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Good day fellow actors,

I'm an actress, qualified teacher/coach/tutor, and MVP! Alongside acting, I coach face-to-face at a prestigious film school in London, and a kid's drama academy.

I've been blessed with a career spanning over 20 years taking me across the globe, working across the screen and stage with Bafta and Oscar-winning directors, Hollywood A-Listers, and British Acting Royalty. My favorite role to date is the iconic Lady Macbeth.

Current credits: Waterloo Road & Not Going Out for the BBC.

Though my training is heavily Meisner-based I am open to other techniques, so let me know what works best for you.

I can offer a straight read or give coaching and direction. In English or American, if required. Whatever you need let me know in the chat when you request.

Be sure to allow yourself enough time: 15 mins for one scene; 30 mins for 2-3 short scenes maximum. If you wish to book an hour or schedule regular bookings please reach out to schedule times.

Thanks for reading my profile. Let's see what we can create together.

AA xx

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Alexandra is an international actress gracing the screen and stage and has worked with Bafta and Oscar-winning directors.

Alexandra recently played the iconic role, Lady Macbeth, in William Shakespeare's MACBETH in theatres across England. A few reviews are below:

“Lady Macbeth (Alexandra Afryea) is undoubtedly the star of the show. Impassioned and with great presence and projection I could’ve watched her for hours. Her performance…showed a natural affinity with the Shakespearian way.”

“Alexandra Afryea is especially strong as Lady Macbeth and the scene in which she sleepwalks, visibly tormented by her deeds, is perhaps the most memorable of them all.”

“Alexandra Afryea…gave a…committed performance as Lady Macbeth. She delivered her speeches with strong, skillful technique”

“Afryea’s opening monologue as Lady Macbeth is powerful and bone-chilling”

“...the play’s strongest performances come from Alexandra Afryea as…[the] scheming, ambitious wife…Lady Macbeth – already at the brink of insanity when the play begins as a result of both her ambition and her grief for a lost child”

“There are strong players in the cast, particularly Alexandra Afryea as Lady Macbeth. She has a touch of Grace Jones about her, with added eloquence and emotional intelligence. It is worth seeing the play just for her performance.”

“glamorous wife (Alexandra Afryea)” THE GUARDIAN

“…Black British actress Alexandra Afryea…embodies Lady Macbeth’s bereavement superbly, with presence and projection. The iconic sleepwalking scene…explores how much her loss as well as the murders have taken its toll psychologically and the climax unfolds from there.”

“Alexandra Afryea gave a stunning performance as Lady Macbeth, demonstrating a powerful vocal prowess and keenly carrying this infamously heavy character throughout, terrifying a the audience with her triumphant sleepwalking scene.”

United Kingdom: McLean-Williams Ltd The United States of America: The Brock Agency

