Samie Jo Johnson

Hey y'all! I love a cold read. It's my favorite space to dive in and play.

I'm a very text-oriented person and love heightened language.

I also have experience as a director; so I'd be happy to offer some actionable notes if you're looking for direction.

Samie Jo Johnson (she/they) is a multi-hyphenate artist who is always eager to embrace an opportunity to play. Prior to landing in Chicago, Samie Jo lived and worked in Seattle, Denver, England, Italy, Southern Indiana, and the many highways in between. Performance highlights include being ready to perform any character in "Hamlet" (and checking the box for a few dream roles in the process) with Quicksilver Shakespeare in Chicago, dancing through the streets of Italy (literally) for a site-specific production of "In. Sight. Out." with La Mama Umbria, and touring the midwest as a cowboy version of the good-guy, Lucentio, in "Taming of the Shrew" with Stone Soup Shakespeare. Samie Jo has trained in various theatre making techniques domestically & internationally and has a BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Evansville

Credits Include

2023 [added]
Queen, Cornelius u/s
2022 [added]
Theatre, Antigone u/s
2021 [added]
Theatre, The Magician u/s
2021 [added]
The Conductors
Theatre, Gretchen
2020-2021 [added]
Short Film, Writer & Director
2018-2020 [added]
Mercury Hamlet
Theatre, Hamlet