Spring Lyons

Do you need someone who is enthusiastic, energetic, dramatic & can give the emotion your look for? Or do you need someone who can boost your confidence? Let me help you.

Do you need help with a self tape, technique or studio set up? We've all been there. For the past 3 years almost all of my auditions have been via self-tape. I can show you how to be prepared on the go or out of town.

I started acting in 2011. I decided to get more serious about my craft in 2015 where I went to a film school called Motion Picture Institute and graduated. Most importantly I have religiously been going to classes every week since 2017. With years of work and dedication I can help you connect to your material and give you that extra push you might be needing.

Currently training at the Houde School of Acting in Meisner & Improv with Jessica Houde-Morris & Joe Quinn!

If you feel we are good fit or want to read with me again you can always contact me to set up a time:
IG: @springjlyons
FB: @springlyons

Break a leg!

Im a distinctive natural beauty based in Atlanta, GA with a passion for fitness and untold stories.
I can play energetic yet sarcastic characters, and on a flip of a dime I can be your innocent yet sinister villain.

Recently I booked two short films. One I had the pleasure of being the Lead role and the other a supporting role.
I am training with Wendy Alane Wright & Houde School of Acting.

If you feel I may be a good fit feel free to contact me.


PCG Talent/ Johanna McGinley/ 614.459.3582/ pcgtcolumbus@gmal.com

26 Reader Reviews

" A pleasure working with Spring! She's a wonderful actor to explore with "
" Spring was so helpful. I will definitely be using her advice. "
" Thanks so much Spring for being patient with my internet connectivity and being a supportive reader! "
" Spring was so helpful when I was in a pinch, I'd definitely recommend her again! "
" Great reader and awesome to work with. Thanks so much Spring! "
" TY kindly !! "
" Lovely reader all around "
" Spring is AMAZING!!!! She's so talented and has so many great ideas that will help your scene. I went in not feeling good about my audition but Spring made me get to a great place with it. BOOK HER!!! "
" LOVELY! Spring was such a joy to work with. he brought such good energy, care, and warmth to the session; really made it an enjoyable experience. Thank you! "
" Spring was very generous with her time, and a wonderful reader! "
" Awsome Reader! "
" Amazing reader! Very natural and gave a lot of helpful tips for the scene. "
" She was great!! "
" Great reader! Her delivery really helps you get into character. Also can point out some directions you may have not considered in a take. Definitely wouldn't mind reading with her on my next audition. "
" She is awesome. Very talented "
" Excellent reader! So kind and helpful. "
" Spring is awesome! Gave great feedback and is a great reader! "
" Spring is so much fun to work with! She has an awesome positive attitude and really helped me get comfortable in my scenes for a workshop. "
" So much fun and a great reader. It was a wonderful experience I highly recommend Spring! "
" Love Spring, she was professional and an amazing reader! "
" Truly the best reading experience I've had. She offers support and guidance. Highly Recommend! "
" Spring is amazing:) always has great advice "
" Spring is Awesome! She had great ideas that improved my self tape and is a great reader! Thanks so much Spring! "
" Thanks for another awesome read and talk Spring;) "
" Warm lovely person to work with, Thank you. Highly Recommended! "
" Spring is an amazing reader. gave me so much direction and feedback. I 100% recommend! "

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Katie as Sprin
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