Sage May

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Hey, I'm Sage! I've been acting for 8+ years in the heart of New York City. My common age range is 16-25.

For as long as I've been acting, I've also been helping out and reading with friends who have booked roles on shows such as The Blacklist, Jessica Jones, Law and Order SVU, and more! I read with a friend two weeks ago who booked the part and is going on set for FBI this week!

I'm also the host of Dear Actor Podcast, a podcast where I interview industry professionals each week to help new actors get a leg up in the industry, we're actually sponsored by WeAudition. I've interviewed some huge CDs! You can listen to it on all podcast streaming platforms!

I'd love to help you with taping, memorization, repetition, running lines, etc. Let's book this!

Venmo- @sagemayy

Feel free to reach me at, or on my Instagram, @sagemayy.

Sage May is an actress, known for Shattered (2017), Money Talks the Anthology (2020) and Dissonance (2018).

Manager: The Talent Connect - CEO@TheTalent Connect Agent: Spark Talent Agency - Personal:

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