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Hi! I'm Loren Kinsella Emmy® Considered/Award Winning, (BA, MFA, DFA - NOCCA and RADA trained), and I've been acting since literally the age of 2, shot my first commercial at 6, have Series Regular, Guest Star and Co Star Tv credits, and my name recently graced the Primetime Emmy® ballot for Best Actress. I was awarded the Best Actress award at the Venice Film Festival in 2000. I've also done a ton of theater including a UK tour of Macbeth and several Broadway shows. Because I've worked in casting, I can help you navigate the traps in sides and let you in on what the Casting Directors are looking for. Let me help you book the job!

Seriously, you won't be disappointed.

Loren Kinsella is known for her work on SAY, Runaway Jury, GAZS and tons more. Her name once graced the Emmy® ballot! In theater, she is classically trained and well versed in Shakespeare.

US Rep: Jeff Wolfman - Fred R Price Agency - jeffwolfman@sbcglobal.net. 818-284-2752 UK Rep: Dee Boos, The Dee Boss Agency UKTel: 020 3950 4637 castings@deebosstalent.com www.deebosstalent.com

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" Another great read with Loren! Thank you! "
" Super helpful and patient! "
" Very helpful, easy to work with "
" Loren is great. Calming presence and excellent insight. "
" Loren is a spectacular reader, as usual! "
" Terrific "
" <3 "
" Always so helpful! "
" Great "
" Veey nice! She even agreed to sing the lines!!! :) "
" So fun to work with! "
" Loren is a great reader! Can't wait to work with her again "
" Very nice and gives good insight into your scenes. :) "
" Awesome! "
" Wonderful! "
" Thank you Loren! as always you are an absolute treat to read with. THE BEST! "
" Great reader! "
" Thank you, Loren! "
" Thanks! "
" <3 "
" <3 "
" Great to work with! "
" Always gives great notes and asks good questions. Great reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Good read! "
" Very professional and great timing "
" Loren is a fantastic reader! "
" Solid as always "
" Great read! "
" Professional, friendly reader. :-) "
" Always a pro, thanks! "
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" Loren is a wonderfully patient and helpful reader! "
" Loren was great as always! "
" Excellent professional who reads with great attention and nuance. Thank you! "
" Loren rocks!! "
" Awesome as always!! "
" Wow. Loren gets STRAIGHT TO IT. No nonsense, and she maximizes the time provided as a reader. She was just available and present and extremely patient and calm. I felt like i got some amazing takes with her as my reader. I recommend her if you need someone who works quickly and is honest about your performance. She's truly a pro. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Highly recommend! 10/10 "
" My first step back into the acting world. Really needed some solid direction to remind me of the basics of connecting to a character and boom, got it. Thank you so much Loren for sharing your expertise. Will let you know how the audition goes! "
" Phenomenal "
" Loren was really great! Very encouraging and sweet but also playfull in the scene. Definitely book her again! "
" Loren was awesome to work with! "
" Loren is such a gem! LITERALLY trust her insight. She's not about saying anything to make you feel good. She wants you to do your best, and when you give she gives with you. Definitely a new fav! "
" Loren is so absolutely wonderful, a joy to read with. Incredibly talented and always committed to the read. THE BEST!! "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" Loren is great every time! and makes it so easy. straight to the point. a real pro. She's been helpful in the past with some tech help too. "
" Loren had such great insight as to the style and genre of the scene. I highly recommend asking for her insight. "
" THANK YOU!!!! "
" Always a great reader and positive! "
" Loren was quick and to the point. A great reader! "
" Great as always. See you soon. "
" Loren is a great reader and patient "
" Loren's the BEST! "
" Loren is a wonderful and oh-so-very patient reader! You can't ask for a better scene partner! "
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" Having trouble connecting "
" She’s Really patience and have a good energy! Great reader "
" Loren is awesome and so attentive. Always such a pleasure to have her as my reader! "
" Love reading with Loren! She's the best! "
" Great ressource. Was happy to work the way I wanted to work and was great at taking the lead when I needed it. I would be delighted to work with Loren again "
" So Wonderful seeing you! "
" Lovely! Very helpful and thoughtful reader. "
" Great reader! "
" Loren is fantastic. Precise, giving, nonjudgemental and always willing to give advice if you ask for it. She is a gem and I highly recommend her. "
" Loren is always the most helpful reader! "
" Just fantastic. Thank you! "
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" Loren is the best!! the most dependable person i have worked with on Weaudition, always an incredible treat to read with "
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" I love reading with Loren! Seriously the best. "
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" Awesome as always! Thanks Loren❤️ "
" Lovely & quick to pick up the material "
" Loren is smart, does great accents and has a wonderful feel for the material. Gives valuable feedback. Thanks Loren!! "
" Amazing reader "
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" Easy peasy! Great sound, professional. "
