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My name is Keisha Thompson!
I am based in Los Angeles, Ca.
In my 10 + years of acting I've learned when I get out of my head and into my body is when the magic happens.

I enjoy being a Reader! If you need coaching or help breaking down your script, I can help you with that too!

I look forward to making magic with you! See you soon!

email me if you'd like to schedule a session:

Keisha Thompson is an America Actress based in Los Angeles, Ca.
She left her home state of Texas to pursue her acting career in 2004.
Her training with TSAW (Tasha Smith Acting Workshop), Lesly Kahn, Jeffrey Marcus and BGB Studios has led to opportunities in theater, television and film.
Her wide range of emotions and deep characterization captures audiences.
Keisha strives to give her best at all times and ensures work of the highest caliber.

Agent: Aqua Talent - Courtney Peldon

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" Love working with Keisha! "
" Always a pleasure and a joy to work with! Committed and on point. "
" Second time in a row, she's great! "
" SHE IS THE BEST!!! She knows her acting in, out and sideways. I had less than 24 hours to prepare and Keisha not only helped with lines but helped with my character development, motivation and she has a huge depth of knowledge about various acting crafts. 10/10. "
" Y'all...When I tell you, you NEED to book Keisha, I've never been more certain of anything before. She's a gem...Thank you for being such a wonderful reader and coach! "
" Super dope great coaching ideas that helped me live in the moment "
" My all time fav "
" I can always rely on my superstar scene parter Keisha! Thank you for helping me stay moment to moment. "
" Excellence. Tyou "
" So dope "
" Silently empowering "
" Excellent "
" Yes! Great to work with. Pulls the best out of you! "
" Keisha is great, always helpful! "
" SO SWEET she was very patient with my as I had technical difficulties and a joy to work with! "
" Great actor "
" Great reader, greatly recommended! "
" Keish is amazing! "
" Keisha is amazing. Thank you!! "
" Absolutely Amazing! Such a great person to work with! And I had so much fun! Amazing at giving feedback and we got it all in super fun and fast! "
" Da bestest eva !!! "
" Incredibly patient as I worked through some technical issues (first time using we audition). Gave great feedback for additional takes! "
" Great reader!!! "
" Gracious "
" Great reader!!! "
" Amazing reader and gave great insight! "
" First time using We Audition & was nervous but Keisha was right there for me - easy, breezy, professional, just right for what I needed. Saved my bacon. Thank you! "
" Working with Keisha is always really amazing!! I am so happy I got to work with her again on my important self-tape. "
" Keisha is my favorite!! such great energy, great notes. Don't hesitate to read with her!! "
" Keisha was so much fun! She really gave a lot to work off of and was such a joy! "
" Said it once, I'll say it again: We're so lucky to have Keisha in here team. Thanks again for the great instinctive read while making it a comfy place to go for it (and rush a tape!). A teammate in getting it done with insight. "
" Wonderful as always! "
" Awesome, awesome, awesome, I can't stress that enough. "
" Great reader!! "
" GRAET job helping me even tough I had lots of technical difficulties!!!!!!!!! "
" SO GREAT!!!! "
" Keisha kills it every time!!! She brings great energy to every self-tape and is the best hype person. Thank you so much for your help! "
" WOW! just the best. Thank you Keisha for helping me get the best tape possible. You're awesome!!! I appreciate you. "
" Return auditioner. Keisha is incredible. Gave me everything I needed to feel great about my tape. "
" Keisha is the absolute best, such a consummate professional. Excellent notes, always a clean clear read, she knows about character and pacing and emotional arc, she knows when to push and when to leave it alone to explore. I'm always excited when I see that she's available to work with. "
" Such a warm and encouraging energy! An absolute pleasure to work with "
" Oh my goodness Keisha was fabulous! She brought so much to the table in just running lines. Will absolutely use her again! "
