Sara Felice Vetro

Hi! I am Sara... I am a Londoner, an actor and occasional casting assistant.

I have done the full Mesiner training and undertook training in other acting techniques, movement, voice, etc. and in a wide variety of related fields. I am obsessed with words and text and layers of motivation.

If you need a reader for a self-tape, run lines, rehearse or need to break down a scene, analyse text in any way you want to, understand your character, their voice, physicality or ... I am your person!

And this is what I have been doing/studying/training for since childhood, I grew up behind the scenes in the theatre and on film sets.

I do not ask you to pay me, I am delighted to be working with you. Tips are appreciated. If I am not online, and you want to work with me, email me at

I did the full Meisner technique training at the Actors Temple and with the Salon Collective in London, and I continue training with English Meisner Yoda, Tom Radcliffe and repeat every chance I get. I studied Practical Ecstatics, and did all kinds of improv and clown courses and some classical theatre training, too (including Shakespeare), as well as Grotowski courses, some Suzuki and voice training (Linklater, specifically).

I have done student and short films and fringe theatre in London; Shakespeare and otherwise.

At university, I studied English literature and linguistics, writing and film. I write plays, and I am in love with the English language and everything storytelling. I did phonetics as part of my course, so I can help you with RP, should you need it. I am a trained jazz singer (a bit rusty now, though, if I am honest).

My father is a film/theatre writer/director, he took me with him to work from an early age. Eventually I proved useful (and he did not have to pay me). In short, I have been watching theatre rehearsals and hanging out on film sets since I could be trusted to behave myself.

" Great reader that digs deep!! "
" Wonderful! Great suggestions and open to whatever I needed. Will definitely look her up again! "
" Sara is so reat to read with!!! will keep selecting her when she is available "
" I had such an amazing experience reading with Sara. she helped me play with the scene and dive deep to find those twists and tweaks to make the scene better. Will for sure select her again, "
" Fantastic reader and actress! "
" She was great! Patient and personable. "

Credits Include

2018 [added]
Last Drop
Short Eva
2016 [added]
Etcetera Theatre
21 shows Shakespeare's Tempest, Ferdinand