Rachel Blugrind

Rachel has training in Lessac, Meisner, and Shakespearian technique, making her an awesome partner to read with. She loves connecting with people and helping out in anyway she can!

Rachel is currently training at Rockford University to earn her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre. She has worked in both Rockford, Illinois and Orange County, California with several different theatre companies. Please reach out to connect anytime!

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Bullets Over Broadway (Rockford Univeristy)
Hilda Marx/Asst. Music Director
2021 [added]
Stop, Kiss (Rockford University)
2021 [added]
Legally Blonde (Rockford University)
2020 [added]
The Children's Hour (Rockford University)
Rosalie Wells
2020 [added]
Heathers (Saddleback College)
Martha Dunnstock
2020 [added]
Bernice Bobs Her Hair (Saddleback College)
Marjorie Harvey
2019 [added]
Inspecting Carol (Saddleback College)
Dorothy Tree-Hapgood
2019 [added]
Into the Woods (Saddleback College)
Little Red
2017 [added]
Almost, Maine (San Juan Hills HS)
2017 [added]
Fiddler on the Roof (San Juan Hills HS)
2017 [added]
Much Ado About Nothing (San Juan Hills HS)
2016 [added]
Dark of the Moon (San Juan Hills HS)
Mrs. Summey
2016 [added]
The Dining Room (San Juan Hills HS)
2015 [added]
A Christmas Carol (Camino Real Playhouse)
Martha Cratchit