Sofia Szabo

Hi there! If there's one thing I love it's to read with people. I absolutely hated being a kid in school and the teacher would always let the most monotonous people read and I wanted to grab the book from them and say, "I'll do it!"
Point is, I take your scene seriously. I will give you whatever you need- flat read-emotion-give advice-or just get it done fast. I have been an acting coach for kids for many years, and worked in NYC with a company called Actors Technique NY, so I have experience with casting directors and what they look for. Anyhow, I'm at home constantly now, so let's chat, get acquainted, and get you booked!
Talk soon,

Sofia Szabo is an actress, known for Here Comes the Bribe (2011), Maggie Marvel (2011) and City Limits (2011).

" Amazing! Great insight! "
" Sofia was great! Competent and helpful "

Credits Include

2013 [IMDB]
Scorned: Love Kills
TV Series docu
2012 [IMDB]
Deadly Sins
TV Series docu
2011 [IMDB]
Maggie Marvel
2011 [IMDB]
Here Comes the Bribe
2011 [IMDB]
City Limits