" Perfect reader. So friendly, and easy to work with. A+++ "
" Thank you Keisha, for making me feel so comfortable while practicing lines, you're awesome!!! See you again soon. "
" Keisha was so fantastic! Let me get comfortable. Offered great ideas. Made me so comfortable in every way. Thank you! "
" Fast, Easy, Amazging Reader/ Acting Coach! "
" Great! "
" Great reader, very patient and supportive! "
" Keisha is amazing! I love her energy. I felt completely comfortable and loose with her which brought out something special! "
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" Keisha is a great actor/natural reader. Picks up on material fast and flows. Easy peasy. Would love to read with her anytime! Highly recommend. Thanks babe "
" Keisha is my ace!! Love working with her so much!!! She is the best with so many great suggestions that elevate my work and the material!! "
" FANTASTIC Reader. Excellent notes and pacing!! "
" Thx Keisha for guiding me toward some clarity on a very exciting audition. "
" Always great working with Keisha!! "
" INCREDIBLE. Honestly, she helped with my nerves and gave such good ideas for the scenes I had trouble with. 10/10. "
" Keisha was wonderful! Great with comedy. Great reader. Great energy! "
" BOOK HER Y'ALL!!! She knows what she's doing! "
" Keisha is THE BOMB DOT COM! Well knowledgeable and sooo connected, plus gives the best advice on script analysis and awareness of the self in the space. Legit one of the best here! Thank you Keisha! "
" Keisha is a bundle of positive energy and a joy to work with. Jumped right in without a second thought and really helped me bring the sides to life. "
" Always a joy! "
" SUPER HELPFUL. I love how you get straight to it! Thank you so much! BOOK HER Y'ALL ! "
" Keisha was lovely! "
" Incredibly skilled and a true delight. She knows what she's doing! "
" Keisha is fabulous, always delivers and is always on point. Great reader and human! "
" Keisha, thanks for being so positive and kind to me as i nervously navigate my goofiness in the scenework. "
" Keisha is absolutely AMAZING! "
" Keisha! Congrats on your upcoming gig! And thank you for the work tonight. "
" Amazing. Highly recommend. "
" Best reader on weaudition. Highly recommend and I look forward to working with Keisha again. "
" Keisha is so amazing!!! She is so supportive and has so many great ideas and can really help you get into character. She's also great with script analysis. I am always fortunate when I get to work with her. Definitely BOOK her, you'll be better for it!! "
" 2nd time around - Keisha is a GEM "
" Keisha was SUPER helpful. Great reader and even better collaborator! She's got some great gems in her pocket. THANKS !! "
" Keisha THANK YOU. This was an extra special read and coaching. "
" Yesss!!! if Keisha is online GRAB HER!! she magical. the BEST energy and she knows the work! excellent over all! "
" Really ready to WORK! Keisha had great ideas to get me out of my head and into the material. Thank you! "
" Amazing as always "
" Kind, supportive and a great reader!!! Thanks, Keisha! "
" Keisha is clearly my favorite reader ever. Energy unmatched. So helpful and talented. THE BEST! "
" So great to play with and a fantastic reader. "
" Great reader!!! "
" So great - wonderful energy and a great reader "
" Brilliant Actor, Brilliant Notes, Great Energy. Will definitely work with her again. "
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" WHAT a LIGHT! Work witht this woman. "
" Wonderful reader!!!! "
" Great reader! Very helpful and supportive:) "
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" THE BEST!!!!! "
" Keisha is AMAZING! Can't wait to work with her again! "
" Outstanding. highly recommend "
" Session was amazing "
" KEISHA CAME THROUGH!! First time on WeAudition and my experience couldn't have been any more perfect. Keisha picked up the script immediately and understood the comedy in no time. Incredible personality and felt like having a supportive best friend/coach in the room. Can't wait to work with her again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH KEISHA!! "
" 5 stars all day!!! I looking forward to working with Keisha on set in the very near future. (Yeah I said it!) "
" A+++++++++++++ Love her to death "
