Romo Sikdar-Rahman

London based actor and writer. I left a career in management consulting to focus on my acting career - trained with Caspa Arts, IDSA, and The Actor's Temple.

Happy to simply read or be a wall to bounce your ideas off and test different approaches. Regularly do workshops with the Monobox and Mixing Networks, so I hope I've picked up something useful to share.

Trained with IDSA, The Actor's Temple, and Caspa Arts in the UK.

Recently been working mostly in fringe theatre and new writing, with the occasional short film.

Keep fit through yoga, powerlifting and boxing, continue to take screen classes and actor workshops to keep my mind fresh too!

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Credits Include

2019 [added]
Our Big Love Story
Theatre Teacher
2019 [added]
No Friend Left Behind
Theatre Salim
2019 [added]
Almost Paradise
Theatre Zac
2018 [added]
A Little Sympathy For Us Tempunauts
Short Film Benz
2018 [added]
The Serum
Short Film Gus
2018 [added]
The Listening Post
Documentary Iqbal Hussain
2018 [added]
Why Him
Dir. Natasha A The Boyfriend
2018 [added]
Short Film Ben
2018 [added]
Pot Luck
Short Film Jim