149 Reader Reviews

" Absolutely fantastic session with Alex! She asked what my goals were for the session and gave some great notes/suggestions to play with in the scene - I love the self-tape I ended up with. Highly recommend! "
" Truly wonderful reader -- insightful, fun, gives great notes in an easy way -- Alex is the best! "
" Alex is fantastic! Encouraging, insightful, professional... all of it... so helpful! "
" Alex was an amazing reader and gave very helpful feedback for my self tape! "
" Alex is wonderful and a total pro. Highly recommend. "
" It was great working with Alex. She gave great notes and feedback. Thank you Alex "
" Had a great time reading with Alex very helpful reader "
" Difficulty with app "
" Gave incredible direction. Such a treat to work with one of the best. Will work with again and again. "
" AH-MAZING! so patient very kind very helpful- rockstar reader! "
" Alex is AMAZING!!! I could not ask for a better person to help m with this audition. She has fantastic suggestions, she's fantastic with script analysis, and she's a great reader. How fortunate I am (all of us are) to have her here with us on this platform. Thank you so much for your help and support!! "
" Super great reader. Great sense of a pace of a scene! Highly recommend "
" Superb reader. Helpful suggestions. Great encouragement "
" Great! Such detail and precision 👌🏻 "
" Fab as always!!!! "
" Amazing! so patient and kind ! "
" Good advice and a great reader! Thank you Alex! "
" Alex is amazing and you should absolutely work with her. Her notes are playable and well considered. She's so clearly a pro. Also, I am SO SORRY my computer died. "
" Wonderful reader ! "
" Always wonderful! "
" Alex is absolutely amazing!! Would highly recommend. "
" Alex was super helpful! She helped me find the beats and was very encouraging! "
" Brilliant actor ( you can tell even as a reader) and she gave excellent script analysis. Well worth your investment. :) "
" Incredible!! Supportive energy combine with excellent knowledge. Her adjustments were....superb! Alex would make a GREAT GREAT director, unless she already is one! "
" Amazing, great tips, a must book! "
" A+ so patient and great read on the material "
" A+++ "
" Phenomenal, phenomenal l, phenomenal reader and coach. Highly recommend! "
" Alex is a brilliant knockout acting coach, reader and I was luck enough to have her guidance as a British dialect coach. She was efficient, brought out such specificity of my choices and highlighted the urgency of the scenes. Her scene analysis was so on point. Thankful for you Alex! "
" Perfect!1111 "
" SOOO helpful and fun! Brought my scene to literal LIFE! "
" Awesome reader and great coach!! Thank you Alex for making this fun. "
" Amazing - Alex went above and beyond to help me pull the character out of myself. Will defo reach out to her again ") "
" Brilliant reader and coach. Thank you! "
" Alex was so warm, lovely and helpful! "
" Always an amazing read with Alex! So many good notes and feedback to punch up performance! "
" Always gives great tips! "
" Absolutely amazing coach! I booked a recurring role from our previous work together. "
" Very specific and insightful. Great! "
" Fierce and spot on… "
" BEST READER ON WE AUDITION! Alex gives such helpful notes. She's warm, kind, and patient with me. She also has so many audition hacks up her sleeve. 10 out of 10 recommend!! Thank you Alex! "
" Superb reader. So kind and thoughtful and Alex had great notes for different approaches and thoughts in the scene too. Absolutely top notch! "
" Highly recommend! Professional. Knows how to give quick productive feed back. "
" Alex was super helpful. She had loads of experience and worked hard to help me relax with my takes. Recommend working with Alex for sure!! "
" Great person and a reader. Love her energy. "
" Such a generous reader and luminous human being!! LOVE HER "
" Alex is really really lovely! "
" Incredible insight and so sweet "
" Alex not only gave an incredible cread but she caught a whole other scene that I was missing. She is fantastic and it was such a pleasure to work with her! "
" I always learn something from you. You are so talented and passionate. Thank you for sharing with me today. "
" Alex is always great! What can I say 5 STARS "
" Alex was so so helpful especially I was struggled to find the specificity of the scene. Really helped me understand the totality of what's at stakes in the scene. "
" Alex has a sharp and wonderful eye! So insightful and always makes my work better! "
" Magnificent! An absolute PRO "
" Loved working with Alex, great reader and really helpful! "
" Excellent professional advice and pointers!!! "
" WOW!! What an incredible experience. The Universe brought exactly the right person along. Wonderful reader, superb insights and suggestions. Thank you Alex 🙏 "
" Alex is absolutely amazing! She gave wonderful notes that completely took my scene to the next level - I can't wait to work with her again! "
" She was a great reader! I really love her professionalism. :) "
" Alex was more than I could have asked for. The scene was small so I thought we could just whizz through it - but because Alex is such a professional, she was able to give me nuances that I didn't see. Was able to direct me with regards to eye lines. I felt confident about what I sent off to my agent as a result. Will definitely be using her again! Thanks, Alex!! "
" Fabulous session with Alex. Picked up right from the last session, she really helped me find those moments, and i'm more confident than ever in my performance!! "