" KEISHA IS AMAZING AS ALWAYS!! great energy <3 "
" Keisha is a great reader! She's willing to work with how you work and keep it fun. Highly recommend! "
" Wonderful reader - great suggestions and improv "
" So great as always - thank you, Keisha! "
" Pure joy and brilliance "
" Freshness :-) "
" Keisha helped me get out of my own way and provide my best performance! "
" Exxxxcellent Reader!! Keisha helped me soooo much with dropping in, letting go and just being in the scene. "
" Wonderful reader! Helpful, patient, generous and insightful. Thank you "
" Wonderful feedback and direction "
" Consummate professional, great read, great notes, so much enthusiasm 10/10 "
" This is 5 star talent right here! She knows how to make an actor shine. Thank you Keisha. xoxoxo "
" Fabulous! Keisha is a great reader and super patient with tech challenges! "
" I love, love, love working with Keisha! The! "
" Keisha is a very patient and great reader to work with!! "
" Keisha is about the best there is, Period. "
" Keisha was amazing, She pushed me above and beyond into my feelings about my character and my prep and reminded me to just be me and I would definitely go with Keisha again "
" Keisha is lovely and so supportive! "
" And another one! Yeah! ok! "
" Love working w Keisha. So supportive and insightful. "
" Simply the best. "
" Keisha was very helpful! "
" Great! "
" Super awesome!! Love her energy and she gives me good notes to perfect my take! "
" Keisha was awesome! She gave me great suggestions and reminders! "
" Really great - thank you much, Keisha! "
" Thank you Keisha for helping me put down this monster of an audish "
" Absolutely superb. "
" Great reader with good feedback! "
" Excellent reader, great notes & great voice "
" I've said once and I'll say it again Keisha is a whole STAR! Thank you for jumping right in and being the best hype person!!! "
" Keisha is AMAZING! Couldn't have asked for a better scene partner to work with. Great notes and suggestions. Thank you, Keisha! "
" Great Reader!! "
" She is such an amazing reader & a joy to work with! Great eye! "
" MVP for a reason "
" Thanks as always, wonderful to work with! "
" Great reader as usual! "
" Best reader, best. notes, best attitude! 10/10 "
" Keisha is awesome! Such a joy to work with :) "
" AHMAZING! Work with HER! "
" So great with breaking down the script ! Totally recommend! "
" Always Fabulous! "
" Keisha is a WHOLE STAR! I'm forever excited when she's online. She always helps ground down my work and is the best hype woman that pushes me to do better. Thank you!!!! "
" Fantastic reader! Was very patient and gave amazing feedback and helped me lock in! Hope to use again for future selftapes. "
" Shes fantastic!!!!! "
" Unbelievable energy! Keisha helped me with a very challenging audition! "
" Keisha is so fun and an amazing reader -- a killer combo! "
" So patient and awesome! You better book her! "
" Perfection "
" My heart "
" It was such a pleasure working with Keisha!! Thank YOU!! "
" Keisha is amazing!! She gives such helpful feedback! "
" Keisha was amazing! A great reader. I recommend!! "
" A+++++ THE BEST THERE IS!!! "
" Keisha is the best! Always uplifting "
" Always an incredible reader!!! Love booking Keisha when I get a chance, especially for comedy scenes - she just gets it right off the bat! Thanks so much Keisha! "
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" Great Notes, Excellent Coach "
" Very patient and very kind "
" Thank you Keisha! Great session can't wait to work with you again. "
" Keisha! Keisha! Keisha! Your energy, your presence and talent were such a GIFT to me. I know I say it all the time. But THANK YOU!!! See ya on the next one! "
" Keisha is amazing. I am a repeat customer. Thank you as always "
" Always a rock star reader! Can't say enough about Keisha> "
" Always a pleasure. She's the best. "
" The best "
" Keisha you are a LIGHT! Anytime I get to work with you, it is a GIFT! Thank you, as always! "
" Fantastic reader, excellent notes, consummate professional, 10/10 would recommend ✨ "
" Keisha ia amazing! She comes in just right and knows what to give and not give too much. She lets YOU shine! "
" First time working with Keisha and she was awesome. Great to work with and gave helpful notes. "
