Sebastien R. Teller

Here's what to expect:
- I've been in the acting industry for over 9 years
- I have a professional mic so it won't sound like I'm speaking out of a tin can.
- If you know what you want from me right off the bat, that's great. If you don't, we can work together to get you going.
- I do this because I love every chance I get to act. I'm trying to keep it as fun as possible for both of us.
- If you want notes and direction, I'll offer some, if you'd rather not get any, just let me know. ​From simply feeding you lines, to helping you break down the story, I'll help however I can.

Here's what I would charge:
- $5 for 15 mins
- $10 for 30 mins
- $20 for 60 mins
That being said, we're all actors so I totally understand financial challenges.
I leave it up to you to tip what you can 😊

I am loving meeting actors from around the world through weaudition so this is turning out to be even more fun than anticipated.

Let's get you kicking butts out there! 😊

Sebastien R. Teller is a fresh new face to the Vancouver Acting Industry, but certainly not new to the industry. With over nine years of training, Sebastien has been honing his skills as a storyteller, starting out by studying Theatre at John Abbott College in Montreal. Following college, he joined Straeon Acting Studios’ ongoing Scene Study classes where he trained for over 7 years. After 8 years of work in the Montreal acting industry, Sebastien relocated out West to pursue his acting career further. He now also trains under Deb Podowski locally.

On top of acting, Sebastien has created a community on social media around the idea of kindness, good vibes, and a good dose of positive chaos. From his POV improv skits on TikTok/youtube, to his Mental Awareness Monologues, or even his Live Broadcasts on, Sebastien has built a great following and their support has helped him establish his presence in the entertainment industry.

da Costa Talent 604.210.2967

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