" Fabulous session with Alex, looking forward to the next! "
" Thank you Alex! You are awesome. "
" Alex is awesome to work with! "
" Alex is a Super Super Star!! She gave me great suggestions and really helped me to pull out what I wasn't even thinking to do, very professional. If You don't book her, you are seriously missing out! "
" Top. Notch. Reader. Book her!! "
" Amazing reader with great input and feedback! Wille definitely book again :) "
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" Alex is awesome! She gave great notes and was very patient with my technical difficulties (and my kid crashing). "
" Amazing as always! "
" Alex is absolutely fabulous. She really took me through the rhythms of the scene, and helped me find the beats. She even went as far as to dissect the play with me, and offered up so much knowledge. I'm forever indebted. Thank you so much Alex, I'll definitely will be working with her again! "
" Alex was very helpful. Offered a great perceptive and gave me some ideas to play with . Great energy and positive attitude and also spoke to some of her own personal experiences which was great to hear. Thank you Alex! "
" She's amazing, so helpful! "
" Alex was super patient and great with script analysis! Thank you for your time! "
" The very best! Great personality, great reader, constructive feedback and encouragement. "
" Alex is a gold! Great reader and gives good feedback. "
" I wish I could give you a six star rating! :) "
" Lovely! Thanks Alex "
" Alex gets it and is a professional all the way. I'm so glad to have found her. Her notes and feedback are insightful and on point. Will gladly work with her again and highly recommend you try her services. "
" Alex is such a gem. She's really great at giving you space to do your thing, and is an excellent coach with spot on instincts. Book her! Can't wait to work with you again, Alex! Thanks. "
" Great reader. Fantastic energy! "
" It was such a pleasure working with Alex! She offered great feedback and gave me so many helpful tips to ensure my self-tape was well- done even with my time crunch! I highly recommend! 10/10 Thanks, Alex! "
" Gives great reads and feedback! "
" Alex is GREAT with scene analysis. She always has helpful notes that deepen my work and lift my audition. Highly recommended!! "
" She was amazing and patient!! "
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" An incredible reader; professional, direct, very skilled. I found her very helpful and also very positive. "
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" STELLAR COACH!!! She gave great notes that really took my work up a level. Can’t wait to work with her again. "
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" Super helpful, patient and fun!! "
" Okay so I had a super last minute tape do, and I was not all the way off book ! Not only did she successfully help me deliver my lines, she gave great tips and helped get a really good selftape. Gave me great tips and feedback that helped me ! I learned something today ! Thank you !! "
" Alex gave some stellar feedback that improved the scene! thanks so much! "
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" Every time I work with Alex she elevates my scenes! Her notes are so on point as well as insightful. Her energy makes you so comfortable. I 100% trust her notes - as do my rep. "
" Alex is the BEST! So kind, she gave really insightful tips on how to go about my scene. I couldn't be any happier choosing her as a reader. I 10000% recommend her! "
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" Thank you so much!! "
" Alex was amazing, thank you for such a lovely chat and welcoming me to the platform. I look forward to working with you :) "
" LOVED working with Alex - she created such a safe space for me to explore and found ways to elevate my work. She's brilliant and I highly recommend her as a reader/coach! "
" Amazing reader and such a fun person too! I loved my session with Alex ! "
" Awesome reader, great coach. Patient, supportive. Highly recommend "
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" Wonderful!! SO helpful! "
" Alex was absolutely wonderful. Totally recommended!Thank you!Xxx "
" Awesome rehearsal partner! I signed on intending to just have someone run lines with me but Alex is so talented. In addition to being a great reader she gave really acting notes and helped me figure out how to translate a scene with a lot of physical activity into actions that read well on camera. "
" LOVELY! Encouraging and helpful! She clearly knows what she is doing and was great a having me look at different possible choices of the script. Highly recommend!! Sheila Ball "
" Awesome feed back ! Great reader! "
" She was amazing! She was so helpful with her feedback and insight. Excellent reader. I can't say enough words to say how great she was. Thank you so much! "
" Great reader. So helpful and fun to work with. A real Pro! "
" Alex is super quick on her feet-she gave amazing targeted advice on how to approach the scene and and am so happy with her generosity,kindness and positivity during my read through- Will book again!Thanks so much "
" Super experienced actor with great advice - 5 stars! "
" So generous! great insights!!! "
" Great reader "
" I loved our session! Kind and generous reader. "
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" Great reader! Very friendly and generous, lovely reading with her! "
" Wonderful experience "
" SO helpful in breaking down the scene and bringing backstory/ richness to the text. "

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