" THE BEST!!! So patient, encouraging, and really gave it her all. "
" Keisha is AMAZING!!!! SUPER ON POINT!!! "
" Thanks girl!! :) "
" Always amazing! "
" Incredible!!! Wonderful energy, supportive, kind, helpful notes and made sure I was happy with the takes I had. Highly highly recommend! "
" What can I say? It's always gonna be 5 stars for this Queen! "
" Keisha is the best!!! "
" Always a pleasure thanks for another great read! "
" Such a positive and inspiration force. I love playing scene work with you. You're a great actress. "
" You're the #$%^ing best! Thank you. "
" It's always gonna be a 5 star review for this Queen. Can I just copy and paste? Love me some Keisha!!!! "
" Always a pleasure! "
" Another great read, thx for helping me get sexy Keisha! :D "
" Incredible energy! Thank you! "
" This was my first time working with Keisha - she's wonderful! Professional, easy to work with, focused, helpful, etc.!! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Keisha as very helpful and patient. "
" I'd like to add 5 more stars to this review. Keisha and I need our own show!! "
" Amazing as always "
" Great to read with and very friendly! "
" Keisha was so patient and helpful! "
" Keisha, so grateful for your patience and guidance. You really helped me do work I have been trying to do for a year. "
" Still a 10/10!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! "
" Highly recommend, Keisha. She gave awesome feedback and I feel so much better about my acting craft after working with her. I'll book more sessions with her in the future! "
" Keisha is one of my Go-Tos on here! Always reliable and always brings her A-Game. I love working with her. Thank you sis! "
" Thank you the helpful feedback! "
" Wonderful reader! Thank you!!! "
" Best session here I've ever had!!!!! She'll really help you get your best work! "
" Coach Keisha... always helping me make good choices. "
" The best hands down "
" Keisha was great! Many thanks :) "
" I will surely use her again. "
" So incredibly helpful! "
" So helpful! We got it done so fast. "
" Keisha was very helpful. She helped me to connect with the script emotionally. And she read very well. I am very pleased with the resulting video. "
" <3 "
" Love working with Keisha! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Fun, encouraging, knowledgable, great suggestions! "
" Thank you for your help! "
" MY FAAAAAAVORITE!!!!!!!!!! "
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" A great read and such amazing flexibility with me in terms of trying out new approaches and takes! Highly highly recommend to anyone looking for a great reader!! "
" That's m'girl! Keisha's coaching is phenomenal. So easy to work with. "
" What a joyyyyyyy!!!!! god sent! "
" Always amazing working with Keisha! Thank you again for your help! "
" It was so great working with Keisha; a fantastic & really supportive reader. Looking forward to workign with her over & over. "
" Always great ! Love working and jamming together ! Thanks ! "
" Da best ! "
" She's an MVP for a reason! Always love working with Keisha!! "
" Always lovely and great, thank you ! "
" Always incredible "
" Great to work with! Terrific redera--Keisha brings just what you need to make the scene come to life! "
" Keisha is amazing!! She offered such helpful suggestions and really helped me get into the body of my character. "
" Awesome - As always! "
" My fav to work with! "
" I couldn't sing Keisha's praises more. Incredibly patient and such a talented actress. "
" Great as always "
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" Had so much fun reading with Keisha! Highly reccomend. "
" 11:11 minus fees ;-) "
" Amazing reader!!!! "
" Keisha!!!.... Always coming through for me with positivity, professionalism, kindness, encouragement, and her complete presence. She's my MVP no doubt! "
" :-)! Oops didn't mean to cut you off - You have a great night too! Thank you for the DOPEST energy always! Crush that performance tomorrow! "
" It's my first time working with Keisha and I had a blast! She helped me from my slate to my audition tape. Thank you so much Keisha! Looking forward to working with you! "
" Love working with Keisha! "
" Keisha kills it EVERY TIME!!! Thank you!! "
