Mikaela Perillo-Rosas

Hey everyone!

I'm an actor and comedian based out of New York. After growing up in Texas and performing in various shows throughout the city of San Antonio, I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York where I completed my associates degree in Acting in 2017. I have been living and working in the city ever since.
I love helping out my friends when they book an audition; I can provide feedback on beats, actions, and technical stuff, such as staying in frame and eye line. I believe it's important to have a reader that is just as into the scene as you are, and I always aim to provide that.
My process is pretty simple: I'm very big about LISTENING and RESPONDING TRUTHFULLY. When playing a character, you want to be yourself, just a different version based on the given circumstances. We all have our own unique gifts, something that no one else has in this industry, and it's my goal to help you showcase that!

Mikaela Perillo-Rosas is known for Amsterdam Ave. (2019) and Kombuchachacha (2018).

Mikaela Perillo-Rosas, originally from Texas, is based out of New York and is currently performing stand-up comedy throughout the city. Previous venues she has been honored to perform include Caroline's on Broadway and Broadway Comedy Club. In addition to comedy, she loves to advocate for mental health awareness, climate change, and animal rescues. Feel free to contact her through her website: www.mikaelaperillorosas.com Or social media: @mikaelaperillorosas

Mikaela Perillo-Rosas is known for Amsterdam Ave. (2019) and Kombuchachacha (2018).


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2019 [IMDB]
Amsterdam Ave.
2018 [IMDB]