Susan Lautner


Singing Sample:

11 Characters in under 2 minutes reel:

R.A.D.A., UK./NYC Theater Training/Experience; Tons of Background Employment; Camera Acting Techniques (Subtleties; Eye-Lines, OTS/3 shots, Green Screen, etc.); Excellent Personal and Professional References.
No Zombie, Vampire or Prostitute roles please.

Updated headshot with new (Harry Potter-esque) forehead scar coming soon to WeAudition: Stay tuned! is
... and Restaurant Management, and High School Substitute Teaching (Arts, Sciences, Languages), were my alternate occupations.
Thank you for your time and attention.
*Lead or Supporting Roles, *O’O’B’way Theater, NYC, AEA/SAGAFTRA, Opera, Rock n Roll ( guitar), 300+ characters played thus far; Laban, Alexander, Uta Hagen, Meisner & Stanisvloski.
Being a theater trained (NYC/London, UK) Film/TV (3 cam) actress; I am subtle for camera, resilient (16 hour days) and have developed a flexible, unobtrusive, unshakable and completely effective acting technique.
I memorize quickly and improvise well. IRL: I am a former Grateful Deadhead Actress from Vermont, and am currently a Hippy/Teacher/Healer/Actress living in L.A. and WA. Known to be realiable and fun, with great professional and personal references, I also enjoy being a last minute hire and helping others shine. I seek uplifting projects with no Zombies or Vampires, please, unless I, formerly a Zombie or Vampire, circumvent back to vegetarian, meditating woman who understands the quantum physics that is the principle of our universe and all human interactions while teaching others not to be Zombies or Vampires...). I am flexible in all negotiations that are union permitted. Help a sister out, folks: I pay it forward, know what I am doing, and want a chance to make you look great and succeed. Please? And, of course, thank you.

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