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My names Reece, I'm a British actor and voice over artist. If your looking for someone who can play your best friend, dad or even more serious roles like a villain or boss then look no further. I find there's not many characters I can't play and I'm always up for a challenge on one's I haven't played as much.

I have trained all over the world from East 15 and Actors studio in London, to Groundlings school of improv in Los Angeles. With extensive experience across the board in theatre, film and television I cannot wait to create some amazing stuff together.

If you want someone with great energy, an infectious personality and someone to help you nail your self tape then I'm your man. I look forward to working with as many of you as possible as this is my passion.

If you see I'm not online or you would like to book me for a specific time and date send me a message on my Instagram and we can set that up.

Have a great day

Reece Putinas was born in London, England. He attended Highams Park College, where he made his acting debut as Seymour in the production of "Little Shop of Horrors." Originally working in Finance, he moved into acting after training at the IDSA in London.

A diligent student of acting, Reece has been trained by some of the top drama schools around the globe, including East 15, Actors Studio and the Groundlings School of Improv in Los Angeles, USA.

Reece has starred in a number of award winning and recognized productions, currently he can be seen on series one of ITV's "Harlots" and Netflix feature film "The Royal Hibiscus Hotel" as well as two episodes of the documentary series "I Am A Killer". Often playing antagonist roles, Reece changed his look to branch out into more softer characters to show range. He currently has multiple projects in development and continues to add to his already expanding resume.

TRIVIA: Reece was once a professional wrestler, and worked closely with several of the top wrestling companies in the world, including the WWE and TNA Wrestling.

Reece Alexander-Putinas Email  Mobile (+44) 07950 252 261 Agent - Nic Knight Management Agent Contact (+44) 208 527 7420 

