Tara Nicole Murphy

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Tara Nicole Murphy is an artist with wholehearted interest in works that purposefully celebrates intersectionality, the human experience, & female driven work.

Tara Nicole Murphy has been studying the Meisner Technique for 5 years in NYC. She has transitioned from Musical Theatre to focusing on TV/Film work. She is able to help with lighting, eye lines and choices while having fun and getting to work.

Tara Nicole Murphy is an actress, known for Hooked (2019).

website: taranicolemurphy.com
IG: @taranicolemurphy

Tara Nicole Murphy is an artist with wholehearted interest in works that purposefully celebrates intersectionality, the human experience, & female driven work.
Tara Nicole Murphy has been studying the Meisner Technique for 5 years in NYC. She has transitioned from Musical Theatre to focusing on TV/Film work. She is able to help with lighting, eye lines and choices while having fun and getting to work.
Tara Nicole Murphy is an actress, known for Hooked (2019).


215 Reader Reviews

" She was so very helpful, thank you!!!! "
" Always Great! "
" Love Tara!! "
" Tara was very helpful adding some color to my character! Highly recommend! "
" Tara is awesome! Such great energy coming through the screen and gave quick tips that really took my scene to the next level. Thank you! "
" Awesome "
" Very lovely person to read with! So invested and enthusiastic but patient, soothing energy, while having fun! "
" Literally incredible coaching??? shook. highly recommend. "
" Great energy. Very Funny. Gave extremely insightful notes for a comedic scene. Would definitely request again. "
" Awesome!! "
" SOOO many great suggestions, so kind, so playful. Looking forward to working with Tara again soon! "
" The BEST READER!! Thank you Tara!!! "
" Tara was amazing. I couldn't ask for a better reader. "
" I was so glad when I saw her on WeAudition. She's an incredible actor, coach and supportive artist! "
" Tara is a riot. It was so much fun working with her! "
" Tara is the best! "
" She is SO helpful, really chill--I loved working with her! "
" Great! Super patient, funny and present with the actor. She also gives great notes "
" Great Reader! Enjoyed the session and will definitely book Tara again. Thank You. "
" Tara is terrific. Great adjustments, greater reader! "
" Great working with Tara! She was generous with feedback :) "
" Great rehearsal. Dove into the history of the time period and figured out the beats needed to make this a great scene! "
" Great! "
" Friendly! Open! Supportive! What else could you want!! "
" Thank you! "
" Best reader and coach ever! My go to. "
" Tara is wonderful!! Jumped right into the script and also gave some inspiring suggestions. Definitely got different takes from this session. Thank you Tara!!! "
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" Tara was awesome! Super friendly, dived into the scene quickly, and had some great ideas to improve my takes! "
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" Great feedback and energy, will read again!!! "
" Super helpful and patient!! "
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" If I could give more stars I would. Absolutely “out of this world!” "
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" One word amazing. very insightful and kind "
" A dreamboat. Tara, I adore you! Thank you so so much! "
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" I'm a repeat customer, which should tell you all you need to know! Tara offers concise and actionable adjustments to help you explore choices. Thank you! "
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" Fabulous as always! "
" OMG, such a pleasure to play with Tara. Thank you for your excellent suggestions. "
" Wonderful and generous reader with great notes. Helped me find some new things with the character. "
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" Tara was great! Was so fun to run a comedic scene with her "
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" Amazing, generous reader with INCREDIBLE energy!!!! Highly recommend!!! "
" Very good reader. Pushes you to be better in a good way. "
" Great reader, very patient and great insights! "
" Tara is super helpful with finding the tone for the scene and also finding creative ways to make the scene exciting! Thank you for all your help. Cant wait to work with u again:) "
" Super helpful! "
" Tara was amazing! Made me feel so comfortable and had such encouraging words. Her notes really helped elevate my tape. "
" Helped me find moments in the scene that brought it to life! THANK YOU! "
" Amazing energy "
" Brilliant reader! Helpful and great direction. Thank You! "
" Great reader! "
" Amazing physical notes!! "
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" Super helpful! "
" Tara is such an incredible actress which made it so easy to read with her! I got my tapes done in 2 takes or less because she supported the scenes so well! Thanks Tara! "
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" Tara is a gem!!! Knows how to make any material work and make it nuanced. Amazing reader and super patient! thank you so much for all your help :) "
" OMG!! Such a professional!! She even found a beat in the script I had missed and was oh so fun to work with. We literally went straight to getting the scene done and finished so quick because of how efficient she is. Also, just an easy going and positive personality that I would love to work together with again!! "
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" Tara is spot on! very quick, great at breaking down script. book her! "
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" So great. Honestly the best reader I've had on here yet. Was so patient, giving and kind. Worked with me through my madness. She's a peach! 10/10 would recommend and I'll definitely be working with her again. "
" Once again, such a great session working with Tara! Excellent reader and human! "
" Amazing!!! Jumped right in and helped me tape all 3 scenes I needed for this audition! Had great tips as well! "
" Tara was an awesome reader, jumped right in and was super supportive! Highly recommend!!! "
" Tara was excellent! She helped me fix my sight lines, was very patient, and reminded me to slate! Highly recommend! "

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