" Loren is a pleasure to work with! "
" GREAT! "
" Spot on! "
" Lovely thank you! "
" Incredible. Lauren is a remarkarble actor and coach. I could tell immediately that she is swimming in experirence and was so kind and patient as I eased into a challenging scene. thank you so much Lauren. I really appreciate you. "
" Absolutely amazing. Hits the mark every time "
" Great reader "
" Lovely reader "
" Efficient. Very helpful in guiding me through the self tape process in the platform, as I'd never used it "
" I love working with Loren! Excellent reader! "
" Loren is great I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
" I. love. her. easy going despite my tantrums "
" Great! Playful read and gave me lots to work with. "
" Very Professional, also a good reader! "
" Loren is a fantastic reader, book her immediately if you see she's available!!! "
" Loren was awesome. She helped get me through my first one on We audition. "
" Loren is always great to read with "
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" Loren ROCKS! so dependable and consistent, always a treat to read with her "
" Solid reader, my 2nd time coming to her! "
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" Love Loren! She's a great reader and always has great assists when I'm stuck. "
" Lovely! Thanks Loren!! "
" Another great read! "
" Amazing! Patient, professional, sweet and so very helpful. Also really connected with her as my reader! "
" Loren is wonderful! Helped me rehearse some scenes i'm testing out. She was grounded and present to play! Thx Loren! "
" Loren was amazing! So helpful, patient and such a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend! "
" Excellent as always! Highly recommend. Really knows her stuff. "
" Was hoping Loren would be on because she's great! Great acting chops of course but super pro and focused as a reader. "
" Always a pro! thanks. "
" Loren was so sweet and patient like always! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" So great! Really helped fill out the scene! "
" Love reading with Loren! "
" Present and real! "
" Wonderful direct reader! Thank you so much! "
" Always so grounded and wonderful "
" Very pleasant and helpful reader =) Thank you, Loren! "
" Loren is a great reader and very professional. "
" Loren never fails to be the best!!! Such a great reader, always happy to see her online "
" Great to work with. "
" Thanks so much!! "
" Helpful tips, and great reader!! "
" Loren is the best! "
" Another great read! "
" Loren was great! Thank you so much!! "
" A wonderful support. "
" Loren is a total pro. Very experienced, professional reader who was up to speed immediately on the material. Highly recommend. "
" Very kind & patient. Thanks for your help! :) "
" Easy going, no nonsense. Gets right to it "
" Strong experienced actor "
" Lauren was awesome and so kind! "
" Lovely, very helpful! "
" Fantastic reader. Great insight. Thoughtful. Supportive. "
" Great reader and patient. "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Yes "
" Loren did a great job, I appreciated her reading and feedback. "
" Thank you! "
" Great reader! Thank you Loren "
" Lovely! "
" Super helpful and knowledgeable "
" Loved working Loren! Would definitely book again :) "
" She's so sweet and a really great reader! Will work with her again! Adding to my favorites. "
" Loren rocks and is consistently a wonderful reader! "
" Always a pleasure to read together. I look forward to the next one! "
" Loren is great I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
" So knowledgeable and excited to share. Learned so much "
" Encouraging and calm energy plus a really good read with a strong and quick understanding of the material. Good career advice too! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Always the best! "
" Very helpful! "
" Excellent Reader! So calm collected supportive and patient. "
" Loren was great to work with and gave awesome suggestions on how to approach the text. Thank you! "
" Great, so helpful "
" Lets get it done! "
" Thank you for being such an awesome support and reader. "
" Always professional, always a pleasure! "
" Lovely and easy to work with! "
" Great reader. "
" Great reader! "
" Great 1st time experience working with Loren!! "
" Fantastic!! "
" Thank you, again!! "
" Lovely to work with!! "
" Patient. Kind. Great experience. "
" Loren’s always amazing!! Repeat reads and always on point! "
" Very kind and easy to work with! Gave me some advice that really added depth to the scene! Thank you so much! :) "
" Loren is so patient and supportive! "
" One of the best readers on WeAudition! "
" Always a great supportive reader! :) "
" Loren is amazing! She helped me last minute with the Southern accent pronunciation and she was perfect! "
" Great reader and energy Recomended . "
" Loren is always fantastic! Thanks for being so supportive and a great reader! "
" I love reading with Loren! I am always waiting until the last second to do my self tapes; and she is efficient and SUPER helpful. Thanks Loren!! "
" Loren is great! As always! "
" The best "
" <3 "
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" Loren is amazing and so patient and helpful! "
" Very helpful, pleasant and professional "
" Such a great reader! "
" Love Loren! "
" Great reader. great insight. "
" Easy. Good feedback "
" Very encouraging and patient! She allowed me to work it out and gave notes after I asked. I appreciate ya Loren! "
" Always a pleasure "
