Sheila Neville Johnson

I’m a Stand up comedian in Phoenix, Arizona and currently in voice over acting classes. I’m interested in becoming a reader so I can increase my acting range, grow and gain more experience.

Sheila Neville-Johnson is a stand-up comedian born in Boston’s, Massachusetts but currently resides in Arizona. Sheila captures her audience with her clean comedic style and energetic onstage persona. She began performing in 2018 at open MIC night at Comedy Off Main Street, Mesa, Arizona.
Currently Sheila is a member of the female comedy group “That’s What She Said” which performs at Jarrod’s Coffee Tea & Gallery, Mesa Arizona. She has performed at various venues including Tempe Improv, Tempe, AZ, Stand-up Live, Phoenix, AZ ‘New Faces of Comedy’ showcase, and “Mesa’s Most Wanted” showcase.

Sheila not only writes her own stand- up material, but also creates hilarious parodies featured on her social media platforms. She is passionate about bringing laughter and joy to her audiences.

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