Syretha Shirley

Hello future oscar winners! My name is Syretha and I have been in the film industry since 2015. I have had an abundance of opportunities being on set to analyze how many actors deliver their lines. While being a student on set for 5+ years, I have also seen acting coaches, directors, and showrunners re-direct, correct, and give feedback to actors when their lines were not being delivered according to their vision for the film and/or character.

I believe that with over 5+ years of experience on set, behind and in front of the cameras, that I would be the perfect reader for you! My goal is to encourage you to read with confidence, book the job, and the room. With that said, let's get you on the road to success one script at a time. I look forward to reading for you soon, break a leg!

For scheduled appointment requests please email:
Or DM me on Instagram @syrethashirley

Syretha Shirley is known for Know Peace (2020).

Syretha Shirley is known for Know Peace (2020).


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Know Peace