" Loren is so lovely to work! Kind, insightful, experienced, and willing to help in every way! I will certainly be booking her again! Thank you, Loren :-) "
" Such a pro! "
" Great, FRIENDLY reader. Very encouraging! "
" Love Loren! I'm a multiple offender :-) Always happy to see her on here. "
" Loren was fantastic! Patient, quick with the scene and professional. "
" Always so patient and good and present and love working with her thank you !!! "
" Loved her! "
" A highly skilled reader! Patient, chill, and a great scene partner. Thanks! "
" Excellent, a pro and can handle multiple characters with aplomb. "
" Great energy, and a great reader for sure! "
" Awesome Reader! So relaxed, chill, and patient. "
" Loren is great, as usual! Always solid!! "
" Great Reading! "
" Great reader as always! "
" Another great read, as always. Thanks Loren. "
" Amazing as always "
" Always great! Thank you, Loren! "
" Loren was awesome! She needed to be 3 characters in my scene, and she rocked it! "
" Loren is always very helpful and engaged. Very professional. :) "
" Loren is an absolute all star!!!!!! she is so fun to read with, she had to sing in this last audition and she absolutely CRUSHED IT!!!! thank you SO MUCH , THE BEST "
" Loren was super! "
" Had a wonderful time doing my self tape with Loren. Awesome Reader. "
" Loren, you were absolutely wonderful. Incredible patient and encouraging. Great improv!!! "
" Great experience! thanks loren "
" Yet again another wonderful experience reading with Loren! Understands the tone and pace of a scene VERY well to help keep you in it - can't wait to read with Loren again! Highly recommend! "
" Professional and straight to the point, perfect reader. "
" Amazing! "
" Loren is simply amazing! She's an excellent reader and provides great feedback on how to enhance your performance. "
" Great and easy to work with! "
" Always a pro. Thanks! "
" Oh wow Loren is a PRO! SUCH a strong scene partner, really gets right into the fight with you and gives you SO MUCH to work with! Loren takes you to the next level, acting with her is a GIFT - HIGHLY recommend! Thanks Loren! "
" Loren gets right down to business and is a pleasure to read with!!! "
" Absolutely lovely and supportive "
" Wonderful reader and great to wok with! Thank you "
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" Loren was a perfect reader! "
" Great reader! "
" Great - thanks, Loren! "
" Awesome awesome reader. Love Loren's pacing. So helpful! "
" She was great to read with, very believable as the part and natural to read with. "
" Great reader. Highly recommend. "
" Such a great reader! I loved our session! Loren was extremely focused and connected to the material. Thank you so much! "
" It was amazing to work with her! First We Audition self-tape and she helped me a lot and was super supportive! Recommended "
" <3 "
" Excellent Reader!! So helpful! "
" Genuinely fantastically helpful. "
" 10/10! "
" Great! "
" Yes, she works with you all the way. "
" Great reader, very calm and patient - thanks Loren! "
" When she's on I pick her! "
" Love Loren! "
" Loren was absolutely wonderful and a fantastic reader! "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Great person "
" Awesome! professional!!! "
" Loren is easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable right away, plus she is quick with useful and actionable notes. Thanks, Loren! "
" Thanks Loren! "
" Holy Crap. So quick and pro "
" She is wonderful "
" Another great read, for another great audition. Thanks Loren! "
" Such a great reader, encouraging and always down to do as many takes as I needed! "
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" Something wrong with your internet, it ended "
" Thanks so much for your help! "
" Fabulous reader! loved working with Loren! "
" Thank you! "
" Loren is always a great reader - even with really choppy scripts! ;) "
" Sweet lady- good reader! "
" Great reader. "
" Quick study and fast at getting script "
" Loren was great. Excellent and supportive reader "
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" There's a reason I keep coming back! "
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" Always great working with Loren! "
" Amazing reading. Great suggestions and to the point with her constructive criticism. "
" Great Reader! "
" Loved working we Loren! She gave really simple and helpful suggestions that elevated my scene a lot. "
" A great reader and sweet person to work with! "
" So great and kind and patient as usual! "
" The coolest! "
" The best "
" Da best "
" Great! Easy to work with and accommodating. "
" Super lovely! Very kind and patient. Helped me through my first time using the platform and forgave my coughing fit half way thourhg ! Would definitely use Loren again. Thanks a million! "
" Very helpful! Feeling much better about my upcoming audition. "
" She’s great "
" Patience of a saint. "
" Very co operative... "
" Absolutely amazing "
" Great "
" Always great working with Loren! "
" Loren! Is always A GIFT! Thank you. "
" Amazing as always. Thanks again Loren! "
" Great "
" Nicely and quietly supported - naturally sensed what I needed from a reader on this one. :-) "
" Great "
" Loren was an awesome reader and scene partner!! Thank you~! "
" AMAZING reader!!! Thank you so Much Loren!! "
" Loren was so patient and kind! Highly recommend! "
" So patient and a great actress "
" Lovely as usual! "
" Great reader! Easy to work with! "
" Loren was great. Also super patient while I sorted out some tech issues. "
