Hunter Phoenix

upto 15 mins : $ 6.00
upto 30 mins : $ 12.00
upto 60 mins : $ 24.00

Classically trained Actress, Voiceover Artist, Writer and Model
* Have trained & worked in New York, London, Toronto and Los Angeles
* Studied with legendary acting coach Uta Hagen - last Master Class she taught
* 10 Years of Vocal Training & Breath Work
* 2 years at Second City Improv and one season live performances with them
* SITCOM Training in LA
* STAND-UP Comedy is my newest addition

Feel free text or DM if you would like to set up a time to read :)
FB: realHunterPhoenix

*Scene Study *Audition Prep *Voice Overs and *Dialect Reduction

Other ways to get in touch, if you’d like to connect...
FB: realHunterPhoenix
Twitter: @hunter_phoenix

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Los Angeles

Classically trained Actress, Voiceover Artist
* Worked & trained in New York, London, Toronto and Los Angeles
* 20 yrs in the biz - lots of commercials and print in Europe
* Studied with legendary acting coach Uta Hagen - last Master Class before she died
* 10 Years of Vocal Training & Breath Work
* 2 years at Second City Improv and one season live performances with them
* LOVE COMEDY! Scott Sedita training in LA... ask Scott or Tony... I'm oh SO GOOD at it! 😀🤣
* Currently doing Stand-Up around town <<< EVERYTHING is here! Pics, Resume, Video, Press