" THEE BEST!!!! "
" Amazing reader and provided excellent notes/feedback! Highly recommend! "
" Such a great reader!!! SO energetic and positive, very encouraging and gave a wonderful read. Highly recommend! "
" Keisha is a fun reader and has great energy. Thank you Keisha. "
" Keisha will forever be a 100/10. Always encouraging! Always gives great notes. She's amazing!!! Thank you again for your help! "
" SO GOOD!!! Thank you Keisha!!! #LifeSaver "
" The most amazing of all! She was so sweet and gave me really amazing notes on my self-tape, I loved her method of doing 3 takes with a f-it take at the end! Thank you so much Keisha <3 "
" So thankful to have worked with Keisha! She's very patient and helped me relax! "
" Awesome "
" Queen!! "
" One of my faves!! "
" She helps me relax and get in my body. book her! so grateful "
" L "
" Absolutely the best! We always get the job done and have fun while doing it. Thank you Keisha for your insightful notes. "
" Book it ! "
" Bestest "
" ⭐️ "
" The best best ever "
" The best ever "
" First time working with Keisha- 10/10! Always a pleasure to work with someone that understands story. Thanks for free-falling with me! "
" ⭐️ "
" 💯 "
" She is a great actor / gives good notes - positive energy "
" Awesome as always. Keisha’s observations, she always improves my auditions. "
" Loved the energy, and incredible notes! Thank you!! "
" Keisha is the absolute best!! She is extremely supportive, great with script analysis, patient, and really wants you to get your best take!!! I can't take her enough for helping me get through what I consider to be some very challenging scenes for my audition. I am very happy with my takes Definitely work with her!!! "
" Wonderful "
" Great to work with and fantastic feedback! "
" Wonderful reader! Picked up the material right away and was super helpful and kind! :) "
" So great! had useful notes & was fully engaged "
" Keisha was super nice and extremely helpful. Her industry experience shows, and she even clued me in to some other coaches she knows for co star auditions! "
" Wonderful! Great cold reader too! "
" Excellent "
" What a wonderful person and reader! Keisha is great. She made my audition being a fun experience with a great result. I can highly recommend. "
" Sweet and suppportive with gret reading skills! Many thanks! "
" Patient, kind, knowledgeable!!! "
" Thank you. The best! "
" Listen.. Working with Keisha was the easiest time ever. Super fun. Super supportive. Plus a genuinely great, natural actor in her own right that helped my performance. All the stars. "
" Keisha was so wonderful, and exactly what I needed at a very stressful time. Can't recommend her enough! "
" Amazing as usual! Very supportive and great feedback "
" Love her so much! "
" A wonderful skilled reader who will bring great presence and support to your tapes. Thank you, Keisha! "
" So helpful! and fun! "
" Wonderful, great reader !! "
" Keisha is my go to! Always a 10/10. Thank you again!! "
" Keisha is my forever favorite! So thankful for her. "
" Amazing reader. Great energy and gives amazing feedback and notes. "
" Helped me with 3 auditions today!! She's the best! "
" The best reader and gives great coaching! Helps me to fully drop into the scene and it's always fun! "
" Kind, prepared, easy to work with. "
" WONDERFUL! Gave extremely helpful notes and direction and was a great energy to read with. Highly recommend! "
" Lovely! Great energy, read, kept pace, nice notes! Def will be booking her again! "
" The real MVP! "
" Great with script analysis! "
" She is the best! "
" So Great! So fun and great at breaking down a scene quickly. Really helped me today! Thank you A+ "
" Very encouraging and gives great notes! "
" Thank you so much! Keisha was so patient and kind as we tried to work through a 11 page script. "
" Simply THE BEST!!!! what a treat to read & work with :-) "
" Keisha does it AGAIN!!! As always!! Thank you! "
" She always gets me out of my head "
" Keisha helped me get grounded and in my body to NAIL a self-tape!!! Thanks SO MUCH for your help!!! "
" Love Keisha! "
" Keisha helped me with creating a southern accent for a podcast story! This was exactly what i needed to bring the southern character alive! I'll be booking again! "
