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As a voiceover artist and a journalist for 9+ years, I have a unique mix of experience with different communication mediums, including voiceover work for podcasts and plays, on-camera news stories, and podcast/web production and editing.

I hold both Bachelor's and Master's degrees—both in the communication field.

My most recent roles include Luna in the play "Loving Jackson," the audio plays "Laugh for Sanity" and "Me and You x42" from the NYC company The Garden of Voices, and the lead role in the audio drama "The Morning After Potion."

Looking forward to booking with you!

PayPal: @sarahzt
Venmo: @ishaar21

IG: @saariyata

As an voiceover artist, I have a unique mix of experience with different communication mediums, including voiceover work for podcasts and plays, on-camera news stories, and podcast/web production and editing.

I hold both Bachelor's and Master's degrees—both in the communication field.

My most recent roles are in the radio play "Laugh for Sanity" from the NYC company The Garden of Voices, and the scenes titled "Law School" and "Sisters" with the organization 'Rising Artists' in Houston, Texas.

I currently have no agent or representative.

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" Sarah is a WONDERFUL reader, will be on the lookout to book with her again and again. "
" A lovely reader! So kind and very receptive to any adjustments "

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