Rebecca Baker

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Here if you need a reader, actor to rehearse with or a bit of direction/exercise suggestions to uncover different layers to your scene.

Stage and screen actor with over 8 years experience. Soon to play lead Sister Lebedeva in high-budget short 'Moishe', Doctor Babineaux in feature 'From the Corner of My Eye', and can shortly be seen as Sarah Constant in TV series 'The Butterfly Beat'.

Accents: RP, London/Estuary, Yorkshire/Lancashire, Australian, French and American (Southern, Western, Californian, Standard)

🎭 Appearances:
National Theatre's 'Network'
Secret Cinema's 'Romeo + Juliet'
Shoreditch Town Hall's 'The Unreturn of Lydia Osborn'

✨Currently writing TV show mini-series 'The Zen Of AI'
✨Writer/Director of 'Dawn Of The Transmaton' supported by Iconic British

Other interests: artificial intelligence, expert skier, surfer, military experience

For bio, reels, reviews, writing, and more - voted by Wix as 4th 'Best Actor Website' - visit 👇🏼👇🏼

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- Rep: The Soundcheck Group -

📍British/French with bases in London, Leeds, Zürich, and Cannes

Feel free to notify me now if you'd like a reader asap, or if you'd prefer to book in advance, you can message me on Instagram @rebeccaellenbaker or email me at and we can arrange a time that's best for you.

Height: 5’9''

Accent: Estuary

Rebecca trained at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and London School of Film, Media & Performance, was a member of the National Youth Theatre for seven years, and holds a degree in Theatre & Performance from the University of Leeds. She is of British/French heritage and grew up in Zürich, Switzerland.

Notable credits include NETWORK at the National Theatre, ROMEO + JULIET with Secret Cinema, VIRAL with the National Youth Theatre, PLANT with Hangdog Films, as well as playing Veronica Morales in THE UNRETURN at Shoreditch Town Hall in London.

In 2019, Rebecca wrote, produced, and starred in Dawn of the Transmaton, an interactive, multi-media performance of a game simulation run by an artificially intelligent civilisation from the future. In 2020, she will be appearing in superhero comic book franchise Sunny Jean which is set to release its first issue Sunny Jean #1: Prince of the Renegades in the autumn.

Rebecca is also a voice-over artist, an expert skier, and undertook Reserve Officer training with the British Army during her time in Leeds.

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" Rebecca really helped me with finding the stakes in the scene and different nuances . Great help for rehearsal and even better for my self-tape. "
" Thank you for the wonderful session! "
" Thanks very much! "
" Thank you Rebecca - second review forthcoming! "
" Rebecca was awesome. she really helped me be present and visualize my scene deeper "
" Rebecca is a fabulous reader and gives great adjustments to not get too caught in one way of reading. I highly reccomend her! :) "
" Rebecca is such a great actress and reader and had great suggestions making me feel super prepared going into my callback. Thank you! Highly recommend! "
" Thanks awesome amazing "
" Great advice. top tips, very patient and understanding! Thanks Rebecca! "
" Thank you so much Rebecca! Brilliant coaching. "
" Absolutely amazing! Fantastic reader! Highly recommend! :) "
" Stellar reader!! Positive and supportive. Gives great notes that really take your audition to the next level. I will definitely use her again. "
" Such a great time reading with Rebecca, thank you so much! "
" Rebecca is a great help! Read with her "
" Great pro reader!!! was bale to help me find moments in my scene!!! Will be in touch again! "
" Rebecca is amazing! Very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend. I needed a reader that could help me find more nuances in my sides and she helped a lot. "
" Such a good soul.. So supportive.. Really nice to connect with her "
" So so helpful and professional "
" Rebecca is an incredible reader. She offers top class direction and really helped me to shape my audition scenes. So grateful to her for working with me and lending me her time. Would work with her again in a heart beat. "
" Always a pro and so reliable "
" I always love working with Rebecca! I had to tape four different versions of self tapes today and she was fantastic as always! Super generous with her time! I cannot recommend her enough! "
" Awesome as always! Love hearing her feedback! "
" Awesome as always! Lovely reader, great actress! Gives great notes and always ready to help! Thank you "
" Rebecca is the best! So thankful for all the knowledge she shared about the VO industry! Thank you so much! "
" I love working with Rebecca, she's a great actor and reader and she has given me some great tips and help learning my lines! Absolutely check her out! "
" Rebecca is so lovely to work with! Patient, gracious with great insights. Definitely working with her again! "
" Rebecca is lovely! Such a joy to work with. She gave me great insights into my scene. Will definitely work with her again! "
" Very fluid read. Loved it! "
" Rebecca was fantastic!!! "
" So great working with Rebecca, thank you for your time, energy & being an absolute joy to have as a reader. "
" Rebecca is an out and out pro. "
" Rebecca is incredible, she gave me such good tips of ways we could tackle the scene. A great reading partner and so fun to bounce off throughout, will definitely work with you again :) "
" Rebecca is lovely! Great reader and great actress! She helped me get on top of long sides I had to learn for an audition! Thank you!! "
" Rebeca was a fantastic help, I had a monologue I needed some help with and she gave me some wonderful insights and helped me notice some details that I had neglected about my character. On top of all that she's got a magnetic personality and is an absolute pleasure to talk to! Do Check Her Out! 10/10 "

Credits Include

2020 [added]
Plant - Hangdog Films
Woman (Lead)
2019 [added]
Shoreditch Town Hall
The Unreturn of Lydia Osborn
2018 [added]
Secret Cinema
Romeo + Juliet
2017-18 [added]
Royal National Theatre
2017 [IMDB]
Good Side
2014 [added]
National Youth Theatre