" Awesome as always! "
" My go to "
" She is so wonderful & was so insightful on my auditions!! #grateful "
" Keisha is a ROCK STAR!!! I am soooo grateful every time we get to work together! She's MAGICAL y'all!! Thank you. "
" Always awesome- best cold reader ever. You are in the hands of a PRO🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 "
" Thank you!!!’ "
" Keishaaaa is AHHHMAZING!!! Love collaborating with her every time. She gives me fantastic adjustments to play with and I always love the tapes I turn in with her. Thank you! "
" Amazing as always!! "
" I looove her!!! Will definitely work again! "
" Easy to read with "
" 100000/10 !!! "
" Keisha is amazing. She's a We Audition MVP for a reason. No false hype here. This was my first time using this service. I was skeptical and also kind of nervous to meet a complete stranger and work on sides. It is a very vulnerable thing but I was in good hands with Keisha. She is smart, intuitive, picked up the scenes lightning fast and was very supportive. She was encouraging and energy boosting. She followed my lead, was a quick study and asked just a few very helpful questions and gave a few very helpful comments. She was awesome. I see why people swear by this platform, especially if they're lucky enough to work with someone like Keisha. She's the Yah, I said it! :-) Looking forward to working with her again. "
" Keisha was wonderful to work with! Even with a short read, she was super connected and gave me the energy that the scene calls for. Can't wait to work with her again! :) "
" So freaking great!!! Thank you, Keisha! "
" Excellent reader. "
" Keisha is a master of inspiration and positivity. A secret weapon on this site for sure. "
" Awesome reader! She really helped me to be present in the scene which made my delivery more natural. I will definitely book her again :) "
" Thank you so much, Keisha - Genuinely great energy! "
" So good! "
" Keisha is such a gift. Always a joy working with her! "
" Keisha is the best. So helpful and patient and full of energy. Book her now!!!!! "
" Great reader. Gave great notes and helped me dig deeper into my character. Highly recommend! "
" Keisha was great! Professional, good, insightful actor/reader. Thanks Keisha! "
" Absolutely awesome reader and human. Great feedback. Jumped right in. My fave! "
" Keisha is such a kind and giving actress!! "
" The absolute best "
" OMG, THANK YOU, Keisha! Thank you for seeing me and my talent. And, for being an excellent reader with the right amount of coaching. SO Appreciated. "
" As always, Keisha was amazing. "
" Keisha is a rockstar! Always super supportive and encouraging. Thank you again for all of your help! "
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" When I say she is a fantastic marvelous reader. That’s exactly what I mean. Superstar talent "
" Keisha is FIRE!! Thank you for JUMPING into the story with me! Your presence and talent are a GIFT! Thank you for EVERYTHING!! "
" Great instincts "
" The best reader EVER! "
" Love working with Keisha! She get right in there and knows what the scene needs without doing too much. Bravo! Helped me with a cold read that came out fantastic. "
" Keisha is the BEST!! She really helps you with place, time, and action. Love her! "
" Keisha is lovely to work with! A very solid reader who brings the other characters to life. Great for my two self tapes:) "
" Simply the best "
" The goat "
" Keisha....(chef's kiss) the best reader you can ever ask for - patient, observant, and great advice. Don't miss out on your best audition, have Keisha read with you!! "
" Amazing as always! Love this woman! "
" The bessst!! "
" Always a pleasure! Great reader! Consistent, very helpful, supportive, good feedback. "
" So good! Keisha knows her stuff and is such a helpful, smart, supportive reader. "
" First time actually recording using WeAudition and it could not have been a better experience with Keisha as my reader! She was patient, understanding, a wealth of knowledge and coached me through the scenes! Such an encouraging scene partner and honestly just held space for me as a fellow actor - all of that in 35 minutes! I’m hooked! "
" Incredible as always definitely will be back "
