Sara Matsui-Colby

Hi, I'm a bilingual mixed Japanese American. I have a B.A. in theatre arts and have been a working actor since 2010 and a member of AEA. I'm currently studying the teachings of Diana Castle's Imagined Life and just finished level 2 improv at UCB

I work in theatre, on-camera theatrical and commercial, and voiceover.

I'm happy to help anyone with their audition and please let me know if you're looking for notes or want me to watch for something specific. Break a leg!

If you need a reader and I'm not 'on' feel free to DM on Instagram to set up a time - @saramatsuicolby

Sara Matsui-Colby is an actress, known for East Side Sushi (2014), Possession (2015) and Exaella (2011).

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" Perfect for the characters I needed! "
" Very helpful "
" She was so be very patient with me. I was having such an off day. "
" Really helpful! "
" Really fun and great! "
" Really helpful!! "
" Great! Brought the innocence I needed for the reader. "
" Took time to really dig into the script with me which I appreciated, and great to work with!! "
" Sara gave incredible insight for my next audition. A curveball was thrown and Sara knocked it out of the park with a cheerful disposition and positive building advice. Highly recommend! "
" Extremely helpful, very patient, and really insightful feedback/critiques. I will definitely be reading with her again! "
" Great cold reader! Great energy! "
" Sara is really amazing! I'm so grateful for her patience and kindness. Looking forward to working with her again xx "
" So lovely and patient with my "lifetime movie" like audition with some silly sides, you know how they go, but handled them like a champ! "
" Sara is so nice, GREAT reader! "
" Sara was lovely! Very helpful "
" Sara was lovely!!! Great reader. "
" Great knowledge, very supportive and sweet!! "
" Sara is a great and very responsive reader! "
" Extremely professional and giving. Awesome reader "
" Great reader. Insightful and helpful notes. "
" Great reader, very patient and kind! Thank you! "
" Sara was a wonderful reader and so sweet! "
" Very supportive. "
" I LOVE Sara! She is truly wonderful.-So calm, patient and gives great critique! I will be using her again for sure! "
" SO kind and helpful!! Sara totally put me at ease and we got some amazing takes! "
" Very friendly and make the session so comfortable to play in! "
" Awesome! Thank you! In and Out! "
" Sara is an amazing collaborator and reader! Love working with her!! "
" Great reader!! Gives helpful tips and suggestions. Super sweet and patient! :) "
" Great! "
" Great reader and very helpful with notes! "
" Amazing reader, so helpful and really got me to a good place with my lines. Thank you! "
" Great improviser! "
" Very helpful, patient, great reader! :) "
" Amazing! "
" Great to read with! She has a repeat costumer in me! "
" Great reader! Had fun! "
" Amazing!!! "
" Sara is delightful! "

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2017 [IMDB]
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First Dance
2016 [IMDB]
The Campaign: A Tabletop D&D Adventure
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Till Death Do Us Apart
2014 [IMDB]
East Side Sushi
2011 [IMDB]
CESS / AI / Nav
2011 [IMDB]
Perpetual Steampunk
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