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" Just delightful and a terrific reader! "
" Great voice actor! Great advice. "
" Generous, supportive and a great reader. "
" Very helpful with both acting and accent notes ! Thank! great reader! "
" Really good to work with for a quick audition. Thanks Reece! "
" Lovely working with you, Reese! "
" Wonderful, generous reader. "
" Great and chill "
" So amazing and helpful! Reece helped me work on 2 different auditions, and was a wonderful reader for both. "
" AWESOME! Sorry ran out of battery, but I got the take! Great work! See you soon! "
" Thanks man!! That was awesome. "
" Reece is top notch! His American accent is great, and is a wonderful reader! "
" Great reader. So easy to work with and very natural. "
" AMAZING had to come back twice he’s so fun and great with comedic pieces "
" Thanks so much Reece, great reader "
" It is GREAT to read with Reece , gives you a lot to work with making for a fun read! "
" Professional and does a wide variety of roles! "
" Reece was awesome! So kind and funny. I'll definitely be working with him again in the future! "
" Reece is lovely and very helpful. Thanks so much! "
" Great guy . thank you "
" A great creative reader who was on the ball and supportive! "
" Patient, kind reader who's right there with ya! "
" Words cannot explain the compassion, kindness, and helpfulness I experienced in my session with Reece. He is truly a gem. Thank you Reece. "
" Totally awesome!!! "
" Fun!!! Fantastic! A pleasure! Highly recommend! "
" What a great read! Thanks "
" He was super positive and reaffirming of choices. Very nice to work with! "
" So fun. So helpful! Thank YOUUU :) "
" He's awesome! Thank you Reece! "
" Amazingly helpful, kind and encouraging as always "
" Reece is great as always. Reliable and helpful. Always a pleasure. "
" Fantastic reader. He helped me rehearse a couple of big auditions and he was just the kindest, most supportive reader. I will definitely be booking with him again. "
" Great personality, supportive and a terrific reader! "
" Excellent. Fun. "
" Great fun working fun working with Reece. Really gets into the scene and helps you bring everything up to another level or 3. I'll be back :) "
" Wonderful Reader! "
" Repeat customer here "
" Great reader, willing to give feedback, Reece is helpful, supportive and encouraging "
" Really positive, fun read. Thanks again. "
" Reece was so great to work with! He had a great attitude & was super helpful with helping me establish the moment before. "
" Reece is a great reader--and easy to work with "
" Awesome! "
" Pro "
" Excellent reader! Very calm and helpful. Brought great energy to the other characters in the scene:) "
" REECE IS AWESOME!!!! generous an kind! "
" Laughing out loud great learning how to do cockney with Reece! Such a pleasure to work with! "
" Thank you for the great read Reece!! Always a great read. Thank you for bringing my scene to life. "
" So much fun working with Reece! Lovely reader and excellent colleague! "
" Awesome! "
" Great reader "
" Great "
" Reece is a real pro. Great reader, good eye, generous with his time, overall super helpful! Will definitely use him again! "
" Great reader, game for anything! Excellent to work with! "
" Reece is so professional, kind, and generous.... and a very talented actor to boot. Would highly recommend! "
" Was hoping he could Reece could do an Irish accent. He nailed it! Thrilled we got to work together. Won't be the last time! "
" He’s great! Really solid person to go on the journey with "
" Reece was absolutely lovely and gave such thoughtful notes :) will definitely be reading with him again! "
" Reece was so much fun to work with. Very efficient and got the job done :) "
" Awesome reader "
" Reece was an awesome reader. He brought great energy to my self tape, I highly recommmend him. "
" Once again a great read! Efficient, professional, high quality. Reece is on the top of my favorites list as a reader! "
" Perfect, just what I was looking for. If anyone needs someone who plays a higher authority than you, Reece is your man. Boss, douchebag, intelligent experienced worker all of it. He is very respectful and fun to work with! "
" Reece is a joy to work with and an excellent improver. I worked with him to get off-book/familiar with a piece and he really brought it to life. "
" Reece was lovely! He is friendly and gave me helpful advice "
" Well...What can I Possibly say about Rees? He is absolutley TERRIFIC!! Lovely to meet a fellow nocturnal Brit- he instantly got into both of my very different scenes and was fun, enthusiatsic, full of energy, patient, kind and generous. I would highly reccomend him as a readerwithout hesitation- especially if you need a Baddie. Although he also made a great inanimate object too. THAK YOU REES...May the sun shine on you all day long xxxxx "
" PHENOMENAL reader that picks up on the script instantly. Really nice guy too. If you're looking for a great reader look no further. "
" Super understanding. Gave me a lot to work with "
" Great Reader full of energy and advise. I would love to work with him again! "
" Reese was great as always not only is he a wonderful reader but it's as if he's had my sides as long as I have he jumps right into the scene and the character and gives me the right energy to move forward in my audition "
" Great! So much help, and up for anything! Very knowledgeable about the different types of British accents. Thanks! "
" Thanks for the great read for my self-tape. Always a great read. Thank you. "
" Reece is the best! Always ready to jump in with some of my wilder self-tapes. "
" Great "
" OMG so wonderful! I was really getting in my head with the words and he completely put me at ease. Would use over and over again! "
" Great ! Thank you for your help "
" Jumped right on in easily! thanks new friend "
" Fantastic!! "
" Thank you Reece. Great working with you. Thanks for helping me with my self-tape. Thanks again. "
" Amazinggg reader & helped me break into character even more. thank youuu "
" Reece is great. Always on point. Thank you! "
" Thank you so much for your time! So helpful and professional. "
" Very kind and enthusiastic reader! Working on a monologue with a difficult regional accent and heightened language and Reece gave specific and insightful notes as well as being very encouraging and supportive! Would love to work with him again!! "
" Reece was a great help and fantastic at reading the other part "
" Great reader and helpful notes! Thank you Reece! "
" Reese is awesome as always, you will always get quality, focus and excellence when reading with Reece "
" Reese was amazing. He gives you so much when reading with him, and doesn't quit until you get your best shot. I will definitely be working with him again. "
" Reece is awesome!! awesome energy and person, so cool to talk and read with! "
" Reece is very kind! thank you! "
" Reece was very down-to-earth and a thrill to work with. Unfortunately, we had an issue with his microphone. I could hear him, but he was static. I appreciated his ambition and down-to-earth attitude to try and solve the problem. He did say it has never happened to him before. Frankly, I respected him for even taking my request at 1am. Will definitely work with him again and praying for no microphone issues next time. The five stars are for his willingness, efforts, and patience to work through technical issues at 1am. Reece seems like a genuinely great guy. "
" He was amazing! So energetic, thoughtful, and really made the scene better. "
" Great reader, or a quick rehearsal! Thanks Reece "
" Great reader, Great energy and all round lovely person. Was a joy to work with you Reece! "
" Reece was my lifesaver today! He jumped in last minute and gave me exactly what I needed from the character. Such a great, funny and talented reader! Go work with him. "
" Great reader, spot on and helpful directions where required. Highly recommended. Thank you so much. "
" The best, cold reads perfect without error!!! "
" It's always great fun working on scenes with Reece, his energy and sense of fun opens the scene up and takes it further. Highly recommended :) "
" Reece was just outstanding and patient! Pleasure working with him. Can also nail a perfect American accent. "
" Reece is a great reader who really engages with the characters and gives great feedback. "
" Courteous and interesting reader "
" What a joy to work with Reece.! I love being on a platform where I can make new acquaintances from around the world who love doing the same work that lights me up. I never regret a minute I spend with another actor on We Audition. "
" Awesome again! We worked together twice in one day, and both times Reece was excellent. "
" Awesome reader! Helped me gain a ton of clarity for a self-tape. "
" Outstanding "
" Great reader. Excellent feedback and fun to work with! "
" Great as always, reassuring, graceful when I was struggling with the line. Very helpful. "
" Very patient and nice! "
" GREAT reader! "
" Reece is great. Such a nice energy & passion for scene work. My favourite faux Australian on here. "
" Always so much fun to work with! Thanks Reece X "
" Great reader and very patient ,!! "
" I was a little stuck on a scene, Reece came with some great ideas, helped me break it down and now it's a killer self tape :-) Thanks Reece, great working with you. I'll be back. "
" Absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! "
" Very nice chap and really helpful. Thanks Reece! "
" Reece is a genius. His characterisation and humour make any scene come to life. If you want the best take, Reece is a winner!! "
" Wonderful! we ended up doing some post scene improv that really added to my character work. thanks! "
" Super helpful, professional, focused and helped bring a great audition out. Having a great reader helps you with timing and feeling the energy of the scene. Reese totally provided that energy! "
" Great reader! "
" Terrific "
" Reece is a brilliant, insightful actor, and he was so encouraging! I look forward to working with him again! "
" Super friendly and helpful. He readily shares tips and opinions if asked. "
" Such a great guy! Friendly, professional and talented. Can do many different voices which just amazed me:) Will be working with him again in the future. Thanks Reece! "
" Awesome, helpful in the extreme. Would use him any time. "
" Reece has such great energy naturally and his ability as an actor to match my energy for a more dramatic scene was very captivating and gave me so much to work with. Thanks Reece, will definitely work with you again! "
" Good god, I've never had a reader more playful and generous as a virtual scene partner. Had an audition to tape for a comedic short, and Reece picked up everything I gave and volleyed back tons of energy and variety in kind. You'd be lucky to use this guy! "
" Thank you so much for helping me with my script today Reece! What a lovely guy and a great scene partner! Reece gave me some brilliant advice and we had a lot of fun bringing the character to life; can't wait to work with you again :) x "

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