" Oh Keisha, what an absolute pleasure. She was so on point for exactly what I needed and hoped to find in a partner for my self-tape. She put me at ease and was a breath of fresh air in this process. I will definitely seek her out in the future to help me accomplish my goal. Fabulous actor and person. Thank you so much- "
" Made me get out of my box. So easy to talk to and be comfortable with. Will definitely ask for her help again! "
" Working with her makes auditioning fun and she gets you "out've your head". I'm so thankful I found Keisha on here she is a true professional!!! "
" So fabulous "
" Keisha is great!! "
" Amazing! "
" Keisha is the best! Infectious energy, amazing thoughts and suggestions when I asked, and a just natural reader! "
" She knows she's gold, she don't need me to tell her! So I'm telling YOU! She's solid gold! "
" Oh my goodness!!! This artist!!! Keisha give great advice and has a great way to make you feel comfortable and just have fun with it! Definitely an MVP!! Thank you so much!! "
" Keisha kills it every time! THANK YOU!!! "
" As always, so helpful, supportive and insightful. Thank you, Keisha! "
" Fantastic!! "
" Keisha is the absolute best!!! I always love working with her. She is so supportive, she has great ideas, and truly a gem to work with. Thank you so much!!! "
" Amazing actress "
" So great! She calmed me down and pumped me up all in under 15 minutes :) "
" Amazing reader, coach and person! Seriously if she's online - connect with her. Thank you so much for a great first experience through WeAudition!! "
" Once again… amazing! Even improved with me before my scene to have a clear moment before. I love working with Keisha! "
" Keisha is awesome, she's such a supportive and kind actor to work with "
" As always, Keisha was amazing! "
" Keisha was amazing to work with! Thank you! "
" Keisha was SO positive and helpful. This was gold <3 "
" Keisha is a GODSEND. She is so patient, has the best notes and tips to get you out of your head and into the scene. 2nd time reading with her and couldn’t be happier with my tape. Thank you Keisha!!! "
" Awesome Reader! Very Present. Natural! "
" Fantastic feedback. Can jump right in like a pro! "
" Keisha is a ROCK START!!! She got me ALLLL the ready for my upcoming producer's session. Thank you!! "
" Excellent Reader! Warm and present. Great feedback. "
" She really helped bring the best out of me! "
" Keisha is the best period. Hire her! "
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" Amazing as always. She gets you into character GREAT and perfects each take to the tee "
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" Beyond helpful;) "
" WOW! Keisha is an amazing coach and gives such naturalism in every scene. What an amazing actor herself, I fully recommend her "
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" OMGGG THE BEST FRIGGIN READER ON HERE! Keisha was sooooooo patient! I booked her for an hour and we worked together for an hour and 40 minutes I think! Absolutely amazing! Her coaching was phenomenal! I wanted to give up so many times in my audition but she kept pushing me and refused to let me give up. Words cannot express how grateful I am! "
" Oh my goodness!!! Can I just tell you how amazing Keisha is? She is a wonderful scene partner, she loves the work, and she loves to see you win. She offered helpful feedback and made me feel more comfortable as the scene went along. I will definitely book Keisha's services again. She does this because she loves it, and it is refreshing to see that especially on this creative platform. "
" Keisha is the absolute BEST! Book her to book the job! She will dig deep and get you DROPPED IN to the character and have you completely excited about making strong creative choices with the text and your emotions. "
" Amazing. Even helped coach me in the lines. Felt very connected with the reader. We were on the same page when it came to understanding the script. Thanks So Much Keisha "
" It was a fun and wonderful experience. Thank you. "
" Great! again "
" Amazing Reader and Coach who helped me bring myself into it and understand the great question of "Why?" "
" Great! very giving, patient and genuinely want to help you get the best out of the scene! "

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