234 Reader Reviews

" Hunter is so wonderful! Such a thoughtful, enthusiastic and amazing reader. "
" Awesome!! so good and present and had some fun techniques handy and we played and landed it!! Thank you!! "
" I had a great session with Hunter! She's very knowledgeable and she's great to read across from "
" Amazing reader + gives great direction! "
" Literally amazing! "
" Fun and easy to work with! "
" Great, with excellent notes that improved my performance. "
" She's so amazing. Stayed with me WELL after the timer expired so we could get the RIGHT TAKE. Will use again. "
" Thank you!! "
" Hunter is super sweet and helpful. I love her energy! Definitely one of the best readers I've worked with on WeAudition. I highly recommend her as a reader. "
" Excellent Reader & Actress. Thank you so much you saved me! "
" Awesome reader! "
" She rocks! Great reader & great directions for me. 5 stars! "
" Showed me new colors in my auditions, and gives me great exercises to remember your lines. "
" Thank you so much Hunter!! You're an awesome reader! See you again soon! "
" Hunter is amazing! I'll definitely choose her again! "
" Working with Hunter was a lot of fun! Thanks Hunter! "
" HUNTER IS THE ONE! Literally on it, with text analysis, presence, and commitment to the story. She's immensely professional and gives great feedback and asks the questions that need to be explored. Book her! "
" Absolutely fabulous reader! Thanks Hunter! "
" Awesome . Thanks a million! "
" Great Reader! Kind and supportive! "
" Lovely, warm reader who made me feel comfortable from the jump. Thanks, Hunter! "
" Fantastic notes. Very helpful! "
" WOW! Found the most perfect reader for this scene: HUNTER!!!! Thank you that you were not rushed in any way! Thank you for your insights! Your pointers! Had several light bulbs come on! Good luck to you as well! Hugs! "
" Hunter truly gives the best notes and knows how to elevate the scene within seconds! Thank you so much!!! "
" Such fun and such great advice! Thank you, Hunter!!! "
" Felt so good about my audition:) "
" Excellent Excellent Reader!! She understands pace and tone and just gave me so much to work off of! 5 stars!! "
" Outrageously grateful for hunter!!!! "
" Fun and productive session working with Hunter. Book her : ) "
" Great reader and gave me some lovely advice as well! "
" Such a gem. Professional, funny, and gave great feedback. Would definitely look for her again! "
" Hunter was fantastic!!!! Gave some great insights into my audition roles...and I appreciate that.... "
" So great. Gives you a ton to work off and great notes! "
" Awesum as ALWAYS "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Thanks so much Hunter! MUCH needed help on these sides, which weren't natural to me off the top. So glad for your input :) "
" I am over the moon, after Hunter's help. I learnt so much today from her. She is a very generous Actor and Reader and terrific at giving tips to make my Comedy scene fun and totally alive !! I am very appreciative of her effort in coaching and guiding me today. Thanks so much Hunter !! Cant wait to work with you again !! Awesome. "
" Wow! Hunter was astoundingly helpful. She has a real knack for helping an actor find the core of the scene. Great working with, Hunter and thanks again! "
" Helped pull out my best version of the scene. Thank you Hunter!! "
" I'm SO happy I coached with her! "
" Great coach! "
" Awesome "
" Super awesome reader! Love the small adjustments and notes on my performance "
" Hunter was so awesome. She was super engaged, a great reader, and we played around with directions. Highly recommend! "
" Great "
" Hunter is excellent! She was super hands-on when it came down to giving me notes and she has such a lovely energy/spark about her. Thank you!!! "
" Absolutely amazing reader! Would definitely recommend! Such helpful notes and great energy! "
" Amazing reader!! Really professional and supportive and helpful! "
" Really terrific! "
" So fun and helpful :) great pointers "
" Wonderful reader! Super friendly and helpful and made me feel comfortable. Recommended! "
" So great! great feedback and notes! "
" AMMMMMAZING READER! Gave very helpful directions and was patient I highly recommend "
" Very patient and a pro! Thank you Hunter "
" Excellent coach "
" Lovely and helped me with exactly what I needed! "
" Very nice very patient and a great help thank you so much I will work my hardest "
" Such a great accent coach! I learned so much "
" Hunter is always so fabulous!! Always on point to find the nuances of the scene!! "
" Hunter is ALWAYS fabulous!!! "
" Thanks for helping me shine Hunter! "
" Fantastic!! Gave me some great tips to improve my scene "
" Great read with Hunter. Very easy to work with. She gave me great tips for my self-tape. "
" Hunter was great - good notes, good direction. Thank you! "
" Great teacher! "
" She is a lovely person with a kind and generous spirit. She worked with me and gave me the perfect note to let the audition soar! "
" Fabulous!!! "
" Hunter was awesome. She helped me find the rhythm and comedic honesty of the scene I was working on. She's got great energy and presence. "
" Great advice and read! "
" Hunter is awesome! She definitely caught some context clues in the script that I missed and was great in helping me get my most authentic performance. Super patient with me as well, I'll definitely ask her to help me out again. "
" Hunter is fabulous as always!!!! "
" Very helpful and supportive. Good reader! "
" Chef's kiss! "
" Thank you Hunter!!! "
" Hunter is SO helpful, encouraging and fun to work with. You can't do better! "
" Hunter always makes me feel so much more grounded in the scene! "
