Stephanie Samuel

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Howdy! I'm Stephanie, an actor and singer based in Los Angeles, and I've been reading for my actor friends for years now, helping them book, unlock moments in the scenes, and feel better about their performances.

My bread and butter is period pieces, especially the American 1940's-70's and the Wild West.

I also love single camera sitcoms, and have a background in improv.

Accents: American South, Texan, Californian, RP British

If I'm not online, feel free to email me and schedule a time. :)

Stephanie Samuel Dramatic Reel Dec 2021 from Stephanie Samuel on Vimeo.

Background in Theatre and Music.

Comedy: Lesly Kahn & Co, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Rogue Improv
Drama: Diane Venora (known for Heat, Romeo & Juliet, The Jackal, and her work on Broadway)
Audition/On Camera Work: Killian's Commercial, The Actors For Actors Studio with Abbie Cobb and Chelsea Ricketts.

More about me: I moved a ton as a kid but was mostly raised in Texas and Oregon. (So I love southern and western accents.) I'm also a singer/songwriter and love to swing dance!

Rina and Steven at SoCal Talent

13 Reader Reviews

" Such an efficient and smart reader! Instantly picked up on the tone and pacing of the scene. Would work with her anytime! "
" Thank you, Stephanie! She was great...again. Two reads in one day! :) "
" Stephanie was terrific!! She had great camera & audio, was patient, read with ease and great tone, and even had a very helpful idea on pacing, etc. Enjoy your read with Stephanie!!! :) "
" Wonderful. sweet, great reader! "
" So lovely! Her energy was so calming and she is one of the best readers i've encountered on this site. "
" Stephanie is a super natural! Read with such ease! Loved it! "
" She's incredible! Book her! Especially with comedy! She was relaxed and funny and helped me find some choice comedy gold! "
" Stephanie was ready to read! Jumped right in and knocked out a couple of takes lickety-split. Thanks Stephanie!!! "
" Super patient, kind, great at giving me stuff to play off of, thank you! "
" Stephanie was a great reader! Super expressive with a very positive energy. Def would recommend working with her. Thanks Stephanie! "
" Stephanie was great! Naturale! "
" Great with improv "
" Great! "

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