Regina Walker

What type of read are you working on that we can collaborate together to get you ready for this audition? As a freelance voiceover talent I understand auditioning and what it takes to feel the right energy. I also appreciate the idea of having someone to bounce a read off of. So I am here to support you! I look forward to connecting with you and I can't wait to see how you make your character come alive!

Guided Meditations
Medito Meditation App ~ Current (Ongoing)
Intermediate Series - 5 meditations
Emergency Series - 5 meditations
Low Mood Series - 7 meditations
Denver Public Schools ~ 2020
Recorded meditations for meetings.
Performed live readings for meetings.

Audiobook Narration & Production
Advanced Melanin Empath ~ November 2022
VIVID by Jana Jones (ACX) ~ October 2021
What I Gained Through My Pain by Nakisha James (ACX) ~ June 2021
What I Love About Me by Soyini Foster (ACX) ~ May 2021

Corporate E-Learning
Denver Public Schools 2019-2020
Record District Communications for the Superintendent
Trauma-Informed 1-3 Module District Training videos
Restorative Practice 1-3 Module District Training Video

Stop Step Act Campaign Video~ June 2021

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Credits Include

2021 [added]
What I Love About Me
Audiobook Narrator
2021 [added]
What I Gained Through My Pain
Audiobook Narrator
2021 [added]
Vivid the Novel
Audiobook Narrator
2021 [added]
The Purpose in your story
Podcast Host
2020 [added]
Medito Meditation App ~ Current (Ongoing)
Guided Meditations
2020 [added]
Denver Public Schools
E- Learning Voiceover