" It's second time working together! Thank you! You are wonderful! "
" Awesome as always!!! and she gave me some much needed help on a technical issue. The best. "
" Always great to read with! "
" Great reader! So fun to work with! "
" Thanks "
" Loren is great to work with! "
" Awesome reader!! "
" Amazing as usual. Thank you! "
" Loren is amazing, very smart reader, she understands the text very fast and help you to get there quickly , also she has a very lovely personality. book her!! "
" Always easy to read with and full of knowledge. Excellent reader, choose Loren! "
" Loren is one of my favorite readers! :) "
" Lovely and knows her stuff!! "
" Loren is so reliable and consistent and so fun to read with, always happy to see her online "
" Loren is so wonderful to work with she is always so great and fast so i get lots of good takes with her! "
" Loren truly gets pacing and tone! Love reading with her!! "
" Great, thanks again Loren "
" Loren is a calming, encouraging presence within the audition and a wonderful actor. Thank you, Loren! "
" Great work! Thank you "
" Love reading with Loren. She hits all the beats I need and really helps me relax. "
" Patient. flexible. easy to work with. "
" A great reading as always. Thanks for the comments. "
" Always a good, reliable reader. "
" Super encouraging and helpful "
" Great! "
" Grounding presence "
" Great reader! Thank you, Loren! "
" Lovely. Perfect timing. Great suggestions. "
" Loren is a great reader! be sure to book a session with her! "
" Thank you! "
" So great, thank you!! "
" The best always! "
" Loren is a ROCKSTAR as always!! Thank you for always being amazing! See ya next time. "
" Great support! "
" Excellent time working on my scene! Thanks Loren :) "
" Perfect. Simply, perfect! "
" Lovely as usual!! "
" Really spot on. comes in right in time...great feel for passing the ball and recieving. so solid. i highly RECOMMEND. "
" She is fantabulous "
" Loren is always very helpful and supportive as a reader! "
" Love working with Loren! "
" Very patient "
" Wonderful reader. Professional. "
" Always amazing working with Loren! My go to reader. "
" Thank you! "
" Excellent reader. Lover her pacing and calm demeanor. "
" Lovely to read with Loren! "
" WOW! Such a great reader! Super supportive and professional. Highly recommend!! "
" Loren is great to read with! "
" Always a pleasure!!! "
" Loren is super on it!!! A fantastic reader "
" I'm a Loren FAN! Thank you Loren as always! I'm always glad when I see you're on here. I know i'm going to have a fantastic taping. "
" Great read and support as usual! :) "
" Loren was fantastic to read with, patient and gave great notes to play with! "
" So dependable, always available, quick to respond, supportive and an all around wonderful person THANK YOU!!! "
" So supportive. thank you! "
" Great reader "
" Great "
" Easy going, great to work with, and on top of it. Picks up the tone and vibe fast! Thank you! "
" Loren is wonderful, awesome reader! "
" Loren is my go-to, love her! "
" Loren is an absolute ROCK STAR!!! Thank you as always! "
" Loren is great! I recommend her not anyone that needs a reader! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Loren is an absolute life saver!! She is an absolute life saver , I can't say enough about her THE BEST "
" She is the best1 "
" LOREN IS AMAZING and calm and helpful. She was really warm and let me get my words out and fall into character. "
" The best!!! "
" Awesome Reader! "
" She’s always my go to at this point =) "
" Really great, really flexible and helpful. Thanks as always!! "
" Loren was absolutely wonderful to read. She's very smart and straightforward, offering help when I asked and was actually just very empowering. I appreciate her so much! "
" Very easy to read with! Thanks Loren! "
" Always great! :) "
" Very Pleasent. "
" Helpful again! Thank you, Loren! "
" Loren is so helpful. She gives great acting advice. She has the talent and knowledge to direct you in the right direction. Thanks for all your help Loren! "
" Very patient and helpful reader, thanks Loren! "
" Loren's great! Helped me work through three different variations of a single line take and had proficient knowledge of what the CD is looking for. "
" Loren is great to read with! "
" Loren was very patient and willing to take the audition in the direction I hoped it would go. She made my first WeAudition experience very rewarding. "
" Wow, Loren is the best as usual... always present and there with you and supportive throughout ! "
" Great second session. Loren's a real pro. Patient, focused, personable, professional. "
" She's great "
" Patient, focused, personable, professional "
" Great reader and jumped right into character! "
" So great! A lovely natural reader. "
" Always great. Thanks! "
" Easy breezy, great reader! "
" Always wonderful. A total professional. Thank you, Loren! "
" Great session. I liked her patience. Will work with her again! "
" On of my go to readers! Love it when she is available and can read for my self tape auditions. If you haven’t used her you are missing out! "
" Loren is the we audition MVP!! always a pleasure to read with "
" Loren is excellent to read with as always!!! Love working together. She gives me great perspective on what works and doesn't, and I trust her input. Many thanks! "
" Thanks for your help! Great reader! "
" Always great! "
" Great Reader!!! "
" Thank you, Loren. That was great help "
" NO 1 "
" Brilliant xx "
" Thanks again for another great read Loren! "
