Shakena Spellmon

upto 15 mins : $ 3.00
upto 30 mins : $ 5.00
upto 60 mins : $ 10.00

Hello, I would love to be a reader! I would also love the opportunity to help other's read as well for an acting audition. My name is Shakena Spellmon, and I am in the Virgina area, so I am hoping to meet some other actors in person as well, so that we can help one another with these acting auditions. I am looking forward to helping you all read, as well as getting the opportunity to get help as well on my auditions also. Everyone, break a leg! Love you all. My charges for helping you read consist below.

$5-15 minute reading.
$7-30 minute reading.
$10-45 minute reading
$12-60 minute reading

I am a good reader by the way, enjoy your day. I can also give you some feedback on your character as well if you would like it.

Hello, the film that I guest starred in was called Bistro. I was the best friend Tessa giving my best friend relationship advice about her boyfriend. This role required emotions, support, and strength as the best friend. I received the best actor award in high school and got an award in college as well for being exceptionally good with stage support for acting on the stage. My specific skills are acting of course, but I am particularly good at singing as well. If you are interested in me singing for a role, I am the person for you, and we can have friendly conversation about that as well. Have a momentous day!

" She was really sweet. Took direction well. Did great for her first time. "

Credits Include

2007 [added]
Supportive Cast Member BestFriend