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Adriana Giannari

Presently a NYC-based Actress, Adriana started her acting career in Boston, MA where she began performing in theater and taking acting classes at the age of 14. She soon found a love of working in film as well, and continues developing her craft by studying privately with well respected acting coaches.

Adriana's official website: www.AdrianaGiannari.com
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/AdrianaGiannari


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Instant Rehearsal

Credits Include

2013 [IMDB]
Reunion 108
2005 [IMDB]
Creature from the Green Mist Anthology
Dorothy as Adr
2001 [IMDB]
Antoinette as
1998 [IMDB]
Next Stop Wonderland
Girl at Bar un
4 credits verified by IMDB