" :) "
" She was great "
" Awesome reader!! Would def book again. "
" Amazing !! "
" Patient and nice :) "
" The best, as always, thanks again Loren! "
" Loren is fantastic. Excellent Reader. Chock full of excellent insights and suggestions. Thank you! "
" She is amazing! Helped me so much. Thank you "
" Great as always. I love doing my self tapes with Loren. She gets it done right every time. "
" Loren is always so professional and I also enjoy conversing with her! :) "
" Lorean is AMAZING!!!! Helped me so much with my monologue and we walked through the entire process together. I feel much more confident now and am ready for my audition :) "
" Excellent! "
" Excellent assistance! "
" Very awesome! "
" Always my go to, brilliant "
" Always fun and a great read! :) "
" Great Reader! "
" Just the best -- a true pro! "
" Loren was wonderful. I always book with Loren if shes on! Great reads and I am able to get lots of good takes in! "
" The best!!! "
" Loren is always an absolute treat to read with!! such a pleasure "
" Thanks again! Awesome reader! "
" Excellent as always! Thank you Loren! "
" Highly recommend! "
" Loren is a great reader! Very supportive! "
" The BEST "
" Loren is amazing...patient, insightful and really makes you work. Thank you "
" Wonderful working with Loren! "
" Always love working with Loren ! "
" Fabulous actress - did two voices! "
" Loren is always so helpful and is a great listener - she gives great notes too! "
" Good and solid read. She's great. "
" So great to work with! "
" Thanks, Loren! "
" Kind, patient, and incredibly encouraging. A wonderful reader who helps you do your best work. Will definitely work with Loren again! "
" Easy peasy! "
" Loren is the best. "
" Rehearsed an audition with Loren and I got a callback. Woohoo!!! I immediately connected with Loren to share the news and run lines in preparation for my callback and as always she gave great advice. We ran the lines a different way in preparation for any curve balls which I thought was such a great idea and one that I never even thought about. Loren the Best!!! "
" Loren is one of my very favorite readers. Always so fast to digest the sides, wonderful personality, professional, she's just a gem. "
" Awesome! great advice & perspective! Ask her your questions!!! "
" She's a pro!! "
" Awesome! "
" Awesome! "
" Always fantastic! "
" Another great read with Loren! "
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" Another great read "
" Great reader. So kind! "
" So easy to work with! "
" Great great reader! "
" Easy to work with, empathetic and professional. Putting Loren on my favorite reader list! "
" Such a pro! "
" Great as always! "
" Awesome read, Loren! "
" Loren was great! She helped me prepare and record a self-tape for a workshop. And then she educated me on the differences between UK and American acting and training. Thanks Loren! "
" Loren was great. wonderful reader and gave me great advice. "
" Fantastic job!!!! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" She was nice gave good feedback. "
" Lovely. Thank you very much Loren for reading with me. Good solid reader, who is very supportive and encouraging. Thank you. !! "
" Loren was the best! Thanks for reading for me :):) "
" Great reader "
" Loren is an absolute dream to work with "
" Great reader and listener! "
" Amazing reader, super friendly, I felt really comfortable with her and thankfully she was able to jump in with her French accent, super talented!! "
" Great reader! always enjoy working with Loren. :) "
" Amazing "
" She's an excellent actress! Super relaxed and has really great ideas and notes! Highly recommend!! "
" Lovely demeanour and reading ability "
" Absolutely amazing "
" A+++ great energy. Great support "
" Loren is fantastic "
" Awesome reader! "
" Thanks again, Loren! "
" Great read with loren so patient "
" Loren was great and very encouraging. "
" An incredibly thoughtful and whip smart. Truly knows what she's talking about. Asks great questions! "
" The Best always! "
" One of the very best readers you have "
" Loren is fabulous. Smart, supportive and helpful. "
" The best as always! "
" Fantastic! "
" Great working with Loren! "
" Awesome! "
" She totally gets it. I asked and she gave me one note. The perfect note! "
" Fantastic!! Book her now! "
" Great. Thank you. "
" A pro! "
" Love having Loren as a reader! "
" Patient, helpful and calm reader. Just what I needed tonight :) "
" Patient and helpful! "
" Awesome reader! "
" Came back for round two! She left me wanting more. "
" Loren is fantastic. Total Pro. Great Reads, thank you! "
" Great reader! Jumped right in! "
" Excellent help with getting through a lot of jargon! "
" The real thing. What a pro. Will for sure work with her again. "
" The best every time! "
" Great read! picks up on the script incredibly fast! "
" Loren was lovely to work with! Very patient with my last minute self tape at 2am!! "
" Thank you!! "
" Awesome-- really a good actor "
" Loren, great and dependable as always! "
" Loren is great !! I recommend her to anyone that needs a reader! "
" Friendly "
" Thank you so much! Great read! "
" Loren was fantastic. She gave a perfect read from the first take and offered me different options. Would definitely use Loren again! "
" Wonderful reader and great energy! "
" Loren continues to be the best!!! dependable, knowledgable and so much fun to read with "
" Loren is a great reader, she really makes you feel at ease "
" Loren is amazing! "
