Carmen Banks

upto 15 mins : $ 5.00
upto 30 mins : $ 15.00
upto 60 mins : $ 25.00

Hello my beautiful people. I am Carmen Banks. My passion and heart is in acting. My gift has always been to help touch the lives of everyone. I am a comedian at heart. I love long walks on the beach and making people laugh. My quote is "If I can read a room, then I can read a script. I am here to help bring your story to life and sprinkle as much love as I can. :)

Adaptable, charismatic, reactive, unique and empathetic performer. I am a professional esthetician and actress seeking roles in commercial, stage, or film production. Skilled in utilizing attention, memorization and improvisational abilities during high-pressure performances.

Tonya/TDH Talent Unlimited/ Sharron/Sweetheart Talent Elite/
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