Steven West

Hello everyone,
My name is Steven West. I'm an audition coach, theatre maker, director, and Serena Williams enthusiast based here in NYC! I have been coaching actors via video chat for the last 10 years. I would love to partner with you to submit your best work for any audition be it theatre, TV/Film/Commercial/hosting gig ETC. I am happy to simply read, give minimal advice, or give a full coaching session when we work - just let me know what you are seeking.

I run a small college audition coaching business called New York City College Audition Coach and have a 100% success rate placing students at audition-based collegiate training programs. But my work as a coach reaches far beyond the college world. Currently, my youngest student is 7 and my eldest is PROUDLY 74! My students have worked on Broadway, Off Broadway, National Tours, and in regional houses all over the country.

As an actor I have been seen in everything from Shel Silverstein to Shakespeare all over the country.

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Shakespeare in Action
Stages on the Sound Steve
2017 [added]
Shakespeare 007
Stages on the Sound Andy