" Loren is always such a great reader! Very present. :) "
" So fun! great support thank you. :) "
" Always love reading with Loren. She makes you feel so comfortable so you can have fun! "
" Loren is Awesome so patient and terrific reader ! "
" Wonderful reader!! Thank you! "
" Loren is Excellent to work with. Up late night< Thanks! "
" Thank you again for your help Loren! If you need a solid, professional reader then definitely go with Loren! "
" Loren is so easy to read with, such great insight and she has the BEST VOICE "
" Just brilliant and soooooo patient! THANK YOU! "
" The best! "
" Loren is so lovely! Amazing work. "
" Great reader and very patient when taping! "
" Great reader, thank you so much! :) "
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" Great "
" Great reader. Easy to work with. "
" Very chill and open to try anything. She gave me a great note that helped me to easily get into the right headspace, without overthinking. "
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" Always a champ. Always a pro. Thanks! "
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" Really great listener! She adds so much flavor to work off of, I highly recommend! "
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" She is so excellent at what she does, It was such a pleasure working with her.. This ones a PRO "
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" Great and amazing as always. "
" Loren is amazing! Very welcoming and reaffirming. Definitely read with her! "
" Great reader and was able to jump in quickly and adapt to any changes I needed to make the script work (it was a wonky one with three scenes tied into one so...awkward but she did a fabulous job helping me make it work)! "
" Absolutely love Loren. She's a pro, no question!!!! I'm going to track her down for my next audition. Highly recommend. "
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" One of my favorites! "
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" Amazing as always, full of wonderful insight "
" Great and really experienced! She had a lot of awesome insights that helped make me feel more confident. "
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" Loved working with Loren so much on the first scene I went back for seconds. Thank you SO much! - Zoe "
" Loren was great! We got what we needed really quick and she was easy and fun to read with :) Thanks so much! "
" Fantastic reader! Played the exact part of the role opposite me, clearly a highly trained actor AND super delightful to hang out with! "
" Great reader!! Ready to just jump in with me and always gives a great professional quality read! Thank you! "
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" Shes terrific "
" Loren is a great reader. Willing to go wherever you need. Either as a reader, help you memorize or as a coach. "
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" So many great suggestions. It was fun "
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" Always wonderful- so glad she's on here as a resource for fellow actors "
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" Thank you kindly! "
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" Amazing reader in such a short time!! Thank you Loren ! "
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" She's Great! "
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" Loren is awesome to work with! Very sweet and laid back "
" Very sweet! "
" Over and over...boy, is Loren patient and kind! Lovely actress and partner. "
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" Thank you. "
" She was fantabulous with the patience of JOBE!!!! "
" Great reader! Helped me a ton "
" Thank you "
" One of your best readers. so accommodating and pleasant to work with "
" Very nice and good feedback "
" I booked this session to dig into the psychology of the character with Loren and she was amazing. "
" A great reader, picked up the material easily and made me feel at ease. "
" Loren is amazing and I love working with her ! "
" Wonderful. Gets the job done with flair! "
" She is fabulous "
" A great read with Loren. She was super helpful in getting the script off the page and on its feet for the first time. Thank you for your help. "
" The best!!! "
" Always such a fun reader! :) "
" Loren was so wonderful. She gives so much extra dimention to my tapes that only help my delivery! Will always look for Loren first! "
" Very good and patient reader. "
" Always such a joy and a pleasure to work with. Book her! "
" She's awesome! "
" Patient and great to work with. "
" Amazing Reader. so Kind and patient! wonderful voice! Thank you so much! "
" Great reader! Good with voices for the different characters and brings the scene lots of energy. "
" Great Reader!! "
" Second time using Loren. She’s great! "
" Perfect read for what I needed. "
" Terrific! Just had to run lines and Loren was so patient and an excellent reader! "
" Loren is fantastic. I use her over and over. "
" Great as always! "
" Excellent reader! Very responsive to the text and helped me keep the pace moving! Thanks, Loren "
" Simply a pro all the way through. Thanks, Loren! "
" Wonderful as always "
" A great reader! So nice and patient and would recommend her to everyone :) "
" Loren was super awesome and so much fun! Gave me tons to work with. Awesome reader! "
" Loren is one of my faves- she just gets it; is super grounded, a great listener, gives you exactly what you ask for. Thank you! "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Great! thanks "
