Corinne Kelly

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I'm Corinne Kelly, an actor in California and repped by Spark Talent Agency. I joined WeAudition because it is fun and offers another opportunity to meet actors and develop skills. Actors have reviewed me as a good reader, patient, and friendly with a lot of energy.

I appreciate all reviews.

I train daily in audition techniques and scene study with both Howard Fine and John Swanbeck.

Don't hesitate to send me an Instagram message or email if I am not online@ at or Instagram@ CorinneKellyactor so we can schedule a rehearsal/self-tape session.

Venmo: @Corinne-Kelly-18

I look forward to working with you! Let's book the job!

Corinne Kelly is an actor, known for It Clicked Too Late for Kilian Cruz (2022), Darkest Hour (2021), Sweet Mirage (2020), Soul Techie (2018), and The Technique (2015). She is also a series regular with Illumeably. Enjoy the 2022 Mother's Day spot

Corinne Kelly is an ongoing student of Howard Fine & John Swanbeck. She has also trained with many prominent coaches, casting directors, and teachers in the craft of acting.

Her special skill is singing. She has an incredible range of B2-C6 (soprano-alto). She sings standards, blues, rock, and jazz. She has fronted rock bands and big bands. She has a music degree in voice and is trained in sight-reading, ear training, scat, and harmonies. She regularly cantors for local churches.

Spark Talent Agency (theatrical and commercial) Tel. (281) 645-0288 BiCoastal across the board

25 Reader Reviews

" Patient and a strong actor. "
" I had a great session with Corrine! She's very flexible and giving in her read and we got good work in "
" Such a great reader! "
" Amazing scene partner. Thanks Corinne! "
" Corinne was an absolute sweetheart. Very supportive and helpful and wholeheartedly involved in the process of rehearsing. "
" Super fun and helped me get the lines down! Thank you! "
" Wonderful Reader! "
" Amazing reader, so kind and cool to work with! Thanks so much Corrinne! "
" Super sweet! "
" A fantastic reader and super patient! Looking forward to working with Corinne again in the future "
" An amazing reader and great with timing! "
" Fantastic eye for detail. Yes! "
" Corinne was amazing! So so nice and fun to read with. Knocked out a 4-page scene in 15 minutes. Thank you, Corinne! "
" So lovely and sweet! "
" Flexible, gracious, and a great reader! Thank you, Corrine! "
" What an amazing actor and reader. "
" Very good reader and professional props. "
" Really good reader and listener. learned some new tricks for performing a monologue "
" Such a fun reader! Practiced with me so many times. Thank you! "
" Corinne was great! Super patient with amazing energy! We had a lot of fun!!! "
" So sweet. and helpful!! "
" Corrine is great with comedic scenes :) "
" Corinne is so wonderful -- the most amazing energy ever! "
" Corinne is wonderful! "
" Thank you! "

Credits Include

2022 [IMDB]
It Clicked Too Late for Kiligan Cruz
2022 [added]
Tell Us Your Secrets (105)
2022 [added]
It Clicked Too Late for Kilian Cruz
Short Supporting
2021 [added]
Darkest Hour
Feature Film Supporting
2020 [IMDB]
Never Too Late to Change
2020 [IMDB]
Sweet Mirage
2018 [IMDB]
2018 [IMDB]
Soul Techie
TV Series
2015 [IMDB]
Behind the Screams
TV Series docu
2015 [IMDB]
The Technique
Darkest Hour