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I’m Sunshine, an actress living in the USA. My pronouns are she/her.
I have been studying acting and acting off and on since childhood, and have really started to go after it as a career and profession more recently.
I’m fluent in Spanish so I can help with Spanish-related requests. I’m from Bolivia, so I can help if you have script, story, or character-related queries about Latin America and Latinidad as well (but I won’t help you pass as Latine if you’re not, so please be respectful). I do a great British accent, the posh one, or RP as it’s known.
I’ve done a great Irish accent on stage as well but then I started learning a Scottish accent and now they’re all mixed up.
I’m happy to read and help and connect with other actors.
I’m a working single parent and appreciate any and all tip$ while I build up reviews.

Sunshine was born in La Paz, Bolivia. She grew up bouncing between the United States and Bolivia, Perú, and México. She became fascinated with acting when she saw her first play in Huntsville, Alabama at the age of 13. She went on to study theater for a few years, joined and graduated from AmeriCorps*NCCC, then moved to New Orleans, where she performed on stage and film, as well as audio, and also studied at Loyola University and became an environmental and social activist. Sunshine is mothering her beautiful daughter Valentina, and getting back into performing. Sunshine has experience in fine arts modeling; dance; voice, stage, and film acting and performing; photography; and is fluent in Spanish.

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2021 [IMDB]
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Blue Cash Big Easy
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Rise of the Undead