" Amazing as always! "
" Thank you! "
" Fabulous! Made me feel so comfortable and come out confident. "
" A great and patient reader! Will definitely reach out for my next audition! Thank you. "
" I love Loren- she's smart, specific, gives you exactly what you need and is really good as a reader. "
" Loren is a great coach, thank thank you you =) "
" Loren is awesome!!!! such a pro, thanks for your help ;) "
" Loren is just wonderful. Use her as a reader and give her big tips. She works for almost nothing. "
" Always wonderful. Flexible and supportive. "
" Loren goes above and beyond. Great character read straight off the bat. Book her! "
" Patient and gentle. Book her! "
" Very helpful and supportive! Thx! "
" Awesome, super chill, made me feel relaxed and was an excellent reader with great feedback. Thank you Loren!!! :D will book again "
" Loren was super patient and helpful. She was happy for me to run the scene as many times as I needed to get it right. Thank you Loren! "
" So grateful to work with Loren again! I highly recommend her! "
" Wonderful and supportive. "
" Always amazing!!! "
" Wonderful! "
" Love! "
" She's great! "
" Great reader "
" Very sweet person and helpful. Willing to go with the flow and try all of my ideas! "
" She's the best! "
" My go to reader! "
" Loren is lovely to work with! "
" Lovely to work with! Thanks, Loren! "
" Loren is a great reader. Gave me good notes and lot of support. Patient and kind. "
" Patient and helpful. Good insight. "
" Loren was wonderful! She understood the material so quickly and it made me feel good about the work! Thank you! "
" Always a pleasure working with Loren! Great reader and great personality. "
" Wonderful reader "
" Da best "
" Excellent reader, good energy. "
" She’s very nice and quick "
" Loren was great! Had to read VO sides with her and she did so many different fun voices. Thank you, Loren! "
" SHES A PRO! Once again LOREN came though and pushed me to do it to meet the deadline for a last minute audition sent to me due in 1/2 hour to upload! "
" Always great and super helpful! :) "
" Love working with Loren !! "
" I'll give more comments after I work with her again, which I can't wait to do. The Best. "
" Great reader and gave great notes :) "
" Loren is fantabulous "
" Loren is great to read with! "
" Thanks Loren ! "
" Love Loren! So great as always! "
" Wonderful reader!!!! "
" Terrific reader "
" Lighting quick grasp of scene/sides and ability to roll with it. So very happy to have booked her for a last minute deadline audition. "
" Loren helped me get my tape done & feel grounded in each take "
" Loren is awesome! Such a pro "
" Great reader, thank you so much! "
" Very patient and gets in character! "
" Loren was a fantastic reader! Very grateful for her patience and encouragement! "
" Really effective. Thank you "
" Loren is wonderful, my scene called for a bright and exciting presences - she brought beautiful energy to the read. "
" Loren couldn't have been easier to work with! An absolute pro "
" Loren is great to read with!!! "
" Absolute Godsend! "
" Lovely as always! "
" Wow, Loren is wonderful in all ways! "
" Loren is terrific "
" Always a pleasure to work with Loren! "
" What a great session! "
" Loren is excellent. Very professional. We went right to work, which I appreciated as the deadline looms. She picked up the script quicker than anyone else I read this script with. She's good. She's better than good. Thanks Loren. "
" She hit the “reader spot,” excellent work and I’ll be back! "
" Very good, very supportive. Would definitely use her again. :-) "
" Thank you for a great read! It's easy to get into character in Loren's presence. Thank you. :) "
" :) "
" Great. Just what I needed. "
" Always a pleasure. Always a pro! Thanks. "
" Wonderful reader! "
" Thank you!! "
" Loren is knowledgeable, friendly, offers super coaching on the spot. A keen eye and she knows what's what, what works and what doesn't, with camera acting - whether the scene is for a class, a rehearsal, or an audtion. "
" Thank you!!! wonderful as always <3 "
" :) supportive patient amazing as usual "
" Awesome. "
" One of the BEST. "
" :) thank you !!! "
" Excellent! "
" Great reader! Gave me what I needed in the scene. "
" Super professional! Great reader. Thank you. "
" Always so great to work with. So down to earth and ready to work. Book her! "
" Fantastic and great help! "
" A++ "
" A+++!!! "
" Excellent reader! Super encouraging and helpful! "
" Thank you "
" Just Perfect! Exactly who I needed. "
" Thank you Loren! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 "
" Loren is wonderful "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Always a pleasure to work with. This is my second time Loren and I have to say it won't be my last. "
" Easy to work with, awesome reader! "
" Loren was great!! book her if you can high emery and lots of enthusiasm "
" Great insight, wonderful to work with! "
" I will continue to work with her. She is so great! Highly recommend "
" Great reader, She was very helpful with some long scenes I had and handled with ease. "
" Great reader! Thank you! "
" So lovely, easy going and fun to work with. Really great scene partner! "
" Amazing! i had to work fast and loren made it happen. immense professionalism and gratitude! "
" Thank you Loren! You made it so easy. "
" Great scene partner, thanks for the big help! "
" Wow! "
" Great! "
" Very kind and patient reader. Thank you "