" Hunter was fantastic, really new the world of the scene and helped me find the funny in the scene. Thank you! "
" So awesome. And helpful. "
" Hunter is fabulous as always!!! "
" LOVE LOVE LOVE HUNTER!! She won't let you get away with missing anything in the script! Also, booked my first on-camera gig a couple days ago thanks to her amazing help! Working with her is my new favourite thing! "
" Great reader "
" She gives great advice. Amazing reader!!! Thank you Thank you "
" I'm so excited that I finally got a chance to rehearse with Hunter! And she was absolutely AMAZING! Completely opened me up to the vulnerability in the scene. Can't wait to work with her again in the future! "
" Great assistance really great person "
" Great help! "
" Hunter shared masterful insights and asked intriguing questions that set me up for a one-of-a-kind self-tape, all while being gentle and supportive. "
" Hunter is the BEST!!!! I always feel a million percent more grounded after working with her!! "
" Hunter was super helpful and friendly, THANK YOU!! "
" Extremely helpful with my self-tape, holy cow! She quickly made me feel comfortable. She is confident and friendly. Knows how to bring the best out of you even if you a little nervous. Will definitely have her help me again next time I need a self-tape. THANK YOU Hunter :) "
" Excellent! Very insightful and great to rehearse with. "
" Hunter was a great reader & very professional! "
" Hunter is FABULOUS!! As always!! "
" Hunter was a very calm and natural reader. Helpful scene ideas! Really enjoyed working with her! "
" Always a pleasure:) "
" Awesome as always "
" Great ideas so much fun thank you! "
" Lovely reader!Thank you! Xx "
" Hunter is excellent as always!! She is so helpful with getting under the text. "
" Great reader, great suggestions! Took the extra time at the end to play some games with the sides. Much appreciated! "
" Awesome reader! Thank you!! "
" "chef's kiss" "
" Great "
" I love working with Hunter! "
" Wonderful to work with!! "
" Great notes! "
" Fabulous as always!! "
" Great! "
" She's Great! Really nice reader, gives great suggestions, Thanks Hunter :) "
" Hunter is the best! "
" Great notes and ideas. Very supportive and flexible. "
" Hunter is great! "
" Hunter is ALWAYS spot on!!! "
" Very helpful and kind. "
" Hunter is always amazing!! She is so helpful when it comes to finding the moments that make the scene pop! "
" Helpful as always in solidifying character. "
" She is lovely. Helpful but not overly. I am grateful! Also knowledeable about the software since it was my first time. Thanks Hunter. "
" Hunter is AMAZING!!! I always feel a million percent more grounded when I work with her. "
" Thanks again! "
" Helpful again with being specific on the "where's" and "who's" "
" Hunter was great to read with! She gave me some great adjustments to consider for this audition. Thanks! "
" Nothing short of BRILLIANT! "
" Amazing!!!!! "
" Super helpful and very quick to respond!!!!! "
" Hunter is a wonderful scene partner! "
" So great as always! "
" Hunter provided great suggestions and feedback during the self-tape. "
" Prompt, helpful, and was the first to respond when my request went out. Thanks! "
" The best! "
" Awesome!tx! "
" Once again, Hunter comes through! Truly the best. "
" Hunter is amazing!! "
" Hunter is SO great and fun to work with! She has great notes and suggestions and I always feel more confident with my sides after working with her! "
" Encouraging, insightful, and a ton of fun to work with! "
" This was my first time using WeAudition and Hunter was the perfect reader to have! She was so friendly, patient and quick to absorb the sides as a reader. She gave insight on the scene and characters that I didn't catch which helps a lot. I would absolutely book her again as my reader! Thanks so much Hunter! "
" Thank you Hunter! Hunter was amazing and provided great feedback and notes "
" Great reader. Very knowledgeable in multiple techniques. "
" Ready to work and I appreciated her insights! "
" Helpful with tricks that she has learned and finding the beats of the scene. "
" Amazing reader/coach! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure to read with Hunter! "
" Hunter was wonderful! Incredibly kind and a very smart actor. She had great ideas about shaping the scene, and helped me get a better grasp on the story. "
" Always a pleasure to work with. So insightful with any script and a reader who really cares about your success to nail auditions! "
" Hunter is always amazing!!! "
" Fantastic! "
" Wonderful to read with. Hunter had great ideas for different ways I could do the scene. "
" Such a help with understanding the timing of comedic shows. "
" Hunter is great reader, and super sweet! "
" Great reader "
" Super helpful, dove right in. Thank you! "
" Always a slamdunk working with her! Thank you again! "
" Great job, feedback, and direction ! "
" Helps so much with moment before not just mindfully but also getting it in your body. "
" Hunter was wonderful! She made me feel way more relaxed about my audition "
" Always a great read with Hunter:) "
" Thank you again! "
" Very Patient and Felt Very Confident! "
" Very warm and professional. Thanks so much! "
" Always helpful-helps me see things from another vantage point while remaining true to myself. "
" Helpful as always!! "
" Thank you so much again for helping! Great notes and help making sense of character/scenarios. "
" Faaaaantastic Reader!!! Such a lovely presence too! "
" Always so pleasant to read with Hunter before an audition:) She's clear and precise and you leave confident and ready to perform like a pro! Booke Her! "
" Hunter was an awesome reader. Thank you for you input and your time. "
" Thanks again! "
