Rachel Rial


I am an actor/voice over artist located just outside of Los Angeles. Currently studying improv at UCB and training with some of the best voice actors like: Victoria Atkin, Cissy Jones, and Krizia Bajos to name a few. Even though I primarily work in VO, I believe that acting is acting is acting, no matter what medium.
I am here to connect with you and work on brining out your best performance.

Let's get to work!

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Born in Oregon, raised in Tennessee, and now living that Pacific North West dream. My journey in entertainment started during my younger years, creating silly puppet short films and sneakily staying up way past bedtime to tell these stories to my captive sibling audience. This set the stage for my career in the wonderful world of voice over, carried forward with versatility and perseverance..

Having a toy chest of voices gives me a wide range, allowing me to work with an assortment of clients. I’ve flexed to roles like a bubbly/quirky millennial, a sweet grandma, and even snot-nosed adolescents.

When outside of the booth, I can be found thumbing away on a controller, crafting homemade candles or cooking up something delicious.

Thank you for swinging by and I look forward to creating something together!


Coast to Coast Talent in LA, NV Talent in Chicago

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