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*If I'm in the Green Room, please say hello*
I am Sunshine (she/her), in beginning stages of a career as a working actor, though I have been acting, off and on, for ~30 years.
I offer my native fluency in Spanish so I can help with Spanish-related requests. I offer input/support if you, as a Latine actor/ess, have queries about Latin America and Latinidad.
My French pronunciation is A+.
I do a great British accent, RP and others.
I am happy to read, help, connect, have fun, learn, and work with other actors in a safe, non-judgmental space.
What we do can be really hard sometimes. I am also trained in emotional support giving (but not a licensed therapist), if you just need to vent, feel heard, feel seen, need an empathetic and compassionate listener, or even someone to celebrate with! *please* let me know if this is what you need. I'm not a mind reader ;) Ask for what you need <3
If you need to schedule something ahead of time, pls DM on IG: @sunshinebondgarcia
I know what it's like to feel iffy on the $$$, so let me know if you want to work something out, no judgment, no shame, and fully confidential <3 just lmk up front!
Alternative payment methods: PayPal @SunshineBond - Venmo @SofiaLunaSoledad - CashApp $SofiaLuna21

Sunshine was born in La Paz, Bolivia. She grew up bouncing between the United States and Bolivia, Perú, and México. She became fascinated with acting when she saw her first play in Huntsville, Alabama at the age of 13. She immediately joined theater summer camp and then went on to study theater for a few years, joined and graduated from AmeriCorps*NCCC, then moved to New Orleans, where she performed on stage and film, as well as audio, and also studied at Loyola University and became an environmental and social activist. Sunshine is mothering her beautiful daughter Valentina, and getting back into performing. Sunshine has experience in fine arts modeling; dance; voice, stage, and film acting and performing; and is fluent in Spanish.

Genia Nooks, Gill Talent

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" Sunshnine is patient, sweet and a joy to work with! "
" Sunshine is so patient and easy to work with! Also great energy! "
" Sunshine is extremely patient and a great reader and listener. 100% recommend. "
" Sunshine is great! Very patient and great feedback. "
" Wonderful! "
" Sunshine was great and supportive and gave me great ideas to help with my scene. Thank you. "
" Great "
" Sunshine is a great reader, very patient, gives great notes. 10/10, highly recommend. Especially for Spanish scenes "
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" I had a crazy scene and she stuck with me, wonderfully! "
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" Sunshine lives up to her name. She is great, very sweet, and very helpful and generous. Thank you Sunshine. I will definitely use you again. "
" Sunshine was a great Spanish reader, super sweet and kind. "
" Great reader! "
" Very friendly and accommodating! "
" Great reader! "
" Avery skilled and insightful reader. I'm already booking another appt. "
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" Sunshine was so helpful and offered insightful feedback as we went! "
" Had such a good time reading with Sunshine! She helped me do three very different scenes, and was so helpful getting me through the material while playing multiple characters. Highly recommend! "
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" Great reader "
" Sunshine is amazing!! Very sweet, patient, supportive, and engaging! Highly recommend! "
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" Very patient! Had some connectivity issues on my end. "
" So sweet and giving! "
" She's awesome!! I loved her energy seems how she grasped the scene so quickly!! "
" Great reader - amazingly patient and very sweet with her time "
" The truth is in her name! Positive energy, great attitude and wonderful notes to improve my performance. Would definitely book again "

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