" Superb! Good eye and was patient while I set up my stuff too :) "
" My go-to before I tape. "
" She was very attentive and helpful and helped me find different options for my audition! "
" Another great rehearsal with Hunter! "
" Hunter, awesome! Once again I am walking away with some concrete plans, Hunter is awesome to bounce ideas off of and get fresh ideas. I'm night and day from where I was before this session. "
" 2nd time-just as helpful as the first! "
" Wonderful reader and she gave me so much for my rehearsal! Thank you!! "
" Super amazing, patient and very helpful! Thanks so much! "
" Great reader and coach! "
" Hunter was amazing. She gave me some helpful tips. "
" I love Hunter! So fun to work with and great with advice and tricks to spice up a scene. Feeling so much more confident going into the room now! "
" Hunter was incredible, offered great advice and helped make the performance much better. Highly recommend, she's every actor's, actress. "
" Amazing!!! I am so thankful for her guidance with the material!! "
" Hunter was incredibly helpful! My first time using WeAudition and I'm super impressed. "
" Hunter rocks....nuff said. She has a way of getting the actor comfortable, loose and into the scene. She will keep running it or trying new things, and she has some awesome suggestions. Really really solid. "
" Great notes, really nice and professional "
" Awesome and fantastic "
" Amazing reader! Very patient and good with dissecting the script. "
" So lovely to work with. I was doing a really difficult audition and she was great at keeping me grounded. "
" Many thanks again to Hunter!! I was in a very bad place at the beginning, my head was clouded and filled with anxiety. Hunter worked through a repetition exercise with me that got me almost instantly out of it, and then she gave me some specific ideas with how to visualize the scene. Before and after is a complete 180% turn.... "
" Really nice and encouraging. "
" AHunter is always so amazing to work with! Great reader. Book her!!! "
" Wow, I am really impressed. Hunter is awesome. Positive, upbeat, professional, and really can get into the parts that were tripping me up and uncover it. I am in the right place, which is the opposite of where I was before. Thank you, Hunter! "
" Hunter is so generous and friendly. She is great. "
" She's awesome. Highly recommended! "
" Great reader, and excellent notes "
" "Great coach!" "
" Choose her! "
" What a gem! Awesome reader and great coach. Book Her!! "
" So great and helpful! "
" Seasoned pro! "
" Hunter is absolutely fantastic as a coach and reader! She takes her time and really cares for you to book! Can't recommend her highly enough. "
" Hunter is THE REAL DEAL! Professional helpful and leaves you feeling empowered! "
" Amazing! So good at comedy, great feedback and notes and just a wonderful reader who makes it really safe and comfortable :) "
" Hunter is really knowledgeable and is definitely an actor that supports other actors. I feel far more prepped for my commercial audition than before talking to her. "
" Great rehearsing with Hunter! My first time using WeAudition. She had really good tips and direction, and helped me get off book quickly. "
" I love working with Hunter, she's fun and give great notes! "
" Great feedback and great reader! Would recommend to anyone! "
" Hunter was so sweet and helpful! We practiced various versions of my sides and I am now feeling so much more confident heading into the room! "
" Hunter is sweet and encouraging - I had a great time working with her! "
" Hunter was lovely- A great reader and person! "
" The best! "
" Hunter is fantastic! We had a great rehearsal for my TV audition. She's a solid PRO. And a beyond delightful human being! I see many rehearsals (etc) in our future! "
" Absolutely amazing!! So quick and specific and helpful! Really felt confident that I got solid takes in such a quick amount of time. Highly recommend! "
" So helpful!! Great reader and coach. "
" She is so helpful and considerate "
" Fantastic! "
" Hunter is amazing! She gave me so many great directions, and was super patient with me while I was running my lines. Thank you SO MUCH! "
" Very good coach and reader; she cares "
" Hunter is killa good and helpful! Thanks so much :) "
" Thank you so much. "
" Great reader! She takes the time to ask character questions and dive into characters with you. Thank you! "
" Great! "
" Great reader! fun and friendly! "
" Hunter is an amazing reader. She does not let you off easy and really works the best out of you. Fabulous! "
" WOW! This woman is PHENOMENAL!!! I wish I could take her to every audition I have!!!! Thank you Hunter :) "
" So great! Hunter was very patient and really attentive. "
" Amazing! "
" She's amazing. Such a pro with so many fantastic tips "
" Very nice and giving "
" Great reader. Really encouraging and helps to find the finer details. "
" This woman is AMAAAAAZZZZZIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG! I'm marking her in my favourites! Hunter didn't let me off the hook and really worked me during the scene. So much more than just a reader, a real coach and game player. SO much fun to play with her! I feel invigorated! Awesome!!!!!! "
" Amazinngggg! Great feedback & everything! "
" Excellent, on the ball, quick to get what the scene was about. Thanks much! "
" My first time and I will be coming back to this site thanks to this woman!! Great reader and totally knowledgeable about the craft woohoo! "
" Hunter is the best! She's a fantastic reader and gives excellent, actionable feedback. "
" Great Actress.. Super into rehearsing.. very helpful and great attitude! "

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