounce ideas off and get to a really good place with the scene. "
" Tauren is amazing! So generous with her time. She helped me get excited about a piece I was struggling to crack. I'll definitely work with her again. "
" Wonderful support and with you all the way! "
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" Awesome reader. Great with scripts. Awesome energy. click other name. "
" Wonderful partner. Thank you! "
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2022 [added]
Blue Bloods
Television Co-Star
2021 [IMDB]
In the Heights
2020 [IMDB]
Let Us Entertain You
2015 [IMDB]
The Queens Project
2015 [IMDB]
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