Shani Hamilton

Hi friends! I'm Shani Renee "Sunshine" Hamilton. I’m an LA-based actor with years of experience in theatre, films, industrials, web series and more. In addition to on camera, I performed at Hong Kong Disneyland, so I'm very comfy with improv and adopting characters quickly.

I’ve trained at the top studios in LA such as LA Acting Studios, coached by industry pros such as Cathy Reinking (CSA at NBC, cast both Frasier and The Office), Wendy Alane Wright (Hollywood Winner's Circle), and have a strong theatre background.

I've taught performing in regards to music, dance, acting and more for 10 years and I LOVE helping others learn! Coaching and giving someone the encouragement they need is my specialty.

I’d be happy to read for you! I’ll bring as much or as little to the table as you’d like. Whatever YOU need, I’ll help bring out your best performance. Let’s work together to let your character shine!

Radiating so bright that you feel the warmth on your face, Shani Renee Hamilton is your go-to glistening ingenue, your girlfriend who makes killer tacos, and your loving teacher who would risk her life for her students.

Shani is not only an actor who has performed in various theatres across the southern california area, but also a musician and songwriter. She composed music for a hit webseries currently streaming on the Fearless app.

She is currently playing the recurring role of “Topaz Pop” in The Super Pops webseries on Youtube with over 4 million subscribers.

Commercial: Boudoir Agency- Vera Kim, 310-321-7808 Theatrical and More: Spark Talent- Sara Preisler, 281-645-0228

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Credits Include

2020 [IMDB]
The Super Pops
TV Series
2020 [IMDB]
The Gay Mafia: A Musical
2019 [IMDB]
American Soul
TV Series
TV Movie