" Loren was efficient and encouraging! Super easy to work with. "
" Loren was amazing! "
" Loren was excellent and efficient! Thank you! "
" Great reader. "
" Great reader. "
" Loren has a lovely disposition and embraced her role with gusto. Wonderful reader!! "
" Very professional, good reader and giving! "
" Excellent reader! "
" Thank you for the awesome read! "
" She was wonderful ☺️ "
" Great reader, looking forward to working with Loren again "
" Awesome reader! "
" Always easy to work with and very professional! "
" Thanks Loren! So authentic and real! "
" Loren is wonderful. One of my favorite readers "
" Great! "
" Awesome reader! Was spot on from the jump. "
" She's wonderful:) "
" She's the best "
" Loren is a great reader. Very giving, very accomplished and when asked a great coach. Highly recommend her. "
" Love Loren so much! "
" Quick and efficient a great reader "
" Loren is great "
" Loren was fabulous! She was so grounded & helped me with a line I was 50/50 on. BOOK HER! "
" Wonderful reader, understood the material and her character very quickly. Thank you Loren! :) "
" Awesome Reader! "
" Really nice, patient, and engaged. "
" Love her! Patient, talented, and supportive.!! "
" So good! "
" Pike up scene really well and willing to take her time in the scene and play! "
" Great read. "
" Loren was super awesome. patient and so easy to work with "
" Great reader "
" Thanks again! "
" Superb reader with good advice! "
" Super sweet and easy to read with! She made my audition super easy! "
" Wow, Loren did great with the comedic pace and timing and sound effects of this one!! felt I nailed the moments of the scene with her help! "
" Thank you!! Felt really good about our work. "
" Great Reader. She did everything perfectly! "
" Fun reader! Thank you for helping me with my scene! I appreciate it! "
" Really great notes tonight. Excellent ideas to push me just beyond the edge. "
" Loren was great! Picked up the scene really quick and gave me exactly what I needed! "
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" Loren once again. the best! got my audio working for a self tape ill be working on today! Yay! She"s the best! "
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" Loren thank you so much!!!! It was amazing working with you, I really appreciate all your help!!! And thank you for helping me learn the lines so quickly :) total. gamechanger. You're a pro and it was a pleasure! "
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" Always a pro, always a quick study, always a great rehearsal partner. Thanks, Loren. "
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" She said put a sticky note near the camera so you don't look directly in it. Taking that tip with me for every self tape I do till the end of time! "
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" Thank you! Very generous reader. "
" Loren is so Totally, Positively, Awesome! I would highly recommend working with her. She is kind, supportive, and she has great suggestions, and insights to the sides. Loren is, also, very patient. I am not the greatest when it comes to it comes to technical stuff. She waited, and walked me through everything to make it the best experience possible! I feel very good about what we worked on No matter the outcome! Thank you, Loren!!! Dawn G. "
" Super chill and supportive and willing and able to help out. "
" Loren is fantastic. If you see her on line, book her. "
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" Loren is fantastic! She is kind, compassionate, and very insightful! She gave wonderful feedback that I greatly appreciated dduring the rehearsal process. I could really tell that she had a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Loren! "
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" Always a great reader! Thank you "
" Fantastic reader! "
" Loren is always a great reader and super resourceful "
" Thanks again for helping me with my self tape! "
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" Great reader, super cool and patient! Thanks so much! "
" Always a pleasure! Fun partner to read with. "
" Great help and super sweet!! "
" Always a great reader "
" She was fantastic! We got right to the work and did it as many times as needed. Thank you! "
" Always always so much fun to rehearse with. "
" Great reader "
" My second 1 hour session was just as good as the first. You can read my other review for more details. Loren is a professional and really even keeled which allowed me to be as off kilter for my character (and myself) as I needed. "
" Loren was so open to everything I wanted to do for my rehearsal. She totally got my style and was game to try different exercises and explore different line readings. We paused when I needed and she give me her thoughts when I needed. I enjoyed working with her so much I signed up for another hour. Thanks Loren! "
" Awsome reader!!! "
" Always such a great reader with very quick understanding of the script at hand. "
" Easy-peasy to work with! Helped me run lines for a comedic scene. "
" Best "
" Thanks Loren, you're a delight! "
" So nice reading with Loren always. She gives great feedback and is a wonderful actress to work with. "
" What a gem! Great reader:) "
" Easy to work with. Great reader! "
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" Fantastic reader! "
" Awesome reader. Very patient and nice! "
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" Fun reader! really lovely :) "

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