Saskia van Ryneveld


I am a London-based South African actress.

I would love to help you out with your scene whether for a class, audition or just to practise. We'll get it off the page and delve into the layers you can bring out. I have a background in psychology so I really enjoy breaking down characters and working on scene analysis.

I trained for 4 years in South Africa and then studied acting for camera in Madrid. I've since worked in the UK and Spain on a variety of projects including touring TIE, Shakespeare, a one-woman show, and recently my first feature film. I am currently training with the London Meisner Company.

If you'd like to contact me to schedule I'm here:

Instagram: @sas_vr
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Looking forward to meeting you!

London-based South African actress with an EU passport. I've worked in the UK and Spain on a variety of projects from touring TIE to Shakespeare and a one-woman show.

I trained in South Africa doing a 4 year, Honours degree in Performing and Visual Arts with majors in Performance and Physical Theatre. I have since completed various courses including screen acting with Assumpta Serna and Scott Cleverdon in Madrid, Stanislavski scene analysis with Seb Harcombe at The Actor's Center in London and I am currently training with The London Meisner Company.

I am an accomplished horse-rider and latin dancer (salsa and tango) and I speak fluent Spanish, good French and basic Afrikaans.

I am good with accents including speaking Spanish with a French accent!

I also hold an MSc in Psychology with a dissertation on dissociation and empathy in actors as a result of their process.

30 Reader Reviews

" Wonderfully supportive and awesome reader! "
" Amazing reader !!! "
" Super dooper! highly recommend "
" Fantastic reader! thanks so much! "
" Perfect as always. Truly wonderful. Helped me prep for a big audition. So insightful "
" Excellent, patient, upbeat! Thank you so much! "
" Great reader! Thanks Saskia! "
" Saskia is an incredible reader and sooo friendly, I'll definitely be looking out for her for my next read! "
" Fantastic, great reader, and such a joyful energy! "
" Saskia was great!!! "
" Saskia was incredible! I needed a reader last minute who could do a British accent to help me tackle 14 pages of sides in a hour and she dropped in like an angel and was absolutely stunning. She worked so efficiently and understood the tone of the piece immediately! "
" Wonderful reader--so thoughtful and a Spanish speaker! :) "
" Such a great reader! had some fun ideas too! super helpful. thank you! "
" She sure is the best! Great reader with great insight. gracias! "
" Lovely as always :) "
" Booked for 15, quick read pretty good! <3 <3 "
" Saskia is the sweetest. We just spent half an hour breaking down a scene together, bouncing ideas back & forth & it was so much FUN! Thank you for exploring this with me :) "
" So patient and kind and giving!! :) "
" Saskia, thank you so much! You are the friendliest person ever and put me so at ease - so grateful - never usually able to do self-tapes like that & felt so much more comfortable than usual! "
" Wonderful! great energy! so patient and helpful! "
" Wow we had so much fun in my rehearsal it reminded me of the age old quote, "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life!" Rehearse with Saskia and being a pro actor feels like a day at the amusement park! She's so fun! Call her!!!! "
" Super friendly and was very helpful with breaking down a scene!! Thank you Saskia! "
" Terrific reader! Brought so much to the character she was reading and gave me little suggestions that were extremely helpful. "
" Saskia is an absolute joy to work with and gives great insightful advise "
" Woderful reader. Kind and patient! "
" It's great working with Saskia. She's an absolute legend and a great reader who also gives insightful advice. "
" Amazing! Would definitely request Saskia again. "
" Saskia is fantastic. Such a pleasure to work with and gives really good advice. She really helped me break down the script and was extremely supportive and patient throughout. Cannot recommend her enough. "

Credits Include

2022 [added]
Short Film Annie (Lead)
2021 [added]
La Sirvienta
Feature Mihaela
2020 [added]
Shades of Lipstick/Bed Among the Lentils and Medea
Theatre - The Susan/Woman
2018 [added]
Alice in Wonderland - Canary Islands Tour
Cokavi Theatre Alice
2018 [added]
What If? - Canary Islands Tour
Cokavi Theatre Juliet/Ophelia/Lady Macbeth
2018 [added]
Pinocchio - Spain Tour
You Are The St Geppetto/Stromboli
2018 [added]
The Little Prince - Canary Islands Tour
Cokavi Theatre Aviator/Queen/Lamplighter/Fox
2018 [added]
Ali Baba y Los 40 Ladrones - Spain Tour
You Are The St Ali Baba
2018 [added]
Ricitos de Oro - Spain Tour
You Are The St Goldilocks
2018 [added]
Miss Julie
English Theatr Miss Julie
2018 [added]
Medea Redux
Teatro de las Woman
2017 [added]
English Theatr Horatio
2016 [added]
Shades of Lipstick/Bed Among the Lentils and Medea
Twisted Willow Susan/Woman
2016 [added]
Butterfly Effect
WRiTEON Theatr Beth
2014 [added]
The Government Inspector
WITS Theatre S Anna
2013 [added]
WITS Theatre S Sonia